Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Demon of Brownsville Road

In this chilling episode from last year, Christine Niles welcomes Fr. Michael Maginot, the exorcist in the famous Ammon family case, which involved phenomena witnessed by hospital staff, including the son walking backwards up the wall and the daughter levitating. In the second segment, Christine welcomes Bob Cranmer to the show, author of The Demon of Brownsville Road, to talk about the demonic infestation of his 100-year-old Pennsylvania home, which was a former abortuary. 

It took a team of CATHOLIC exorcists two years to finally rid the home of evil--and in the process, Mr. Cranmer became a Catholic.

What I found interesting about this amazingly terrifying story is that the Protestant Church, the non-denominational church, and it's pastors and vicars wanted nothing to do with removing the evil that was assaulting this poor family night and day.  The
Protestant pastor was too afraid to even spend the night at the house with the family.  The non-denominational vicar said..."The Catholic Church knows about this kind of thing and they have the power to help you."
When the family going through this nightmarish ordeal found out that the Catholic Church was the only Church which had the power and willingness to defeat this demonic evil they converted from being members of the non-denominational Protestant Churches to which they belonged.   

If I were the Pastor or Vicar of these churches and I found out that my Church didn't have the power or fortitude to take on and defeat this evil I would leave that Church for one that did. After all, the BIBLE says it very clearly...The kingdom of GOD is not in words but in POWER!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Origin of the St Michael Prayer


The St. Michael Prayer, which was said after Low Mass until the liturgical changes in 1965, was instituted by Pope Leo XIII after he received a prophetic vision. The most widely known element of this vision is that the Holy Father overheard a debate between Our Lord and Satan, during which the Devil was granted more power and authority for a period of 75 to 100 years. According to the most widespread accounts, the events behind the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII run as following: 

On October 13, 1884, after Pope Leo XIII had finished celebrating Mass in the Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices - two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation:


A nasty guttural voice, the voice of Satan was boasting before Almighty GOD...

Satan:"I can destroy your Church"

Our Lord: "You can? Then go ahead and do so."

Satan: "To do so, I need more time and more power."

Our Lord: "How much time? How much power?

Satan: "75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service."

Our Lord: "You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will."

 Current research suggests that the earliest version of this story to appear in print was in 1933, in a German Sunday newspaper. The way in which this prophecy first surfaced suggests that it originally circulated in oral form amongst the Vatican staff and hierarchy who were with the pope during this encounter. As such, it is impossible to trace back to an original documented source. After its initial publication in 1933, a German writer, Fr. Bers, attempted to find the origins of this prophecy for a 1934 article titled "Die Gebete nach der hl. Messe" (Theol-Prakt. Quartalschrift 87, 162-163). During his investigation, Fr. Bers failed to find any concrete source, leaving him to conclude that the prophecy was a later invention that was "spreading like a virus". 

However, 13 years after Fr. Bers had initially failed to find the original source of this prophecy, an eyewitness to the events behind the institution of the St. Michael Prayer eventually came forward. Writing in 1947, Fr. Domenico Pechenino, a priest who worked at the Vatican during the time of Leo XIII, provides a first-hand account of these events:

I do not remember the exact year. One morning the great Pope Leo XIII had celebrated a Mass and, as usual, was attending a Mass of thanksgiving. Suddenly, we saw him raise his head and stare at something above the celebrant’s head. He was staring motionlessly, without batting an eye. His expression was one of horror and awe; the color and look on his face changing rapidly. Something unusual and grave was happening in him.

“Finally, as though coming to his senses, he lightly but firmly tapped his hand and rose to his feet. He headed for his private office. His retinue followed anxiously and solicitously, whispering: ‘Holy Father, are you not feeling well? Do you need anything?’ He answered: ‘Nothing, nothing.’ About half an hour later, he called for the Secretary of the Congregation of Rites and, handing him a sheet of paper, requested that it be printed and sent to all the ordinaries around the world. What was that paper? It was the prayer that we recite with the people at the end of every Mass. It is the plea to Mary and the passionate request to the Prince of the heavenly host

The St. Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle;
be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.



Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fr. Michael Lim - Conversion of a Buddhist to Roman Catholicism

Part 2

Fr. Michael Lim is a Singaporean Catholic priest serving under the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn in Australia. 

His story depicts his conversion from a Buddhist to Catholicism as well as his personal journey into the seminary and life of the priesthood. 

A beautiful encounter of the power of the risen lord through the miraculous healing of his crippled sister became a life changing event that washed away all the years of doubts and cynicism about Christianity.

This is a Powerful Testimony of a Woman who witnessed a Man Condemned to HELL

This is a POWERFUL Testimony of a Sondra Abrahams description of Heaven,Hell,and Purgatory as shown to her by Jesus during her clinical death.  Sondra died on the operating table, after which, she saw many things about the afterlife.  

She witnessed a man who rejected JESUS CHRIST at the moment of death,  She saw the man's face as he was shown the eternity in Heaven which he had just rejected.  His face was one of agony as he descended into hell for all eternity.  

The Price of a Human Life $313.29

Ex-Planned Parenthood Director:  Every Baby Killed in Abortion Made Them $313.29


Ex-Planned Parenthood Director: They Told Me Every Baby Killed in Abortion Made Them $313.29

In a new expose’ video released today, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director says Planned Parenthood put a price on the value of a human life: $313.29.

That’s the amount of money Abby Johnson says the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic she ran in south Texas would make every time it would kill a baby in an abortion. Johnson, who is now pro-life, released a video this morning exposing the abortion quotas that take place at Planned Parenthood.

In the video, Johnson says her supervisor informed her that her clinic needed to double the number of abortions it was doing and that it should be killing 1,135 babies per year to make the financial goals set up for her clinic by Planned Parenthood’s head honchos.

This is a photo received from a former Planned Parenthood worker. It  is an award for increasing their abortion numbers at the Aurora abortion clinic?”  Planned Parenthood has responded and has confirmed that, YES, this is an award that was given out by them. And, YES, they will continue to “celebrate their progress and they always will.”


Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood is in the business of MURDER!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Touched by the Fire of GOD

Shane Warren was a little boy who encountered with Jesus and soon became a believer of Jesus. He had experience of heavenly realm when he worshiped the Lord. He said we could go to the Throne's Room by the blood of Jesus.

 Shane Warren

Reverend Shane Warren was called to preach at the age of twelve. In 1991 he graduated from Lee University with a B.A. in Theology and B.S. in Education. Throughout the life of his ministry God has blessed him with a dynamic ability to communicate a relevant word to a dying generation. 

His prophetic insight, revelation, and heart for souls has blessed him with the opportunity to minister to Pastors and laity alike. Through Pastor’s Conferences and retreats, church growth seminars, mentoring programs, crusades, and church strife resolution programs, both internationally and in the United States, Pastor Shane Warren has effectively trained thousands. 

His passion for the lost and for mentoring men and women of God is the driving force behind his ministry. He is respected inter-denominationally for his teaching / preaching and church growth philosophies. 

Pastor Warren currently speaks abroad and serves as the Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God in West Monroe, LA., where he resides with his wife Pam and son Adam.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Differing Levels of Purgatory

The above video is revelation from a soul in Purgatory.  The year was 1873 when this information was given to Jesuit Priest.  One of the things I find interesting about the revelation of Purgatory were...

  1. That Almighty GOD is both Merciful, and yet, Divinely Just. Nothing escapes HIS eternal gaze.
  2. The LORD grants graces to even the most vile sinner.  If they accept these graces at the time of death they too can be saved.
  3. Reverence for the Eucharist and the Mass is vitally important. The lack of respect for the former will have serious consequences in the after life. 
  4. Prayers said for the Souls in Purgatory go a long way in shortening your stay in Purgatory. 
  5. I find this point very revealing..."Even the most Saintly Souls who ardently desire our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST when it comes time to see HIS face pull back in fear.  For the Power of the LORD knows NO human comparison and to be in HIS presence makes even the Saints quake and tremble. 
  6. Lastly, the intersession of the Souls in Purgatory are more advantageous then even those of the Heavenly Saints.