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Brenda Are You Listening

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Unforgivness the willful intent to to deprive yourself of GOD'S infinite graces.  Quite often people give lip service to forgiveness, but in their heart they hold onto the hatred, anger, and self-righteousness, because these people feel that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Thusly, they have a right to not forgive those who have wronged them.  This of course is a lie from the pit of hell.  A lie which only makes your life worse and further deepens the divide between you and GOD.
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For some reason people think they must feel something for the forgiveness to take effect.  Forgiveness has nothing to do with feelings and EVERYTHING to do with willful intent. 

Jesus Christ told St. Faustina that all merit lies in the will, not in our feelings. 

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So, it is with your sovereign will that you must decide to forgive.  It is with your willful intent that forgiveness occurs. Your feelings about the person or parties involved may not change right away. That will come with time as you grow closer to GOD.  You can, however, ask the Holy Spirit to remove the pain inside your heart towards the person or parties which hurt you.  GOD Loves you and wants you to be happy and free.  All you have to do is be willing, be obedient, and GOD will do the rest.

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GOD Works Through HIS People

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A young missionary named Daniel age 24, who is originally from Vermont was called by GOD to sell everything and move to the Middle East to preach the Gospel.   Hearing GOD'S calling Daniel walked awy from his easy life in the United States and moved to the Middle East to work with Syrian refugees. 
 Daniel, along with other college students go from tent to tent and visit refugee Muslim families.  Sharing tht Gospel in the Middle East can get you killed but Daniel says he must be faithful to GOD'S calling no matter the cost.  Daniel asks permission to simply sit with the Refugees. He asks them their names, their stories, and openly love them.  As trust is built, the Refugees begin to be willing to hear about the Gospel.”

Tyler Connell

One afternoon Daniel walked into a white tent with a family of eight people inside. “Hi I’m Daniel and I’m here to tell you about Jesus Christ” he announced.

He wasn’t quite prepared for their reaction. “The family freaked out, they looked at each other, and  turned white. 

The father became excited and began yelling and pointing at Daniel.
What’s going on? Daniel wondered.
The interpreter explained that the night before Daniel’s visit the whole family was sitting in their tent having tea together and a Western man in perfect  white clothing opened the door to their tent.

 The man  stood at the entrance. The amazing thing was that the man in perfect white clothing  was glowing a blazing white color. 

“Hello, My name is Jesus and I am sending a man tomorrow to tell you more about me. His name is Daniel and he will give you the keys to life.” 

Then he disappeared.
So when Daniel arrived at their doorway and told them his name, they were completely undone. “They asked him to tell them more about Jesus and he gave then the Gospel and the whole family gave their lives to Jesus.  

The father had been a part of the Free Syrian Army. He had known warfare and bloodshed. He and his family were devout Muslims.   This man and his family are now planting underground churches and are seeing a harvest among Muslims.

Recently the father was dismayed by a large cell phone bill and he asked his 15-year-old daughter about it. Papa it’s because I’m telling all our relatives in Saudi Arabia about Jesus. I want them to be saved as well. 

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Juan Cruz Once Hated GOD

Juan Cruz

Drawn by the stories of riches to be made in the north, Juan and his brother Alvaro responded to the dream burning in many immigrants’ hearts and made their way to the United States.

“I heard stories about making money,” says Juan Cruz, who grew up in Toluca, Mexico, about 25 miles west of Mexico City.

When his friends returned from the U.S. with money, Juan decided he wanted to be like them. “I was attracted to that. I want to know about this place that sounds unreal, like a dream place. I thought cars might fly in that country.”

He had a rough background in his youth. “I wasn’t going to any church. I was a gangster since I was 13. I grew up in that circle of drugs and alcohol and stealing, doing things that gangsters do, like fighting.

After he turned 19 he went to his mother and announced: “I’m going to the U.S.”

“What will you do there? We have no family there,” she said.

“I will go with my brother, Alvaro.”

“I don’t like the idea of you going so far,” she replied.

He told her it was already settled and they would bring her back some of the money they earned.

As they departed, she called out to them: “May God be with you.”

When they made it to Tijuana, they slept in an abandoned car in a junkyard on Avenida RevoluciĆ³n. They made several attempts to get across the border, but failed. “We were caught by immigration many times and put back,” he recounts.

Crossing the border

But on April 5, 1990, they made a successful crossing and decided they would catch a freight train headed to Los Angeles.

They got off the train in Oceanside and found their way to a Christian mission near the train station, which provided them a meal and clean clothes.
They spent the night under a freeway overpass, along with a community of homeless people.

“We laid our blankets on the ground and the next day we were up early waiting for the cargo train to arrive.”

They jumped on the train at 7:25 a.m., as a man yelled at them to get off.
“We’re not getting off,” they shouted.

“It is your responsibility if something happens,” he said.

“We don’t care. We just want to go to LA.,” Juan replied.

Halfway through the Camp Pendleton Marine base, the train suddenly stopped.
Juan looked through the door and saw immigration agents coming, so they jumped off and ran to the beach. There were officers waiting at the beach.

“I hid in a big bush,” Juan says.

When they thought it was safe, Juan and his brother headed back toward the train. “There was an officer watching us with binoculars. He got in his truck and came down to try to catch us.”

The train started to move, but they were able to jump on. “The officer was yelling at us to get off.” Other immigrants on the train shouted expletives at the officer as the train picked up speed and they headed north.

After a few miles, the train stopped again in Capistrano Beach. “They are trying to set us up to catch us,” Alvaro told his brother, so they jumped off and considered a place to hide.

But they looked around, didn’t see any immigration officers, and after a few minutes the train abruptly started moving again.
The two brothers began to argue about whether they should stay for the night or leave right away.

“We better leave right now,” Juan said. “What if we get caught again? I don’t want to risk it.”

The accident

Finally Alvaro relented, but the train had picked up speed. “We ran as fast as we could to jump and grab a side ladder, but it is hard to run on the rocks. I was always looking to see where I could grab a side stair,” Juan recalls.

Alvaro leaped first and was able to get on. “I jumped for the metal stairs but the speed of the train pulled me,” Juan recounts. He couldn’t get his feet to land where they should.

“I was hanging and my feet were flying in the air. I couldn’t stand the movement and I let go. My body came down and the train sucked me in. The train sucked my leg into the wheels and smashed them totally.”

Horrified, Alvaro had watched his brother hanging in the air. He could feel something bad was going to happen. He saw him let go and had “a terrible feeling.”

After he witnessed Juan fall beneath the train, Alvaro jumped off himself, rolled, hit his head, but didn’t break any bones.

When he saw his brother’s legs had been severed by the massive wheels, he didn’t know what to do. “I was bleeding badly. I had no legs. They were gone,” Juan says.

Alvaro grabbed his brother and attempted to pull him away from the tracks. The accident happened behind a Price Club warehouse (now Costco), next to a nursery.

The accident happened along this section of tracks

The accident happened along this section of tracks  Ken, one of the owners of Seaside Growers Nursery, heard the screams and came running. He immediately saw the young immigrant bleeding to death. The Vietnam vet acted quickly, grabbed some wire and sticks and made a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. He stayed until paramedics and police came. 

“I couldn’t speak English. I couldn’t understand anything,” Juan says. Finally, Officer Ortega arrived, who spoke to Juan in Spanish. “He told me to calm down. I was screaming. I was in shock. I couldn’t stop screaming.”

With the massive loss of blood, Juan started to feel strange. “Alvaro,” he called out weakly, “tell mother I was sorry for being a mean person and ask her to forgive me for everything. Tell my brothers and sisters I’m sorry I was mean with them. Tell them I love them. I’m sorry because I’m going to go.”

Alvaro grabbed his brother and shook him. “No you can’t die,” he sobbed. “Don’t leave me. Please don’t die!”

Juan arrived at Mission Hospital and abruptly passed out. The doctor explained to Alvraro that Juan lost so much blood he would probably die during surgery. “He may have a stroke or heart attack. We will do what we can.”

Remarkably, Juan survived the operation and awakened at 5:30 pm, but he didn’t open his eyes at first. “I thought I had a terrible nightmare. I thought I was still sleeping under the freeway.

Then his eyes flickered open and he saw he had no legs, and he started screaming once again.

He turned to his brother, sitting nearby. “Alvaro, tell me this is not real, this is not happening,” he said.

“It’s not a dream Juan, this is what happened.”

“Please help me to die. I don’t want to live.”

“I won’t help you die. There is a reason you’re alive.”

Shaking his head, Juan pulled his IV out. In response, the nurses sedated him.
The hospital sent in a psychologist but he didn’t want to talk to her.

A priest visits

Then a catholic priest visited his room. “My little brother, I am bringing you the body of Christ. Would you like to receive it?

Juan shook his head. “I don’t want Christ. I don’t want anything,” he said.

The priest returned a few days later. “Would you like to talk to me?” he asked.

“I told you last time I want you to leave me alone,” Juan said, somewhat irritated.

“I hated God and I hated church,” Juan recalls. “I didn’t like people who came and talked about church or God. I don’t want him to talk to me about God.”
A few days later, Juan overhead the priest talking with his brother outside his room.

Don’t even think about coming into my room, Juan thought. This time I will tell him some bad words. He began to think of ways he could insult the priest.
Deciding he would rather sleep than fight, Juan pressed the button to receive a morphine shot and began to drift off.

The priest came into the room and sat down on a couch at the end of the bed. Juan opened his eyes slightly and noticed the man was reading a book.
“As I was falling asleep I could feel his hand touching my hand,” Juan recounts.

No, no, no, you’ve gone too far. Now you deserve what I am going to tell you, Juan thought.

Then the priest did something astonishing. He lifted Juan’s hand and kissed it.

Juan was mortified. What have you done? No way.

Then Juan opened his eyes and saw the priest was on his knees, crying.

Juan was shocked by the sight. “I didn’t know what to do. His eyes were red with tears coming down.”

“Who are you?” Juan asked.

Msgr. John V. Coffield, known as Father Juanote
Msgr. JohnV.Coffield,known as Father Juanote 

“My name is Juanote.” Juanote (Big John) is the nickname given to Msgr. John V. Coffield, who devoted more than 60 years to social work on behalf of the poor, even at the cost of angering church officials in the 1960s.

“OK but why did you do this to me? I told you to go away. I said I don’t want to talk to you but you keep coming.”

“Because you are my little brother and you are a son of God and I would like to share this suffering with you if you let me be your friend. God loves you so much that he sent me here to share this suffering,” Father Juanote said.

These words shocked Juan. “I don’t want to be your friend.”

“I’m not coming to talk about God with you. I just want to be your friend.”

“If you don’t talk about God, then I will be your friend,” Juan said.

The two men embraced and Juan started crying.
Father Juanote, 75-years-old at the time, came to visit the younger man every day. When it was time to be released, Juan planned to rent a room in Los Angeles.
But Father Juanote sent a nun to pick him up at the hospital. Juan stayed in the priest’s home for several days, until Father Juanote arranged for another family to take him in.

“A family in the church adopted me to stay in their home and they took care of me for a few years.” Father Juanote visited every day and the two men had lunch together.

When Juan first arrived at the home of Manuel and Costanza Isas in Capistrano Beach Father Juanote said, “This is your new family.” They had a feast to welcome their new arrival.

“We made food to celebrate that Juan is coming to live with us,” they said. Later, Alvaro also came to live with them.

A few days after they arrived, the family invited Juan to attend a church retreat. “No way. I don’t believe in God,” he told them. “I don’t like church. I’m not interested.”

“It’s like a party, like a fiesta,” daughter Gabriela Costanza told him. “If you don’t like it you leave.”
Juan agreed to go, but he was determined to show them there is no God, that God is a fantasy man invented. I will go to this retreat and tell them God is a fake, he decided.

On the retreat, Juan was astonished when he had a personal encounter with the living God.

“I heard his voice talking to me by my name. He told me, ‘Juan, it is me talking to you, Jesus.’”

It is not possible, Juan decided. It is only my thoughts.
“It is not your thoughts. I love you so much. My love is all you need to be happy. I have a mission for you.
No, I’m just imaging this.

Juan’s resistance began to break down.

“Jesus showed me he is a real person,” Juan recounts. A spirit of repentance softened his heart.
“I’ve been a mean person,” he told Jesus. “I even hated my father.” Jesus led him to forgive his father for abandoning the family, and for abusing his mother.

“I want to give you my life. I want to follow you,” Juan declared, and he was born again. “I want you to be the Lord of my life and I want to live in you.”
It’s been 26 years since Juan gave his life to Jesus. Ten years later he met his wife, Elizabeth. They have been Juan and Elizabeth married 15 years and have four children.
They live in a small trailer near Costco. Elizabeth cleans houses and Juan goes through local neighborhoods in his wheelchair, collecting recyclables. He also sells snacks part-time at the soccer fields.

“Jesus came into my life and I found real meaning,” he says. “This is what gives me the strength. Now I live because I found his love.

“I told God I will live and love you until I die. Where would I go away from God?

“Where could I find the love and peace? I still have troubles, but with Jesus at my side they are not too bad.

“If I have his peace, everything is possible. I don’t give up. I fight with him at my side.”

The Cruz family
The Cruz family

Juan is also a musician and plays a guitar Father Juanote gave him as a gift before the priest passed away in 2005. He has recorded four CDs.

“Some day you will play this guitar and sing in front of many people,” Father Juanote told him.

Juan didn’t tell his mother about the accident until two years later. One day he felt compelled to tell her the truth. “Don’t worry about me,” he told her, “because I have Jesus in my heart. I am not sad anymore.

“I lost my legs but now I have something better, Jesus.”

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Testimony of Doctor Gloria Polo

This testimony is from Doctor Gloria Polo was an orthodontist living in Columbia when she was struck by lightning and had a near death experience in which she was judged by Jesus and condemned for mortal sin. 

Fortunately, for her, a very pious, humble farmer who saw a picture of her in the newspaper prayed for her soul and Jesus granted her a second chance, with a mission to repeat what she witnessed not only a thousand times, but a thousand times a thousand. 
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She was also commanded that when she comes back before Jesus to be judged again, she will be judged with greater severity, due to her second chance and all that was revealed to her while over there. 

Spiritual insights given by GOD to Dr. Gloria Polo.

1. That our words have power. If you curse someone you release demons into the world and into that person's life.  Those demons also attach themselves to you bringing destruction into your own life. 

2.If you say to someone 'GOD Bless You'  what happens is that the blessing you just gave goes up into Heaven and sits until that person needs a serious blessing. Then, when GOD deems it the blessing is poured into that persons life when they need it most. 

3. In Heaven the Saints are clothed with garments brighter then the sun. These garments are made from all the Eucharists which the Saint received during their life time.  So, the Saints are eternally clothed with the body and blood of the Lamb. 

4.  Prayer works. Period, end of story. A person who prays from their hearts not only blesses themselves but blesses many others like a rising tide lifts all boats. 

5. Abortion is murder. It is the Devil's favorite sin.  The devil delights each and every time a woman murders her unborn child.  The sin of Abortion causes the Lamb of the world great agonizing pain.  When the baby is murdered in the womb the baby screams so loud that the Angels in Heaven hear the baby screaming.  

6. Adultery is a sin which destroys not just the sinner, but the spouse, the children, everyone involved.  It robs the entire family of so many Heavenly graces. It also opens the entire family to Spiritual darkness, devouring demons, and generational curses. 

7. GOD loves each and everyone of us beyond anything we can comprehend. HIS desire to love you and I is bursting at the seams. It is our sins which turn us away from the love of GOD, from HIS divine graces, his many Spiritual and temporal gifts which HE looks to bestow upon us. It is NOT that GOD has turned from us; it is our callous disregard of HIS tenets, which distance us from receiving our Heavenly blessings. 

8. Everything we do have repercussions. Nothing we say or do will be ignored when we stand before GOD after our death. It is ONLY through the sacrament of Confession that our Souls can be freed from the entanglement of sin and it's dire consequences. 

9. The Catholic Church has the real presence of GOD in the Eucharist. It is ONLY through the Body and Blood of JESUS CHRIST will anyone see the kingdom of GOD. There is no other way into Heaven.  It is only through the sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST on the cross at Calvary that we may attain our Heavenly home.   

10. Many of our prayers are answered by GOD. A great bounty is unknowingly bestowed upon us from GOD.  We need to stop and thank GOD for all that we have, all that we have been given. To often we take for granted everything we have. 

 In the accident Dr Polo looked at her burned and charred legs and begged for them to be healed.  In a moment of clarity she realized she had never thanked GOD for her legs, for he body, for her health, etc.  We should look at our lives and instead of complaining for all that we do not have, be thankful for all that we do have. 

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Susanna Vallejo personally met Dr. Gloria Polo on several occasions and painstakingly translated her testimony from Spanish audio recordings to English and sent me this copy which I have posted on this website. I personally hope and pray that the mission given to Dr. Gloria Polo by Almighty GOD our Father in Heaven is furthered on this website.
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A Day in the Life of a Capuchin Monk

In the midst of a busy and anxious world, young men are still answering the counter-cultural call to Catholic religious life. The novitiate is the second year of formation as a Capuchin Franciscan friar, and its primary task is discernment & contemplation.

This is a short, homemade documentary of one day at the Capuchin novitiate in Santa Ynez, CA. In addition to activities depicted in the video, novices also have the opportunity to engage in various ministries in the Santa Barbara area.

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Stories of Apparition Hill

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A gynecologist in her sixties who spent her entire professional career performing abortions on demand came to Medjugorje seeking to answer a question which had haunted her her entire life.  She had come alone, bu traveled with a large group of women.  Some of these women were young, middle age, Nurses, Doctors like herself, mostly just women coming to Medjugorje for the first timeAfter their arrival it was decided that the group would brave the climb at a place called Apparition Hill.  Setting out on this daunting climb  Valentina fell in step behind everyone as she was unsure what to expect add to the fact she was in her sixties and was concerned if she could make the climb.  

With an iron will and steadfast determination Valentina began her she climb up Apparition Hill. 
 Having been a Doctor her entire life Valentina had seen many things and endured difficult tasks but she was a Doctor and had taken it all in stride.  Valentina had a notion of what this trip might entail, such as proselytizing, people trying to convince her of their dogma, or even outright preaching.  What Valentina  was not prepared for was that GOD was waiting at Apparition Hill expressly for her.

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Inspired by the Gospa for all her pilgrimages: atheist or not, upon arriving at the top,  everyone consecrates himself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! 

Not thinking that this consecration was mean anything Valentina followed along and concentrated herself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

 The proud abortionists and gynecologist did this like everyone else. After all they were just words.  What harm could it do if she offered herself in consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?   

In the evening she gathered her group together, because she wanted to share something very important. Her throat tightened. She had difficulty talking, her entire life she was the boss, the Doctor that everyone looked up to.  She was a big shot in her country who oversaw all the services of her hospital.  With trepidation and deep remorse Valentina spoke.,..

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“I had scarcely put my foot down on Apparition hill, when suddenly everything changed before my eyes. The beautiful scene before me disappeared; the sky turned dark and menacing. Everything became deathly silent. I felt like I was the last person alive on earth.

 Then, like a thunder clap I saw the scene stretched out before me. From the bottom to the top, the entire hill, was covered in blood and broken bones.  I wanted to recoil in horror to shout who did this evil thing.  Everything in my body screamed at me to run, but my foot was rooted to the ground.  

I wanted to look away.  I wanted to look anywhere, but at the little empty skulls of all the dead babies staring back at me.  

A searing thought burned all the way though my brain and into my Soul.  I did this... I killed them... These are all the children I aborted. My pride had led me down a path where the sum of my life was a grave yard of dead babies.  My entire professional career,  over forty years I had spent convincing myself that I was a leader of women, that my work was important.  What a fool I was... I was wrong!

I looked at my hands and they were covered in blood. I wanted to shout...'Look at these hands, these hands have murdered an entire city of innocent children.  (In front of the group she stretched out her hands in horror). 

  Her sobbing was painful to watch, the weight on her soul forced her tears out in torrents.   GOD had removed the devil's lies and had shown her the truth and the cost of her pride.  It is then that I thanked GOD that we have a Divinely Merciful Savior in JESUS CHRIST.  

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What the Saints Said about Islam


“Whoever does not embrace the Catholic Christian faith is lost, like your false prophet Muhammad.”
-St. Peter Mavimenus (d. 8th century), martyr from Gaza. Response reported in the Martyriologum Romanum when he was asked to convert to Islam by a group of Muslims.

“There is also the superstition of the Ishmaelites which to this day prevails and keeps people in error, being a forerunner of the Antichrist…. From that time to the present a false prophet Mohammed has appeared in their midst. This man, after having chanced upon the Old and New Testaments and likewise, it seems, having conversed with an Arian monk, devised his own heresy. Then, having insinuated himself into the good graces of the people by a show of seeming piety, he gave out that a certain book had been sent down to him from heaven. He had set down some ridiculous compositions in this book of his and he gave it to them as an object of veneration.”
-St. John Damascene (d. 749), Syrian Arab Catholic monk and scholar. Quoted from his book On Heresies under the section On the Heresy of the Ishmaelites (in The Fathers of the Church. Vol. 37. Translated by the Catholic University of America. CUA Press. 1958. Pages 153-160.)


“We profess Christ to be truly God and your false prophet Mohammed to be a precursor of the Antichrist and other profane doctrine.”
-Sts. Habenitus, Jeremiah, Peter, Sabinian, Walabonsus, and Wistremundus (d. 851), martyrs of Cordoba, Spain. Reported in the Memoriale Sanctorum in response to Spanish Umayyad Caliph ‘Abd Ar-Rahman II’s ministers that they convert to Islam on pain of death.

“Any cult which denies the divinity of Christ, does not profess the existence of the Holy Trinity, refutes baptism, defames Christians, and derogates the priesthood, we consider to be damned. All, of which, the false prophet Mohammed has done
-Sts. Aurelius, Felix, George, Liliosa, and Natalia (d. 852), martyrs of Cordoba, Spain. Reported in the Memoriale Sanctorum in response to Spanish Umayyad Caliph ‘Abd Ar-Rahman II’s ministers that they convert to Islam on pain of death.

“On the other hand, those who founded sects committed to erroneous doctrines proceeded in a way that is opposite to this, the point is clear in the case of the false prophet Mohammed.  He seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh goads us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected, he was obeyed by carnal men.
As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity. He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the contrary, the false prophet Mohammed said that he was sent in the power of his arms—which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants.”
-St. Thomas Aquinas (d. 1274), Theologian and Doctor of the Church. Quoted from his De Rationibus Fidei Contra Saracenos, Graecos, et Armenos and translated from Fr. Damian Fehlner’s Aquinas on Reasons for the Faith: Against the Muslims, Greeks, and Armenians (Franciscans of the Immaculate. 2002.).

“As we have seen, the false prophet Mohammed had neither supernatural miracles nor natural motives of reason to persuade those of his sect. As he lacked in everything, he took to bestial and barbaric means, which is the force of arms. Thus he introduced and promulgated his message with robberies, murders, and bloodshedding, destroying those who did not want to receive it, and with the same means his ministers conserve this today, until God placates his anger and destroys this pestilence from the earth.

The false prophet Mohammed can also be figured for the dragon in the same Apocalypse which says that the dragon swept up a third of the stars and hurled down a third to earth. Although this line is more appropriately understood concerning the Antichrist, the false prophet Mohammed was, and, is his precursor – the prophet of Satan, father of the sons of haughtiness.

Even if all the things contained in his law were fables in philosophy and errors in theology, even for those who do not possess the light of reason, the very manners (Islam) teaches are from a school of vicious bestialities. The false prophet Mohammed did not prove his new sect with any motive, having neither supernatural miracles nor natural reasons, but solely the force of arms, violence, fictions, lies, and carnal license. It remains an impious, blasphemous, vicious cult, an innovation of the devil, and the direct way into the fires of hell. It does not even merit the name of being called a religion.”
-St. Juan de Ribera (d.1611), Archbishop of Valencia, missionary to Spanish Muslims, and organizer of the Muslim expulsions of 1609 from Spain. Quoted in several locations from his 1599 Catechismo para la Instruccion de los Nuevos Convertidos de los Moros .
“The Mahometan paradise, however, is only fit for for beasts of the field; and for filthy sensual pleasure. This is the apex of what is offered by the false prophet Mohammed to all the lost believers, there is nothing, no hope, no salvation...”
St. Alfonsus Liguori (d. 1787). Quoted from his book, The History of Heresies and their Refutation.