Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Demon speaks

You have GOT to see this! It is really powerful. I watched this an it is terrifying and EYE OPENING.  Even the demons in HELL pray and their pray for deliverance from S.  Even the demons don't want to be in hell.  At one point the demon says that when it was in Heaven that there was NEVER a word in Heaven for pain.  Nor did they know about fire that burns.  Hear the true life experience of devils talking out of a teenage girl, as they battle for her very soul. Listen, as they describe Heaven and Hell in awesome details before they were cast out of this young girl who gave her life to Jesus, just in time!

JESUS CHRIST came to destroy the works of the Devil.

Glory To Almighty GOD who saves HIS people night and day through the shed Blood of HIS Divine SON JESUS CHRIST. 

For even to this very second the Blood of JESUS CHRIST Saves.  Call Upon the name of JESUS CHRIST and be free!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Amazing Testimony by Dushan Yovanovich of Kragujevac, Serbia.

This 5 part series is an AMAZING testimony of   Dushan Yovanovich of Kragujevac, Serbia.  He started his day a man far from GOD and ended it with a new found revelation.  His story is one of profound grace.   It is the Lord's Divine Mercy which sets Dushan Yovanovichon a journey which very few men every set foor upon. His story begins with driving down the road and picking up what he thought was simply a NUN and a Monk who need a ride.  What transpires changes  Dushan Yovanovich life forever. 

I have watched all five videos and they are truly a message from the Lord and a Blessing to all those who listen and heed the words within. 

Part 2

  Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fiona's Rescue and GOD'S Love for HIS Children

When I saw this video is made me cry. It also made me see how much like Fiona WE live in a fallen, sick, evil, world and are blind to the state of our wretchedness.    When we are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT of Almighty GOD we are given sight to see the wretchedness with which we had previously been living. Then, washed in the precious blood of JESUS CHRIST we are set free from sin and made new again.

I pray very soon that we are ALL reunited with our Father who art in Heaven-Glory be to His Holy name forever and ever!  I pray soon that we are ALL filled with the joy of our Savior JESUS CHRIST which passes all understanding.  I pray that soon, VERY SOON that ALL of us will be in Heaven, truly free and eternally happy with Almighty GOD our Father!. 

Glory to GOD who Never gives up on HIS Children. 

Ex-Satanist Gideon Mulenga - Set Free by Jesus!

This interview conducted by Jan-Aage Torp in 2007 with ex-satanist Gideon Mulenga of Zambia. Here is information from the kingdom of darkness, even about satanist infiltration into Christian churches. But here is above all a powerful testimony of the power and love of Jesus Christ to save and set free!

You might learn something from this". I was right. This video demonstrates the absolute necessity of a strong committed prayer life.  A christian that does not pray is like a gun without bullets.
Though, the power of GOD its there, its useless and ineffective.

I say to you from the bottom  of my heart

God bless you in the name of Our King and Savior JESUS CHRIST!

The Love of Jesus Christ Always Renders Satan Powerless!

This is a heart felt testimony of a man who walked with the devil from 9 years of age.  His father was murdered, his life was trampled under foot by the devil and still John served the enemy.  It wasn't until Almighty GOD sent HIS only begotten Son Jesus Christ to intervene in John's life that he understood that the devil is no match for the power of GOD.   Even after John gave his life to JESUS CHRIST the devil kept coming after him, tormenting him, attacking him every night.  After one of John's visits to hell he cried out to the Lord JESUS CHRIST "Why are you letting the devil attack me?"  The Lord JESUS CHRIST replied..."I wanted to know if you were really serious."   After that night, having proved himself to the Lord, John never saw the devil again.

Praise Almighty GOD for HE sent HIS Divine Son JESUS CHRIST so that WE might have life and that overflowing and abundantly.  JESUS CHRIST came to destroy the works of the devil which are sickness and death.  The devil comes only to destroy and kill. Remember that and you will never be tricked by the lies of the enemy.

 Riches and fame come and go. All the money in the world can not buy you more life.  Saddam Hussein had a Billion dollars stashed away in the desert, along with Billions more hidden in Swiss banks.   Yet, on the day his life ended where was all that money?  Did all that money come and save him?  Did he cry out to the money and the money answer him?  NO! for all his riches and wealth Saddam Hussein had to watch his sons die and then he too went to the hangman's noose.  Money is the false god of this world which many people spend their whole lives chasing and serving.  Yet, when the end comes their lifeless, speechless, golden idols will not be able to save them.

Only JESUS CHRIST can save you!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Man has Powerful Rapture Vision

The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to this man an told him that there is NO TIME LEFT before the Rapture of the Saints.  The man speaks with great concern that the world is not ready for the return of the Messiah.  I can only suggest that you listen to his words because they ring true. The world is not ready and 99.99% of the people in the world are sound asleep spiritually.  The really sad thing is that if JESUS CHRIST the Divine Son of Almighty GOD should return this year, many to many to count, will have to endure the Tribulation in order to have a chance to see the kingdom of GOD.