Wednesday, April 29, 2015

John Talks About Meeting the REAL Jesus Christ

In this video John talks about meeting Jesus Christ as a 17 year old boy sson to be  a man.  The thing that struckj my abouy John's testimony is what he said about why JESUS CHRIST came into this world.  

JESUS CHRIST came to heal the broken hearted.   How many of us alive today are wounded deep within our hearts? How many of us are suffering with deeply hidden emotional memories which plague us night and day?  

Writer, Henry David Thoreau, wrote that... 

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation

If we, who are hurting, turn to JESUS CHRIST and fully surrender to HIM, JESUS CHRIST will be faithful to heal the deeply seated emotional wounds which rob of us a joy filled life. After all, JEUS CHRIST came so that we might have life and that more so abundantly!