Sunday, February 21, 2010

Testimonies of What It means to be Born Again...

To my Dear Friend Rebeca:

 ...who so kindly listened to me muddle through 2 hours of what it means to be BORN AGAIN, thank you for you for your patience.

If you remember anything from that night PLEASE take this truth with you...

Religion, denominations, Churches, theses are man-made constructs. All that your Catholic upbringing accomplished was to push you far away from the simple truth.

To be BORN AGAIN, is to invite JESUS CHRIST into your life to be your Savior. Being Born Again means becoming whole, uniting both the physical and Spiritual aspects of your Being with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When you begin seeking ALMIGHTY GOD what you are doing is answering a call that existed before you even knew to ask the question. For it says in the BIBLE that 'No Man or Woman comes to the FATHER except that the FATHER first call Him or Her.

Being Born Again is about having a personal relationship with the Living GOD through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST who is our advocate before the FATHER in Heaven.

I know because, being a Catholic myself I too went through years of miserable religious training which did nothing to foster a intimate personal relationship with my Savior JESUS CHRIST.

You asked about those who did not know JESUS CHRIST before their death. You asked about Muslims and Buddhists and weather or not they go to HELL since they did not have a personal relationship with our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Here are some videos of personal testimonies that might help to answer your questions.

A Non-Believer Sky-Diver Dies and Returns to tell his harrowing Tale...

Man Dies after He was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish. He has a personal experience with the Savior of the World JESUS CHRIST and comes back from the dead to speak about it.

A Highly Devout Muslim Cleric has a Personal visitation from our Lord JESUS CHRIST!