Friday, December 31, 2010

Amazing video Showing Mt Sinai

This is amazing footage of Mt Sinai where the Moses struck the rock in the Arabian desert and water flowed forth.  This video also shows many other things pertaining to the Israelites 40 years in the desert.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


This video provides stunning facts about the Shroud of Turin which I did not know before watching this video.  Please watch this video and tell me what you think. I very much enjoy the Priest who is speaking, true Faith is evident on his face and in his words.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jewish Prophecy...THE MESSIAH is JESUS CHRIST!!!

This is a very telling video concerning the very SOON return of our Lord JESUS CHRIST!!!

Glory Be to the Lamb of the World...JESUS CHRIST!

Glory Be to the Only Begotten Son of ALMIGHTY GOD...JESUS CHRIST!

Glory Be to the Word made Flesh...JESUS CHRIST!

Glory Be to my Only Hope...JESUS CHRIST!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Messianic Vision: Dean & Marilyn Braxton

 This is a really great testimony from a man who was dead for over an hour. He went to heaven and spoke with our Savior JESUS CHRIST!


Sid Roth - It's Supernatural Messianic Vision: Dean & Marilyn Braxton

Begone Satan, by Rev. Carl Vogl

Exorcist priest Father Carl Vogl wrote a report that described a 23-day exorcism of a woman in Earling, Iowa, in 1928 which has become one of the most famous exorcism accounts in the United States.

Following is part of the dialog between the exorcist and two demons speaking through the possessed woman and found in the booklet, Begone Satan, by Rev. Carl Vogl and published by Tan Books …

“The exorcist: ‘In the name of Jesus and His most Blessed Mother, Mary the Immaculate, who crushed the head of the serpent, tell me the truth. Who is your leader or prince among you? What is your name?

“Devil, barking like the hound of hell. ‘Beelzebub.’

“Exorcist: ‘You call yourself Beelzebub, Are you not Lucifer, the prince of the devils?’

“Devil: ‘No, not the prince, the chieftain, but one of the leaders.’

“Exorcist: ‘You were therefore not a human being, but you are one of the fallen angels, who with selfish pride wanted to be like unto God?’

“Devil with grinning teeth. ‘Yes, that is so. Ha, how we hate Him!’

“Exorcist: ‘Why do you call yourself Beelzebub if you are not the prince of the devils?’

“Devil: ‘Enough. my name is Beelzebub.’
“Exorcist: ‘From the point of influence and dignity you must rank near Lucifer, or do you hail from the lower choir of angels?’

“Devil: ‘I once belonged to the seraphic choir.’
“Exorcist: ‘What would you do, if God made it possible for you to atone for your injustice to Him?’

“Demonical sneering: ‘Are you a competent theologian?’

“Exorcist: ‘How long have you been torturing this poor woman?’

“Devil: ‘Since her fourteenth year.’ (26 years of possession)

“Exorcist: ‘How dared you enter into that innocent girl and torture her like that?’

“Sneeringly: ‘Ha, did not her own father curse us into her?’

“Exorcist: ‘But why did you, Beelzebub, alone take possesion of her? Who gave you that permission?’

Devil: ‘Don’t talk foolishly. Don’t I have to render obedience to Satan?’

“Exorcist: ‘Then you are here at the direction and command of Lucifer?’

“Devil: ‘Well, how could it be otherwise?”

What happens next, by the power of God, the name of Jesus and the holiness of the exorcist, is the continued forcing of the demons to tell the truth. At this point in the story the exorcist wants to call up the damned soul of the the deceased father of the woman who cursed his daughter into demonic possession.

The dialog goes on …

“Exorcist: ‘Then I solemnly command in the name of the Crucified Savior of Nazareth that you present the father of this woman and that he give me answer!’

“A deep rough voice announced itself, which had already been noticed alongside the voice of Beelzebub.’

“Exorcist: ‘Are you the unfortunate father who has cursed his own child?’

“With a defiant roar: ‘No.’

“Who are you then?’

“I am Judas.’

“What, Judas! Are you Judas Iscariot, the former Apostle?’

“Thereupon followed a horrible, woefully prolonged : ‘Y-e-s, I am the one.’ This was howled in the deepest bass voice. It set the whole room a-quivering so that out of pure fright and horror the pastor and some of the nuns ran out. Then followed a disgusting exhibition of spitting and vomiting, as if Judas were intending to spit at his Lord and Master with all his might, or as if he had in mind to unloose his inner waste and filth upon Him.’
“Finally Judas was asked: ‘What business have you here?’

“‘To bring her to despair, so that she will commit suicide and hang herself! She must get the rope, she must go to hell!’

“‘Is it then a fact that everyone that commits suicide goes to hell?’

“‘Rather not.’

“‘Why not?’

“‘Ha, we devils are the ones that urge them to commit suicide, to hang themselves, just as I did myself.’

“‘Do you regret that you have committed such a despicable deed?’

“A terrible curse followed: ‘Let me alone. Don’t bother me with your fake god. It was my own fault.’ Then he kept on raving in a terrible manner.”

This is only a small exerpt from a priest’s personal diary and his journey into the realm of the diabolical which has a remarkably similar resonance as the Biblical accounts of Jesus and His encounters with demonic activities.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Surviving Founding Member of NARAL Speaks...

I pray that this Man not onlt recants His lies but seeks the Blood of JESUS CHRIST for without it even this death bed confession will not save His eternal Soul from Hellfire and Damnation...

Only the Blood of JESUS CHRIST can wash away the Sin of Abortion/Murder

Abotion is Murder of the Powerless by the Powerful

Here is a video about those who support Abortion/Murder of the Unborn

I can't believe that one of the supporters of Abortion/Murder of the Unborn has finally come out and said the Truth!!!

May ALMIGHTY GOD have Mercy on their Souls...

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Long Read, But Well Worth the Effort...

I want to share with you from a testimony of someone who was saved, someone who had been serving the devil. And when that man gave his testimony, it so challenged me, I did not want to believe it. I had to go ten days before the Lord in fasting, asking Him, « Lord, is this true ? » And it was at that time the Lord began to teach me what happens in the spiritual realm when we pray.

This man was born after his parents dedicated themselves to lucifer. When he was still in the womb, they made so many rituals dedicating him to serve lucifer. When he was four years old, he began to exercise his spiritual power. And his parents began fearing him. When he was six years, his father surrendered him to the witches to go and be trained. And by ten years, he was doing great things in the kingdom of the devil. He was feared by the normal witches. He was still a young boy, but he was so terrible in the things he did. He grew up to be a young man in his twenties with so much bloodshed on his hands. Killed at will. He had the ability to go out of his body through transcendental meditation. And he could levitate. Sometimes his body would lift off the ground and stay in the air. And sometimes he could go into a trance, and come out of his body ; his body would remain behind, and he would go out into the world. Called astro-travelling. And this guy was used by satan to destroy so many churches, to break down so many churches and to destroy so many pastors.

One day, he was assigned to destroy a church that was so full of prayer. There were so many divisions in this church, and so many confusions. And he began to work on this church. But at that time, the pastor called a fast for the whole church. And the church began to fast, and during the fasting, there was a lot of repentance and a lot of reconciliation. And the people came together, and they began to pray for the work of the Lord in their midst. And they continued interceding and crying to God to have mercy and intervene in their lives. And as they days went by, this man was coming again and again with demon spirits against this church. But there was a word of prophecy that came telling the Christians to rise up and to wage warfare against the powers of darkness that were attacking the church.

So one day, this man leaves his body in his room and goes astro-travelling. And leads a mighty force of demonic spirits against this church. Now this is his testimony. He was moving in the spirit in the air over the church and they were trying to attack, but there was a covering of light over the church. And suddenly, there was an army of angels that attacked them and there was fighting in the air, and all the demons fled, but he was arrested. Arrested by whom ? The angels ! And he saw himself being held by about six angels, and they brought him through the roof right before the altar. And there he was. And the people were praying. They were deep in prayer in spiritual warfare, binding and breaking and casting out. And the pastor was on the platform leading the prayers and the warfare. And the Spirit of the Lord spoke to the pastor, and said, « The yoke has been broken, and the victim is there before you. Help him through deliverance. » And he opened his eyes and he saw this young man, who had collapsed there. His body was with him. He was in his body. The young man says he doesn’t know how his body joined him ; he had left it in his house. But there he was in his body, and he didn’t know how he had entered in except the angel had carried him through the roof.

Now these things are difficult to believe, but the pastor silenced the church and told the church what the Lord had told him and asked the young man, « Who are you ? » The young man was trembling, and the demons began coming out of him. So they prayed for deliverance, and afterwards, he began to share his life. That young man has now come to the Lord and is now an evangelist, preaching the Gospel. And he is being used by the Lord mightily in setting other people free in the ministry of deliverance. But one night, I went to a dinner, and the sole reason I went is that someone told me about this young man, and I was so curious to see him. So I sat at that dinner and some time in the evening, this man was given the chance to give his testimony. And he talked about so many things. Sometimes he cried because of the things he did. And then as he finished, he made an appeal. There were so many pastors in that room. And he said, « I appeal to you, pastors. Please teach the people how to pray. » The people who don’t pray can be taken in anything, in anything by the devil, and there are ways that the enemy exploits their lives and their prayers. People who don’t know how to pray, they literally pray, and the enemy knows even how to exploit their prayers. We’re going to talk about that. And he also said to the pastors, « Teach the people how to use the spiritual armor that God provides. »

Then he began to give a testimony of how he used to lead expositions into the air. He would go with other satanic agents and lots of demon spirits into the air. It was like a shift, you’ve got to go and work your shift. So regularly he had a time he had to go and wage war in the heavenlies. And he said that in the heavenlies, in the spiritual realm, if the land is covered under the blanket of darkness, that blanket is so thick , it is like a rock. And it covers the whole area. And these spirits are able to go on top of this as well as below this blanket. And from that level, they influence the events on earth. Both evil spirits and human agents that are serving the devil and when they leave their shifts they go down on earth at the points of covenant, even waters or on the land at the points of covenant for refreshing of their spirit. And how do they refresh their spirit ? By the sacrifices that people give at these altars. They could be sacrifices in open witchcraft, they could be sacrifices in bloodshed of all types including abortion, including warfare and human sacrifices and animal sacrifices. They could be sacrifices of sexual immorality where people go into sexual perversions and all kinds of promiscuity. And that act services the strength of these powers. And many are the different types of sacrifices.

He talked about lots of things which really troubled my mind. He said when they are up there and the Christians begin to pray on earth, the prayers of the Christians appear to them in three forms. All prayers appear like smoke that is rising up into the heavens, and he says that some prayers appear like smoke and they go meandering and disappear in the air. He says that the people who normally pray like that and their prayers disappear are people who have sin in their lives and they are not willing to deal with it. Their prayers are so weak, they are blown and they disappear in the air.

And he said there are others whose prayers are like smoke that rises up until it reaches this rock, but it does not break through the rock. He says, usually these are who try to purify themselves, but they lack the faith in what they are doing as they pray. And usually they ignore the other keys to use/areas that they need to put together in prayer.

It says that the third type of prayer is like smoke that is filled with fire. And as it rises up, it is so hot that as it reaches the rock, the rock begins to melt like wax and it pierces that rock and goes through, and he said many times, people begin to pray and their prayers are like the first type of prayer, but as they continue praying, their prayers change and become like the second prayer. And as they continue praying, suddenly there is suddenly fire that is filling their prayers. And their prayers become so powerful, they pierce through the rock. And he said, many times would they notice the prayers of the saints changing and coming very close to the state of fire, they communicate to other spirits on earth and they tell them, « Distract that person from prayer. Stop them praying. Pull them out. » And many times so many Christians yield to these distractions. They are pressing through, they are repenting. They are allowing the Word to check their spirit up. Faith has been building up. Their prayers are becoming more focused. Then the devil sees their prayers are gaining strength and the distractions begin. Telephones ring. Sometimes we, in the middle of very, very intense prayer, the telephone rings and you think you can go to answer the phone and then come back and continue praying. When you come back, you go back to the beginning. And that’s what the devil wants. Other kinds of distractions come your way, even if it means touching your body and bringing some pain somewhere. Even if it means making you hungry and you want to go to the kitchen and fix something to eat. As long as they can get you out of that place, they have defeated you. And he will say to the pastors, « Teach people. Set aside some time. Not for just some casual kind of praying. They can do that the rest of the day. Once in a day, they should have a time when they are focusing wholeheartedly on God, nothing distracting them. And if people persist in this kind of prayer and allow themselves to be inspired in the spirit and keep going and keep going, something happens in the spirit. The fire touches that rock, and it melts. And this man said, when the melting begins, it is so hot, no demon spirit can stand it. No human spirit can stand it. They all flee. They all run away. There comes an opening in the spiritual realm. And as soon as this comes, all this trouble in prayer stops. The person who is praying on the ground just feels like prayer is suddenly so smooth, so enjoy some and so powerful and intense. And I’ve discovered at that moment, we normally lose conscience of time and other things. Not that we become disorderly. God takes care of our time. But it is like you lay down everything, and you hook up with God. And this man said that when the prayers go through, from that moment there can be no resistance at all, and the person praying will continue as long as he wants. There is no resistance that can stop him.

And then he said, after he finishes praying, the hole remains open, and he said that people, when they rise out of their place of prayer, and they walk out, this open hole moves along with them. They are no longer operating under the blanket. They are operating under open heavens. And he said in that state, the devil cannot do what he wants against them. And the presence of the Lord is like a pillar from heaven resting on their lives. They are protected, and there is so much power inside that pillar that as they move around, that presence touches other people. It discerns what the enemy has done in other people. And as they talk to people and those people are standing with them, they come inside this pillar. And as long as they stay inside that pillar, all the bondages of the enemy weaken. So when these people who have this spiritual break-through share Jesus Christ with the sinners, their resistance is low. It is so easy to bring them through. When they pray for the sick or pray about things, the presence which is there makes all the difference. And this man said the devil hates such people. And it said if there are places where prayer is regularly being prayed through like that, the presence comes upon that place and does not leave. So even the people who don’t know God, when they come into this place suddenly all the bondage's are weakened. And if someone cared to just minister to them patiently and with love, they can easily be pulled through, not by power nor by might but by the Spirit of God, who is present. And he said, if no one bothers about these people, they come into his presence, they feel convicted, they begin to debate whether to yield or not, but if they are not pulled through, when they walk away from this place, bondage's get stronger. And the devil tries his best not to allow them to come back into such an environment.

You can imagine we were all seated looking at this man. He was telling us the things he used to do and what he used to see. Then he told us what they would do to people who have broken through in prayer. He said they marked such people ; they studied such people. They dug up everything they could find about such people. So they knew their weaknesses, and when someone overcomes them in prayer and breaks through, they communicate with other spirits and say, « Target him with this and with this and with this. These are his weaknesses. » So when this person walks out of the prayer closet, the spirit of prayer is upon him, the presence is upon him, his spirits are high, the joy of the Lord is his strength. As he moves the enemy tries to bring those things that can distract him from focusing on the Lord. If his weakness is in the area of temper, then the enemy is going to cause people to do things which can make him really angry. And if he is not sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and he allows himself to go into the temper, he takes his eyes off the Lord. He gets angry, he feels so furious, and after a few minutes later, he wants to put that behind him and move along in the joy of the Lord, but he doesn’t feel it anymore. He tries to feel good again ; he doesn’t feel any good again. Why ? As he yielded to the temptation, they worked hard to close the door upstairs. And once they restore the rock, the presence is cut off. The person does not cease being a child of God. But that extra anointing that goes on his life, that presence that could do things without his manipulating anything, it’s just cut off. They seek out where the weaknesses are. If it is in the temptation to sexuality, the enemy will prepare people, events, something that will suddenly draw out that passion to go towards that temptation. And if that man yields to this temptation and opens up his mind to receive these thoughts, entertains them, when he is through with everything and wants to move again in the anointing, he just discovers it is no longer there. Maybe you say, « That’s not fair. » Just remember what the Bible says, « Put on the helmet of salvation. Put on the breastplate of righteousness. » We normally do not see the position, the place of these weapons of warfare. But remember what Jesus told us to pray towards the end of the Lord’s prayer, « Take us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. » Every time you have a breakthrough in prayer, as you come to the end, remember you are still a weak human being. Remember you have not yet been perfected. Ask the Lord, say «Lord, I’ve enjoyed this time of prayer, but when I walk out into this world, lead me not into temptation. Don’t allow me to walk into the devil’s trap. I know the enemy is setting a trap out there. I don’t know what form it is going to take. And I know I am still weak in certain areas. If I am just put in the right place, I will yield to that. Protect me, Lord. When you see me turning that corner where the trap is, just cause me to turn to the other side. Intervene, O Lord. Don’t allow me to move by just my own strength and ability. Deliver me from the evil one. » God is able to do that. He is able. That is why sometimes things happen, all you need to say is, « Thank you, Jesus. » That’s why Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Thessalonians and said, « Thank God in everything for that is the will of God in Christ for you. » Some things are not good. They are painful, and we wonder why God would allow it. But if only we knew what He is saving us from, we would thank Him. When we learn to trust the Lord, we just thank Him in everything.

Beloved, I don’t know whether to go deeper because I do not want to start something I cannot finish. Let me just try to take one step forward. And this man said that when prayer breaks through like that, the answer will always come. He said he does not know a case where prayer broke through and the answer did not come. He said the answer always came, but in most cases, it would never get to the person who asked. Why? Battle in the heavenlies. He says as long as they succeed in cutting off the open heavens and the rock is restored, they watch this person, they are waiting because they know the answer is definitely coming. And then this man spoke something that really shook my faith. It is because of the next part he shared that I went into fasting ten days to say, Lord, is this true ? Can you prove it to me ? This man said that every Christian has got an angel serving that Christian. Now we know the Bible says angels are ministering spirits to us. He said that when people pray, the answer comes in the hands of the angel. The angel brings the answer like we can read it in the book of Daniel. Then he said something really tough; if the one who prays knows the spiritual armors and is clothed with them, the answer comes by an angel who is also clothed in full armor. if the one who prayers don’t care about spiritual armoury, their angels come without spiritual armor. Christians who don’t care about what kind of thoughts come into their minds. They don’t fight the battle of their minds. Their angels come without the helmet . Whatever spiritual weapon you ignore on earth, the angel doesn’t have it as he serves you. In other words, our spiritual armour is not protecting our physical bodies ; it’s protecting our spiritual exploits. This man said, when the angel is coming, they would focus and look at him and notice the areas which are not covered, and those are the areas they would attack. If he has no helmet, they would shoot at his head. If he has no breastplate, they would shoot at his chest. If he has no shoes, they would make a fire that he is walking in the fire. Now I am just repeating what this man said. Actually, we asked him, « Can angels feel fire ? » And you know what he said to us ? Remember this is a spiritual realm. These are spirits dealing with spirits. The battle is intensive, and when they overpower an angel of God, the first thing they target is the answer he is carrying, and they get that from him, that is what they give through the cults, the witchcraft, and people say, « I got this because of witchcraft. »

Remember what the Bible says in the book of James ? All good things come from God. So where does the devil get the things he gives to his people? Some people who cannot have children, they go to witch doctors and satanists, and they get pregnant ! Who gave them that baby ? Is satan a creator ? NO ! He steals from those who don’t pray to the end. Jesus said, « Pray without ceasing. » And then He said, «But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith ? » Will He find you still there waiting ? Or will you have given up and the enemy would steal what you have prayed for ?

Then this man said that they are not satisfied with just stealing the answer. They are also interested in detaining the angel. And they start fighting him. And he said sometimes they succeed in holding and binding the angel. And he says, when that happens, the Christian is a victim on earth. They can do anything with that Christian because he is totally left without ministry in the Spirit. I said to him, « Do you mean an angel can be held in captivity by demonic forces ? » This man did not even know the scriptures by the time he was saying all this. He did not know very many scriptures. He was just sharing his experiences. And he said, they wouldn’t hold the angel too long because as other Christians prayed elsewhere, reinforcement would come, and the angels would go free. If the Christian responsible did not pray through, he remains a captive. Then the enemy sends his own angel as an angel of light to this person, and that is where the deceptions come in. False visions and false prophecies. False leadership, I mean leading, guidance in the spirit, making wrong decisions of all types. And many times this person is open to all kinds of attack and bondage's. And I asked the Lord. I left that dinner so troubled, so troubled. I said, « Lord, I don’t want even to try and believe this. » It removes all my confidence, my security. When I went to seek the Lord, it was ten days, the Lord did two things. He did not only confirm the things I had heard, he opened my mind to see a lot more that this man could not tell us of what happens in the spiritual realm. And two, he led me to see what we are supposed to do as the things are happening so that we are not overcome but that we can overcome. And we need to know three things and really come to terms with these three things.

One : how to operate with the weapons of our warfare. The Bible calls them the armour of God. It is not our armour ; it is God’s armour. When we use it, we allow God to fight on our behalf. Two : understand the relationship of the ministering spirits—the angels—to our spiritual lives. And to be sensitive to what is happening in our hearts as a leading to what needs to be happening in the spirit concerning us. That brings us to the third thing : that is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not supposed to come as our servant, serving us and bringing things to us. He does not run to and fro to the Father to tell Him what we need. That is the work of angels. But He stands by our side. Doing what ? Guiding us, teaching us, leading us, helping us to pray the right way. And when these things are happening in the spiritual realm, He tells us, sometimes He wakes you up in the night and says, « Pray. » You say, « No ! My time is not yet come. » And He says, « Pray now ! » Why ? He sees what is happening in the spirit. Sometimes He says, « Tomorrow—fasting ! » You say, « Oh, no, I’ll start on Monday ! » But He understands what is happening in the spiritual realm. We should learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He guides us in the paths of righteousness. Beloved we’ve got to stop here. Maybe tomorrow morning, we can talk about how we can pray through, knowing the battles in the spirit and how we can break through. How we can maintain our breakthrough once we have scored it. And once we learn this, it becomes enjoyable. Then we learn one thing : the battle is not ours ; the battle is of the Lord ! Hallelujah! Let’s just stand up. Look someone in the eye, and just think about how many times that person could have missed what God had for him. But join your hands if you can, two or three people, and just tell each other, « There’s no need for more defeat ! We can overcome ! There is enough power to overcome ! Jesus has already done the whole work. » Pray for each other that the Lord will help us to overcome. We should not lose. There is enough grace, enough power for victory.

Glory to Jesus!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The early church knew about the Rapture

The Rapture

When looking for references about the rapture one must remember several points.
  1. In the Tribulation people will be saved, and some will be martyred.
  2. If there is a Post-Tribulational Rapture, there would be:
    1. References to the saints in tribulation, persecuted by the Antichrist.
    2. No references to the saints being removed from the earth.
  3. If there is a Pre-Tribulational or Mid-Tribulational Rapture, there would be:
    1. References to the church, believers, Christians, and Saints in the tribulation, being persecuted by the Antichrist.
    2. And references to the church being removed from the earth.
So knowing that references to the believers in the Tribulation do not prove anything about the rapture, we should look for references about the church being removed prior to the time of wrath. Here is what the early church fathers said about the rapture:
  • Shepard 150 AD
  • The writer, after escaping a huge terrifying beast with four colors on its head (white, red, black and gold), met a virgin in his vision. "like a bride going froth from a bride-chamber, all in white...I recognized from the former visions that it was the church." the virgin explained that she escaped destruction from the beast (the Great Tribulation) because of God's special deliverance. "Thou hast escaped a great tribulation because thou hast believed and at the sight of such a huge beast hast not doubted. Go therefore and declare to the Elect of the Lord His mighty deeds and say to them that this beast is a type of the great tribulation which is to come. If ye therefore prepare yourselves and with your whole heart turn to the Lord in repentance, then shall ye be able to escape it, if your heart is pure and blameless." After explaining to him that "the golden color stands for you who have escaped from this world," the virgin concluded her messages with, "Now ye know the symbol of the great tribulation to come. But if ye are willing, it shall be nothing."
  • Victorinus 240AD
  • Commentary on the Apocalypse 6.14 - "'And the heaven withdrew as a scroll that is rolled up.' For the heaven to be rolled way, that is, that the Church shall be taken away. "And the mountain and the islands were moved from their places." Mountains and islands removed from their places intimate that in the last persecution all men departed from their places; that is, that the good will be removed, seeking to avoid the persecution."
  • Commentary on the Apocalypse 15.1 - "And I saw another great and wonderful sign, seven angels having the seven last plagues; for in them is completed the indignation of God.' For the wrath of God always strikes the obstinate people with seven plagues, that is, perfectly, as it is said in Leviticus; and these shall be in the last time, when the Church shall have gone out of the midst."
  • Cyprian 250 AD
  • Epistle 55 - The Antichrist is coming, but above him comes Christ also. The enemy goeth about and rageth, but immediately the Lord follows to avenge our suffering and our wounds. The adversary is enraged and threatens, but there is One who can deliver us from his hands." It is significant that he did not write about enduring the persecution of the Antichrist. Rather, Cyprian promised that Christ "is One who can deliver us from his hands." 
  • Cyprian Speaking of the immanency of the Rapture, he wrote, "Who would not crave to be changed and transformed into the likeness of Christ and to arrive more quickly to the dignity of heavenly glory." After telling his readers that the coming resurrection was the hope of the Christian, he points out that the Rapture should motivate us as we see the last days approaching. Cyprian says that "we who see that terrible things have begun, and know that still more terrible things are imminent, may regard it as the greatest advantage to depart from it as quickly as possible." Referring to his hope of the approaching Rapture, he encouraged his readers as follows: "Do you not give God thanks, do you not congratulate yourself, that by an early departure you are taken away, and delivered from the shipwrecks and disasters that are imminent?" Cyprian concludes his comments on the translation of the saints with these words: "Let us greet the day which assigns each of us to his own home, which snatches us hence, and sets us free from the snares of the world, and restores us to paradise and the kingdom" (Treatises of Cyprian - 21 to 26?).
  • Ephraim the Syrian 373 AD
  • On The Last Times 2 -  ...because all saints and the elect of the LORD are gathered together before the Tribulation which is about to come and be taken to the LORD...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A man who sold his Soul to Demons

 Here is Roger Morneau's interview...

"A Trip Into the Supernatural".

This interview is GUARANTEED to drop jaws and opens minds to the worship of Demons, and what type of people are involved in it.

Roger Morneau's was the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity when he was involved in the occult worshiping demons.

After seeing things no man should ever see Roger came to know that if he stayed on that road he would eventually have to pay the price for all the dark gifts given to him in this life. 

Roger eventually became a Born Again Christian because in his time with demons and satanist he learned one over-riding truth. 

The one thing, the ONLY thing satanists and demons fear is the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Only door to the Matrix...

The only way out of the Matrix, the only door, is JESUS CHRIST!

This man says more in a few minutes then most will say in a life time. I URGE you to take time and listen to this TRUTH... 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Father Donald Calloway Conversion Story

This is not a story about the Catholic Church though there is both ends and begins.  I have watched this story years ago and was profoundly touched by Father Donald's life story.  Take the time to watch this story it will blow you away.

Almighty GOD through HIS Divine SON JESUS CHRIST loves us so much that HE uses HIS own Mother Mary to save this Soul.

This video is on this website in it's entirety. Scroll almost all the way to the bottom.

Here is a shorter version...

Thank You Father GOD


Friday, April 2, 2010

Islam is a Lie from Hell

Islam in the words words of a Muslim...

Muslim activists in the West have been using the tactic of claiming that they worship the same god as the Christians in order to gain legitimacy and acceptance. They have been using the name "God" in place of "Allah" in many translations of the Qur'an.
Muslims DO NOT pray to the same God (Yahweh/ Jehovah of Holy Scripture) of Christians and Jews!  Yahweh 
Before Muhammad the Arabs had 365 gods - one for each day of the year.  Muhammad picked Allah (the Arab moon god).

They claim the founder of Islam is a prophet named Muhammad...however Muhammad himself says he is not a prophet and has never personally heard from fact Muhammad who heard voices thought himself it was from evil spirits....his wife encouraged him to change his mind and claim God had spoken to him...
      Muhammad was a pedophile, having sexual relations with a 6 year old and 9 year old girl.
  Muhammad was a thief, a liar, a murder

Muhammad performed no miracles, 

spoke no prophecies 

and died in the arms of the 9 year old girl he was having sex with...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Man comes back from the Dead

An audience of 120 doctors from 50 countries sat in stunned silence as a renowned heart doctor produced evidence of how, after he had prayed for a patient who had died and was being prepared for the morgue, was brought back to life after prayer.

Dr. Chauncey W. Crandall IV, who serves at the Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, made his dramatic presentation on Friday, July 13th at the 4th Annual World Christian Doctors Network Conference in Miami, Florida.

The following is the talk given by Dr Crandall:

Dr. Crandall began by saying that the dramatic incident took place almost a year ago in West Palm Beach, Florida. "We had a fifty-three year old man who came to the emergency room with a massive heart attack and actually his heart had stopped," he said.

"The medical people had worked on him for over forty minutes in the emergency room and then declared him dead.

"They called me in to evaluate the patient towards the end of his treatment where they had unsuccessfully tried to revive him. The nurse was preparing his body to be taken down to the morgue when the Holy Spirit told me to 'turn around and pray for that man.' When the Holy Spirit talks to you, you have to respond. It's sometimes a quiet voice and this was a quiet voice and to honor the Lord I did turn around and I went to the side of that stretcher where his body was being prepared.

"There was no life in the man.

His face and feet and arms were completely black...

  "I sat next to his body and I prayed, 'Lord, Father; how am I going to pray for this man?

He's dead. What can I do?'

All of a sudden, these words came out of my mouth...

"Father, God, I cry out for the soul of this man if he does not know You as his Lord and Savior, please raise him from the dead right now in Jesus name!!!"

"It was amazing as a couple minutes later, we were looking at the monitor and all of a sudden a heart beat showed up. It was a perfect beat; a normal beat; and then after a couple more minutes, he started moving and then his fingers were moving and then his toes began moving and then he started mumbling words.

"There was a nurse in the room she wasn't a Believer and she screamed out and said 'Doctor Crandall, what have you done to this patient?' And I said, 'All I've done is cry out for his soul in Jesus name.'

"We quickly rushed the gentleman down to the intensive care unit, and the hospital was by now buzzing about the fact that a dead man had been brought back to life. After a couple of days he woke up. He had an amazing story to tell after I had asked him, 'Where have you been and where were you on that day that you had that massive heart attack? You were gone and we prayed you back to life in Jesus name.'

"He said, 'Doctor Crandall, it's the most amazing thing. I was in a dark room and there was no light. It was complete darkness and I felt I was in a casket and I kept repeating that I was so disappointed.' He said the disappointment came from the fact that none of his family, friends or colleagues, had come to visit him. Then he told me, 'All of a sudden, these men came in and they wrapped me up and they threw me in the trash.'

"Dan, he was in hell that day and as he told me that story, I cried out, 'Lord, this gentleman needs to accept You as Lord and Savior.' I then explained the salvation message to this man as he sat in that bed and I held his hand and I cried out, 'Father God, in the name of Jesus, I pray that this man accepts you as his Lord and Savior right here in the intensive care unit.' He held out his hand and accepted Christ as his Savior with tears rolling down from his eyes and now he's a child of God.

"I told him, 'You never have to be thrown in the trash into total darkness now. The life of Christ is in you and the light of the kingdom of Heaven is on you now."

I asked Dr. Crandall if there had been any brain damage to the patient.

"No there was no brain damage at all; his brain was completely normal," he said. "I was most concerned about his hands because his fingers were completely black and he had some numbness in his fingers and his feet, but now that is totally resolved."

  Dr. Crandall  said he couldn't give the name of the patient because the patient had requested that it not be revealed.

"All I can say is that he was fifty-three years old and he was a car mechanic," Dr Crandall said. "He had a family who were Believers, but he left them twenty years ago because he didn't believe in the Lord. His family continued to pray for twenty years for his salvation, and his ex-wife was on her hands and knees praying for the salvation of her ex-husband, the day of his heart attack.

Friday, March 19, 2010

9/11 and it's Masonic implication

The occult signature linked to 9/11. Some pointed out how the number “11”—a number known as the “eleventh hour” or last opportunity to stop an emergency—turns up repeatedly as a ‘marker’ tied to 9/11. The phone number called during the emergency (9-11) likewise matches the date on which the Twin Towers were attacked. But in occult numerology, the number 11 means much more than this.

11 is the first Master Number and represents a dark vision. When doubled to 22, the vision is combined with action. When tripled to 33—the signal of the highest and most important action in Freemasonry—it means vision and action have combined to produce accomplishment in the world.

Is it therefore mere coincidence that exactly 11 years to the date following George H. W. Bush’s “New World Order” speech (and 11 years before 2012), on September 11, 2001, flight 11 crashed into the Twin Towers, whose appearance side by side not only formed a Masonic-like Pillared Gateway but architecturally the number 11? Also consider that Flight 11 hit the Twin Towers first and Flight 11 had 11 crew members. Flight 11 also had 92 passengers: 9+2 = 11; The date of the attack (9/11) equals the number eleven thus 9+1+1 = 11; September 11th is the 254th day of the year and 2+5+4 = 11; Following September 11th there are 111 days remaining in the year; New York was the 11th state added to the Union; New York City has 11 letters; Afghanistan, the first nation the U.S. attacked following 9/11 has 11 letters; George W Bush has 11 letters.

The Pentagon, also attacked on 9/11, has 11 letters; Flight 77—an additional twin Master Number—hit the Pentagon, which is located on the 77th meridian, and the foundation stone for the Pentagon was laid in 1941 on September 11 in a Masonic ceremony.

While numerous additional references to the number 11 exist in connection with the events of 9/11, other important dates, equally marked by the number 11, also changed the course of history. For instance, the end of World War One in 1918 occurred on the 11th day of the 11th month at exactly the 11th hour when the Armistice agreement with Germany came into effect. 

Another example is the assassination of John F. Kennedy in the Masonic Dealey Plaza on the 11th month, the 22nd day, and on the 33rd parallel (note the occult numerological equation again 11, 22, 33 for “vision, action, accomplishment”). More important, the Bible connects the number 11 with the coming of Antichrist in the Book of Daniel. When referring to the beast with 10 horns (Roman Empire), the prophet, as he was considering these horns, said, “there came up among them another little horn” (Dan. 7:8). According to scholars, this 11th horn is the Antichrist who will derive power from a revived Roman Empire and New World Order, which some believe was earnestly set in motion on 9/11. Lastly, in Jewish mysticism and esoteric numerology...

11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AL NEAL Continued...

This Video will make your eyes open to the truth of what the world around you.

The Infinity Bible Code - Second talk given to the Prophesy Club by Al Neal pt.2

Al Neal's Infinity Bible Code

This is MIND Blowing information!! Bible scholar Al Neal explains how Hebrew letters have numeric values that add up to a code.  
If you desire to know if the BIBLE is the true word of ALMIGHTY GOD watch this video and you will have a hard time NOT believing the TRUTH...

Which is... That the BIBLE IS the Living Word of ALMIGHTY GOD!!!

Al Neal's Infinity Bible Code

John Ramirez At Time Square Church

John Ramirez WAS a Santeria High Priest. He became a member of Santeria (A Demon worshiping religion) 

He became a willing member at age 8.  He spent the next 27 years working his way through the ranks of

Santeria (A Demon worshiping religion) till at age 33 he sold his soul to the devil by cutting himself and signing the contract in his own blood.  After that he rose to rank of 3rd High Priest of Santeria (A Demon worshiping religion).  

He spent his days going to Christian churches looking for weak Christians to seduce to the dark side.  At age 35 his life changed forever when the SON of ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST came into his life.  

Here is His story in His own words...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Testimonies of People That Died and Visited Hell

Testimonies of People That Died and Were in Hell for a brief few moments.


Remember This...

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. - 2 Peter 3:9

God clearly states that he does not want anyone to go to hell.

  He who keeps the commandments loves me: and he that loves me shall be loved of my Father in Heaven, and I, JESUS CHRIST will love him, and will make Myself know to him.   John 14:21

For those who scoff and say there is no such thing as Hell.  I leave you with these first hand accounts of those who have been there and returned to tell the truth!

Backsliding Christian
"Jesus spoke to the backslider again, "You should have told the truth, and you would have turned many to righteousness with God's Word, which says that all unbelievers will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone."You knew the way of the cross. You knew the way of righteousness. You knew to speak the truth. But Satan filled your heart with lies, and you went into sin. You should have repented with sincerity, not halfway. My Word is true. It does not lie. And now it is too late, too late." At that, the man shook his fist at Jesus and cursed Him."

-Mary Kay Baxter - From The Book A Divine Revelation of Hell

23 Minutes In Hell
"You desperately long for even a few moments of rest, but you never, ever get that privilege. Imagine for a moment how terrible you feel after forty eight hours of no sleep. In hell you never sleep, rest or find a quiet moment. No rest from the torments, the screams, the fear, the thirst, the lack of breath, the stench, the heat, the hopelessness. You are isolated from contact with any other people".

- Bill Wiese – Book: 23 Minutes in Hell - Bill's Testimony on video

Emergency Room
"A respiratory nurse who works in an emergency room told me about a patient who had gone “code red” – he flat lined. She and some other medical personnel rushed over with the defibrillator to try and bring him back to life. They applied the paddles and revived him. She said that he started screaming and shouting “the heat, the heat!” then his heart stopped again. They brought him back a second time. He shouted “The flames, the flames!” They lost him again. Four times the man flat lined and was brought back, each time shouting about the heat or the flames. After the last time, he died and they could not bring him back. She said all the doctors and nurses just stood there for a few minutes and stared at the body. They all knew that man went to hell."

- Mark Cahill – Book: One Heartbeat Away –

Journey to the Center of the Earth
"I tell you, the terror is unbelievable. With a spirit body, it cannot be frozen or burned. It simply exists with thousands of sensations, which this nervous system we own down here could not take. It is absolutely Hell. I was surrounded by demons. They seemed to be so excited they were doing a fancy rock and roll dance in honour of getting me there. Thousands of them shouted to me that I would never get out. They didn't realize I was only there for a short period, and told me I was there because I had believed their deceptions whilst I was on Earth. The stench was indescribable. It was the smell of dying and dead flesh. Satan, their captain, is of course the author of death. Jesus called them unclean spirits, and they certainly are that."

- Dr. Richard Eby - Book: Caught Up into Paradise

The Giant Worms in Hell
"There were other creatures in the sea of fire that looked like huge worms. They would come to the surface and then disappear and then return to the surface. About 20 feet from him he saw them coming to the surface and they were coming towards him. When they reached him they began boring into him and went inside his body and brain and were coming out of his eyes. They were driving him insane. There is no end to these things in hell." - From a Patients Vision of Hell by Dr. Michael Yeager

Scientists discover giant worms that feed on sulfur.

Heart Attack - James Bond Actor Curd Jurgens
"I had been looking up into the big glass cupola over the operating room. This cupola now began to change. Suddenly it turned a glowing red. I saw twisted faces grimacing as they stared down at me. Overcome by dread I tried to struggle upright and defend myself against these pallid ghosts, who were moving closer to me.I could no longer shut out the frightful truth. Beyond doubt, the faces dominating this fiery world were faces of the damned. I bad a feeling of despair, of being unspeakably alone and abandoned. The sensation of horror was so great it choked me, and I had the impression I was about to suffocate."

- From Glimpses of the Beyond: The Extraordinary Experiences of People Who Have Crossed the Brink of Death and Returned by Jean-Baptiste Delacour (1973); translated from German in 1974 by E.B. Garside

Curd Jurgens Played the Villain in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me

Dark Tunnel
"Then out of nowhere, a car was coming at us at high speed, running the light. I remember my friend yelling, “Oh my God!” - just before the car hit us. I left my body. I started going down this long, dark tunnel. It was dark … so dark. I knew I was dead and I was going to hell. You couldn’t even see the hand in front of your face. I was yelling, “I don’t want to go yet! I don’t want to go yet!” I’m falling farther and farther away from the little light at the top of the tunnel above me.

Out of the dark things began grabbing at me. Long fingernails began to grab me and claw at me, trying to pull me into them. I kept screaming, “No! I don’t want to go yet!” Their grotesque mouths were open wide and their teeth were gnashing at me." - Full testimony of Debra Mc Farland

Plane Crash Skydiver
"I experienced a deep hopelessness and horror. Separation is hopelessness! External separation is a torment beyond belief. I want you to know there is a place established somewhere that is eternal separation. I was permitted to not only see, but to experience the feeling of what it would be like to be in this eternal separation. And I began to cry out to God". - Full testimony at Mickey

Tug of War for My Soul
"When Satan said I belonged to him, he was accusing me. He reiterated and confirmed all things I had just been shown and convicted of; he stood there making a legal argument against me. Satan pulled me back with him, and I was drawn back, I felt the torment and started screaming again."

-Craig Gottschalk -Aviation Mechanic - From the book True Stories of Those Who Have Made the Journey

A Dance With Death - Famous French Dancer Janine Charrat
"But what was now revealed to me made me cry in terror. I was alone in a strange and unfamiliar world, surrounded by huge licking flames. The flames got bigger, and their incandescent redness so glaring that I thought I would perish in fear. It really and truly had to be hell! The thick curtain of fire had to be the devil's work for how else were the leaping flames being fed? They seemed to be coming in a wild dance out of the interior of the earth, their bizarre shapes constantly changing The ground under me was incandescent, a lava-like, boiling mud."

- From Glimpses of the Beyond: The Extraordinary Experiences of People Who Have Crossed the Brink of Death and Returned by Jean-Baptiste Delacour (1973); translated from German in 1974 by E.B. Garside

48 Hours in Hell
"You are in hell," he said; for you all hope is fled. As you passed through the mountain on your way here, you heard the groans and shrieks of the lost as they called for water to cool their parched tongues. Along that passage there is a door that opens into the lake of fire. An indescribable thirst for water now seized upon me. And calling for water my eyes opened in the hospital prison."

- George Lennox 1888 - Lennox was a notorious thief in Suffolk County

Australian Goes Down Under
"As I stood there I began to sense that this wasn't just a physical darkness but that there was something else there. I could feel a cold eerie feeling as though something or someone was looking at me - a spiritual darkness. From the darkness I began to hear men’s voices screaming at me telling me to "shut up" - "that I deserved to be there" - "that I was in Hell". Link to Ian McCormack's Web Site -Personal Testimony of Ian McCormack

The Thief
"This young man would constantly steal from our group home and others. He we would repent of what he did but then return to stealing again within a few days. Day by day he neared the end of the way. The night before he died I was awakened by unearthly shrieks that sounded like uncanny howls of some wild animal or some fiend. The next day when the man died I was away from home. As he lay in death throes, delighted, awful hellish demons gathered about him. When his soul was leaving his body the man seeing his captors, wept, yelled, and cried at the top of his voice in wildest terror. “Mr. Baker, help! help! come quickly! they are all about me with chains! They are binding me with chains.”

- From the book Visions Beyond the Veil - H.A. Baker

Survived High Voltage Electrocution
"I heard the most horrifying, tormenting screams imaginable. I heard these time and time again, and although I never saw who was screaming, I, myself, would scream because of the fear of those frightening screams. Besides the screaming there were also demons. Yes, there really are demons. Indescribable and most ugly things you had ever seen. They came up to me and taunted me. Yelling in my face, "We got you now!" Laughing at me saying, "We fooled you!"

- Timothy T. LaFond - Fire Engine Technician that went on to become a pastor.

The Prince of Darkness
"Then I started to hear rustling and clicking sounds next to me and I turned around and saw Satan standing right next to me. He was wearing a red and black robe and his face looked like a living skeleton. I was terrified and I tried to get away but I couldn't move. He put his face right next to mine and said he had been waiting for me and I had to go with him. I looked around for the loving light but it was gone and all I could see were ugly little creatures laughing at me. They looked like trolls or goblins." The small devils laughed in small cackling voices, and then suddenly everything stopped and I felt myself falling very fast back into my body."

-Excerpt from Colin Anderson's Personal Testimony -

Hangman - Attempted Suicide
"From the roof of the utility shed in my backyard I jumped to the ground. Luckily for me I had forgot the broken lawn chair that lay near the shed. My feet hit the chair and broke my fall, or my neck would have been broken. I hung in the rope and strangled. I was outside my physical body. I saw my body hanging in the rope; it looked awful. I was terrified, could see and hear, but it was different hard to explain. Demons were all around me. I could hear them but could not see them. They chattered like blackbirds. It was as if they knew they had me, and had all eternity to drag me down into hell, to torment me. It would have been the worst kind of hell, trapped hopeless between two worlds, wandering lost and confused for all eternity."

-Grayson, Bruce, and Bush, Nancy Evans. Distressing Near-Death Experiences: Psychiatry, 55:95, 1992

A Doctor's Testimony
"Each time he regained heartbeat and respiration, the patient screamed, "I am in hell!" He was terrified and pleaded with me to help him. I was scared to death...Then I noticed a genuinely alarmed look on his face. He had a terrified look worse than the expression seen in death! This patient had a grotesque grimace expressing sheer horror! His pupils were dilated, and he was perspiring and trembling - he looked as if his hair was "on end."

- Dr. Maurice Rawlings Specialist on Internal Medicine

A Continuous Fire
"Oh, that is the gnawing worm that never dies! Salvation once was offered me and I refused it. You laughed at them that told you of a hell; nay you were so presumptuous to dare Almighty Justice to destroy you! But then the fire you burn on earth is of a preying and devouring nature; for whatsoever it takes hold of it consumes to ashes; and when it meets with no more fuel it goes out. But here it is not so. For though it burns with that tremendous fierceness, which none but those that feel it know, yet does it not consume, nor never will. We shall ever be burning."

- John Bunyan - English Author (1628-1688), from Hell is Real, compiled by Mrs. M. A. Daoud

What They Desired
"I was shown my life course, which revealed I was without excuse. It was then I knew I was being judged and deserved my fate. Each person knew fully that they deserved his or her fate because each chose to walk away from God and now resided in a place without God as they desired during their lives on earth. God, in his great justice, fairness, and unfathomable love gave them what they desired."

-Near Death Experience of B. W. Melvin Author of, A Land Unknown: Hells Dominion

Attempted Suicide
"And I knew where I had gone wrong. I had doubted his existence. I had questioned the authenticity of the scriptures because what they claimed seemed too good to be true. I had hoped that there was truth to the idea of a Savior who had given his life for me, but I had been afraid to really believe."

-Angie Fenimore's Near-Death Experience - From the Book Beyond the Darkness

I Should Not Be Here
"In the darkness I became aware of an even more evil presence than I had already felt and there, high above anything, was this creature I just know was Satan. I didn't know what to do because this wasn't just a dream, this was reality. In my terror I screamed out, "I'm a Christian and I belong to Jesus. I shouldn’t be here", but Satan looked down and laughed a hideous laugh that I will always remember, and said, " When I tempted you, you gave in to me, you belong to me now", and at that moment I knew it was true. What could I do? There I was in Hell, with Satan, and in total despair. I had thought I was a Christian, but I had not committed my life to Jesus."

Testimony from Christine Eastell - Went into a cardiac arrest after a serious car accident.

No Light Only Darkness
"I would have loved to have been somewhere with a little red devil with a pitchfork poking me. It would have been a relief to have had physical pain, and if there was fire there would have been light. Anything to break the darkness, but this place was totally void of God. This was the pit that Jesus spoke of which is on the other side of God's all consuming lake of fire."

- David A. Smith's personal near death experience.

A Nun's Testimony
"Now, O body, you are paying the price of the delights you granted yourself!...and you did it of your own free will I saw several souls fall into Hell, and among them was a child of fifteen, cursing her parents for not having taught her to fear God nor that there was a Hell. Her life had been a short one, she said, but full of sin, for she had given in to all that her body and passions demanded in the way of satisfaction"

-Sister Josefa Menendez - From the book Way of Divine Love - 1923

Study On NDE Experiences
“A heart specialist from Chattanooga, Tennessee, has just finished a study of more than 100 patients brought back to life after being clinically dead. The Good News, he said, is that some of them had a blissful encounter with a being of light. The bad news, however, is that over half of the patients had a perfectly appalling time, walking through dimly-lit caverns and seeing fiendish figures brandishing pitchforks beside a smoking, sulfurous lake surrounded by moaning bodies. The doctor now firmly believes hell exists. Reluctantly, he said, I have come to the conclusion it may not be safe to die."

- May | June 1979 issue of Parapsychology Review

Surgical Nurse
"You're the gutsy one who talks about negative near-death experiences. Keep doing it. Don't stop." I was so startled by her comment, I momentarily slowed my pace and yelled back, "Who are you? What do you mean by that?" Her answer surprised me. "I'm a surgical nurse at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. We have lots of near-death cases there, and almost all of them are the negative kind. You know what I mean people who wind up in hell!"

- P.M.H.Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D - (92 Journal of Near-Death Studies Vol.10, No.3)

My Taste of Hell
"I was standing before the throne of judgment. As I knelt before God, I felt his fury. It was at that point I knew I was damned. Thankfully, the pain stopped and the line started moving again, but I knew I wasn't going to Heaven. In fact, I had been given a preview of what was in store for me and that was Hell! I was crying, and full of terror. I was going to hell, something I feared my whole life." Link to full testimony

- Personal Testimony of Deborah Taylor

No Longer An Atheist
"A wild orgy of frenzied taunting, screaming and hitting ensued. I fought like a wild man. All the while it was obvious that they were having great fun. It seemed to be, almost, a game for them, with me as the center-piece of their amusement. My pain became their pleasure. They seemed to want to make me hurt by clawing at me and biting me. Whenever I would get one off me, there were five more to replace the one."

- Personal Testimony of Howard Storm

A Description of Hell
In 1948, George Godkin of Alberta, Canada, related a despairing near-death affair in the midst of a prolonged critical illness: "I was guided to a place in the spirit world called Hell…. The darkness of Hell is so intense that it seems to have a pressure per square inch. It is an extremely black, dismal, desolate, heavy, pressurized type of darkness. It gives the individual a crushing, despondent feeling of loneliness. The heat is a dry, dehydrating type. Your eyeballs are so dry they feel like red hot coals in their sockets. Your tongue and lips are parched and cracked with the intense heat. The breath from your nostrils as well as the air you breathe feels like a blast from a furnace. The exterior of your body feels as though it were encased within a white hot stove. The interior of your body has a sensation of scorching hot air being forced through it."

Car Accident - Jewish Woman
"I was disgusted and horrified and scared... it was so ugly. The people were blackened and sweaty and moaning in pain and chained to their spots. And I had to walk through the area back to the wall. One was even chained to the evil side of the wall. The man was so skeletal and in such pain… as was another one chained by the side of wall…I wanted them to help him, but no one would and I knew that I would be one of these creatures if I stayed. I hated it there."

- The Near-Death Experience: A Reader, edited by Lee W. Bailey and Jenny Yates. (New York : Routledge, 1996; p. 224)

The Educated Chinese Student
"What’s the use of my being a Christian? I do not need to be saved. You might die suddenly in your sins, and you would go to hell the girl replied. Who are you? scoffed the student. You are a little snip of an ignorant girl, a useless beggar. What do you suppose you are trying to do? You are trying to teach me something when you are not even worthy to even talk to me. I am a university student. I am wise and I have read many books. I can speak and read English as well as Chinese. He than spat in her face and told her to mind her own business. Two weeks later, hearing a funeral commotion in the front alley, I was surprised to learn that they were carrying this university student to his burial; I had seen him on the street a few days before. One of the boys said that as they we were going out to preach, a few days earlier, he had offered this same man a tract but he would not take it. I knew nothing of this conversation the young man had with this girl. About a month later this girl began to see visions of heaven and hell.

I have no power to help you now. You are certainly in an awful plight. It is you who is worse than a beggar now; all dirty, all filthy, and suffering in the lake of fire. In fact, you look worse now than any beggar I ever saw. I thought you told me you were wise and that you had a great education. Where is your education now? When I told you about Jesus you only made fun of him and cursed me. I have no power to help you now even if you apologized."

- From the book Visions Beyond the Veil - H.A. Baker

The Gates of Hell
"Keep in mind, now - that this was a very, very tough man. He was never afraid of anyone or anything. He was a bodyguard of a very, very popular person. He'd taken gunshots before. I've heard so many instances of how people who died momentarily would come back to life to say they'd "seen a light - a tunnel of light" and how "an angel said it wasn't yet my time". This was very different. The last time he came to for a moment, he had a petrified look in his eyes. He pulled my Grandmother close and said, "They're trying to get me. They're not human. I have to get out of here!" After saying this, in his horrible condition, he tried to get out of bed.
My Grandmother told me he saw the Gates of Hell. Until now, I've never had such a positive feeling that what we do in this life can certainly affect the afterlife." - From ForumGarden

I Saw Hell
"I heard screams, as i looked deeply into the fire, i saw people, they were standing and weeping, they looked animated to how, they were burning, but they were not actually burning up. They were crying, screaming.

Some I recognized, I saw the old man that use to live down my street, he killed himself, because he apparently raped really young girls. I saw some of my old friends, they had died in a bus and car collision. They were screaming my name, i heard some one say these exact words "jenny, don't come here, don't come to this place, if you come here, there's no escape!" i stayed watching the fire, i had feelings mixed up, i was scared yet sad. I felt bad for everyone i could see, they looked like they were in tremendous pain, lonely, hurt and upset." - Jennifer

Visions of Hell

"I heard this strange noise as though i was suffocating. The next thing i know i am standing in utter darkness. I could not see a thing. I felt very out of place and was quite scared. The next thing I know I heard people, as in people moaning in utter agony and crying. I then felt like i was being attacked or more being overwhelmed by utter evil. I believe this place was hell." - Paul

I Don't Want To Die!
"I finally felt a pop as though my soul popped back into my body. My eyes opened wide and the nurse was looking down at me informing me that I had just had a heart attack. During my experience, when I knew I was dying and leaving my body I was afraid I was going to hell I never saw a light like most of the "Near Death Experiences", that I have heard" - Linda Irene Johnson

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Testimonies of What It means to be Born Again...

To my Dear Friend Rebeca:

 ...who so kindly listened to me muddle through 2 hours of what it means to be BORN AGAIN, thank you for you for your patience.

If you remember anything from that night PLEASE take this truth with you...

Religion, denominations, Churches, theses are man-made constructs. All that your Catholic upbringing accomplished was to push you far away from the simple truth.

To be BORN AGAIN, is to invite JESUS CHRIST into your life to be your Savior. Being Born Again means becoming whole, uniting both the physical and Spiritual aspects of your Being with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When you begin seeking ALMIGHTY GOD what you are doing is answering a call that existed before you even knew to ask the question. For it says in the BIBLE that 'No Man or Woman comes to the FATHER except that the FATHER first call Him or Her.

Being Born Again is about having a personal relationship with the Living GOD through HIS SON JESUS CHRIST who is our advocate before the FATHER in Heaven.

I know because, being a Catholic myself I too went through years of miserable religious training which did nothing to foster a intimate personal relationship with my Savior JESUS CHRIST.

You asked about those who did not know JESUS CHRIST before their death. You asked about Muslims and Buddhists and weather or not they go to HELL since they did not have a personal relationship with our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Here are some videos of personal testimonies that might help to answer your questions.

A Non-Believer Sky-Diver Dies and Returns to tell his harrowing Tale...

Man Dies after He was stung multiple times by Box Jellyfish. He has a personal experience with the Savior of the World JESUS CHRIST and comes back from the dead to speak about it.

A Highly Devout Muslim Cleric has a Personal visitation from our Lord JESUS CHRIST!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ron R. my Story...

In 1972 my life was broken. I was a drug addict. I was a criminal. My family was broken. My wife had filed for divorce a couple of times. My children were afraid of me. I really couldn't hold a job, my mental state was terrible. It was in this frame of life that I took my 6 year old son to a little market to purchase some things. On the way in, I met a gentlemen coming out the door. An argument erupted and before I knew it I had hit him and knocked him down. He fell into a pile of bottles. The bottle broke and immediately he leaped up with a broken bottle and began to stab at me. I lifted my left arm to try to stop the blow, and the bottle severed my biceps muscle & the major arteries in my arm. I was bleeding to death in a matter of seconds. But full of anger, hatred and rage, I kept fighting and it kept bleeding. My little son was screaming, he was hysterical.

The owner of the 7-11 store came over and said that if I didn't get to a hospital, I would bleed to death in just a few minutes. So he took me in my own car to the hospital. When we entered the emergency room, I was barely conscious. As the medical staff began to work on me, I could hear their voices, they were saying, We can't help him. He'll have to be transported to another hospital. Probably loose the arm.� By the time they loaded me into the ambulance, my wife had arrived and went with us in the ambulance. But as they pulled out of the parking lot of that hospital, a young paramedic looked down into my face, and I could barely see I was so weak. He said “Sir, you need Jesus Christ.� But I didn't know Jesus, I didn't know what he was talking about, so my reaction to that was to begin cursing. And again he stated to me, You need Jesus!�

As he was talking to me, it appeared that the ambulance literally blew up in flames. I though it had actually blown up. It filled with smoke and immediately I was moving through that smoke, as if through a tunnel. After some period of time, coming out of the smoke and out of the darkness I began to hear the voices of a multitude of people. They were screaming, groaning and Crying. But as I was looking down, it appeared like a volcanic opening. I saw fire, smoke and people inside of this burning place. They were screaming and crying, they were burning, but they weren't burning up, they weren't being consumed. Then I began moving downward into this opening.

[Wife, Elaine R.]

He was thrashing, just thrashing about, moaning and groaning. It was like a battle was going on. I wasn't a Christian at the time, and I didn't know anything about spiritual battles. But it was scary to me because I could feel it. It was like light and darkness. It was like he was fighting against something. I didn't know what, but now I know, he was seeing the vision of hell.

[Ron R.]

But the terrible thing was that I began to recognize many of the people that were in these flames. It was like a camera lens was showing me their faces, close up. I could see their features, I could see their agony, pain and frustration. A number of them began to call my name, and said Ronny, don't come to this place, there is no way out. There is no escape if you come here, no way out.�

I looked into the face of one man who had died in a robbery attempt, he had been shot and bleed to death on the sidewalk. I looked into the face of two others who had died drunk in an automobile accident. I looked into the face of others who had died of drug overdoses, that we partied together. They showed agony and pain, but I believe that the most painful part was the loneliness. The depression was so heavy, that there was no hope, no escape, there was not way out of this place. The smell was like sulfur, like an electric welder, the stench was terrible.

In my life, I had seen people killed, I had been involved in fights where people were killed. I've done time in prison for manslaughter. I grew up in a reform school, and in a jail cell. I was beat unmercifully as a child by a father that had temper and alcohol problems. I was a runaway at 12 years old and I felt that there was nothing in this world that could frighten me. My life was wrecked, my marriage was wrecked, my health was wrecked. But now I was seeing something that scared me to death, because I didn't understand it. And as I am looking into this pit, this place of fire, screams and torment, I fade out into blackness.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital room in Knoxville, Tennessee with my wife is sitting by. There had been multiple stitches put into my body, my arm was spared. I had almost 100 stitches. I looked into the face of my wife. I wasn't concerned about where I was, or anything around me. All I could visualize was what I had just seen.

[Elaine R.]

He had this funny look on his face, and it was a terrifying look. And he said, I don't really know what's happening to me, but I've been in a terrible place.� And I kept telling him I've been in the hospital, you've been in the hospital all this time.� And he kept saying, No, I've been in another place. I don't know exactly what is was, but it was a terrible, terrible place.�

[Ron R.]

I could still hear the screams. I could still smell the terrible smell. I could still feel the heat, and I could still hear the voices of people that I've known screaming for me to go back. Through the days to come, I tried every way to get that out of my mind. I tried to get drunk, I could not get drunk. I tried to get stoned, I could not get stoned, I tried everything that I could to get this off my mind and I could not.

One morning, several months later, I came home to where my wife was. I had been trying to get drunk, but I couldn't. When I walked in the house and went back to the bedroom, the light was on. My wife was sitting up in bed, and she had a large book open on her lap. She looked up at me and her face was literally shining. And she said, Ronny, tonight I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior,"

She didn't have to say a lot to me, our life had been filled with agony. She grew up in Chicago; her father was a bartender on the South side of Chicago. She knew nothing about God, or church or religion. The pain in her face, the wrinkles that I gave her from my abuse, violence, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Sometimes I would be gone for months of time, and she and the kids would have no idea where I was. But now her face had changed. The wrinkles were literally were gone, a smile had replaced the sorrow and agony. She looked at me and said, Jesus saved me tonight. Would you go with me and hear about this man called Jesus.� I thought to myself, I tried everything else in life, nothing has worked for me. The people I love the most, my wife, my children, I'm terrible to them." So I agreed to go with her.

A couple of weeks later on a Sunday morning, November 2, 1972, just before 12 am, a minister stood to read from the bible. I was sitting in the back of the building, I didn't know anything out of the bible. I didn't know how to act to church. But the minister stood to read from the bible, and he read from the Gospel of John. He began to read these words "behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world."� When he said the Lamb� he had my attention. It wouldn't have meant anything to me, any other passage, but when he mentioned the Lamb he had this hard hearted sinner's attention.

Because when I was 9 years old, a very poor child in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, with a father who only knew anger, abuse and alcohol, a neighbor had given me a baby lamb. And I had to walk two miles to catch the school bus. One day coming through her yard she stopped me and said, Son I have a gift for you� and she showed me this baby lamb.

I took that lamb home with me, it was my friend, the only friend I felt like I had. It was such a friend, in the days and weeks to come it followed me, and it would meet me when I got off the school bus. It came walking through the woods and fields to meet me.

One evening as I came home, the lamb was missing. I heard my father cursing and screaming, he was working on an old model car, changing a flat tire by hand, the old way. I tried to walk around him because I didn't want to be cursed. I tried to bypass him, but when I got on the other side of the car, I looked down and there was my lamb with blood all over the white wool. There was a tire rod sticking in its body.

The lamb had come around just wanting to be curious, and in a drunken fit of anger, my father had plunged the tire iron though that lamb.

When I saw my lamb, my friend, dead, I began to scream. I ran into the woods screaming, he's killed my lamb, he's killed the lamb!�

At 9 years old, hatred and violence took my life, possessed my life. From that point on, I was never ever the same. By 12 years old I was a runaway. I was in the Juvenile system, arrested time after time. I had no respect for authority. I hated anyone that represented authority over me. By the time I was 15 years old, I had been in Jail for car theft, for stealing. At 15 years old I was sentenced for manslaughter; being involved in a car accident that had killed some and left others crippled. At that time I wondered if life would ever hold anything for me.

But when that minister mentioned The Lamb�he had my attention. He said that Jesus Christ was God's lamb, and He died and shed His blood so that whosoever wants to, can have a new start. They could be forgiven and start over.

That morning, as I stood to try to leave the building, I thought, I don't want anybody to see me cry. I haven't cried since I was 9 years old. I'm not afraid of any living thing on this Earth, and no one is going to see me cry."

I turned to leave, but instead I started down the isle toward the front of that building. I didn't know the sinners prayer, I didn't know the Roman road of salvation. But my prayer was this, God, if You exist, and Jesus, if You are God's lamb, please, please kill me or cure me. I don't want to live anymore, I'm not a husband, I'm not a father, I'm no good.� And at that instant, it was like the darkness and the blackness left my life. Then the tears began to flow and for the first time since I was 9 years old, the tears did run. The guilt left my life, the violence, anger and the hatred left my life. And Jesus Christ became Lord and savior of my life that morning.

Since that time I didn't know what would happen. God healed my mind, my memory, the drug addiction; the alcoholism was instantaneously gone, delivered. And for that moment I knew I had to tell the story of what had happened to me. My life was only spared to tell others about the place that I had seen, and the hope of Jesus Christ to save mankind from this terrible fate.