Saturday, January 26, 2013

1-22-1973 A Day of EVIL

1-22-2013, will be the full 40 year anniversary of Roe versus Wade on 1-22-1973.

In the decades since, at least 50 million unborn children have been MURDERED by ABORTION in the U.S.A.

The total number of MURDERS committed against defenseless unborn babies worldwide has been in the hundreds of millions.

That a 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it....100,000,000 

added to

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it...100,000,000

added to

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it...100,000,000

added too

another 1 with 8 ZEROS behind it 1000,000,000

Plus or minus 50 or 60 million

Give or take a few meaningless, worthless, dead babies 
Did you know that it is illegal to sell aborted fetuses in America for profit?


Murdered unborn babies internal organs and body parts are harvested by "retrieval experts" shortly after abortions, for use in research laboratories. Tissue kits of a miniscule amount of tissue, a tiny portion of a gram, are expensive, VERY expensive!  Much more so are the amounts charged for entire fetal parts or internal organs, like hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, and stomachs. This horrific abomination of EPIC proportions is called boosting the bottom line$   The flesh and blood of murdered unborn children have made impressive profits for many medical research companies and Abortion on demand Doctors.

Fetal remains which have no  profit margin have been burned in incinerators, deposited into dumpsters, and buried in landfills globally for the past 40 years. Many have of these murdered unborn children partial remains have been thrown away like garbage with no dignity or respect.

Make no mistake when the first murder happened and Cain killed Able, his blood cried out from the Earth and Almighty GOD answered Abel's cry.   What will happen when Almighty, All Powerful, All knowing, Omnipotent GOD answers the cry of hundreds of millions of MURDERED Unborn babies created in HIS image?

Repent, Repent, Repent!!!

Repent now while there is still time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Enslaved by a Witch

Stunning testimony of a former of a top American Warlock.

At a low point in my life I met an interesting man at my work. He told me that he knew a woman, who
would understand the answers to all of my life questions.

Her name was Nels. She was a witch. These women were known worldwide through
the OSN organization and her task was to teach different influential people to support the idea
of promoting a “One World Religion.” Her “spiritual school” was located in one of the Indian
reservations. When I entered there, I was surprised by the many young people who were smiling
at me and seemed to be happy. However, inside of these people’s eyes were some kind of
emptiness. At that time, I did not recognize this as a warning signal and I did not realize it. I
asked this lady witch if I could stay at that place under her influence and training. I did not have
enough money to enroll there as a regular student. She told me that I could stay there only under
the condition if I would become her disciple, and that I would be learning all the things that
each student in her school is being taught.

One day she walked up to me and said, “My spirit guide has told me to make you now my
disciple”. I agreed to this. She brought me into her house. In the back of the house was a private
library. In the middle of this room was a table made in the shape of pentagram. The walls were
from the bottom to the top of the ceiling full of books. The books were all textbooks and
instructions on how to cultivate and practice all kinds of occult rituals and different New Age
teachings. Some of the books were apparently very old, they were handwritten by European
witches from ancient times, two hundred to three hundred years ago, in Europe where we are
right now (tr. note: he was giving this testimony in Europe). I was locked inside the building
and was allowed to see only her. When the thirtieth day came, she came to me and told me that
her “spirit guide” told her, that I should be also provided with a spirit guide.

We went somewhere outside where there was a small house. She used it as her sanctuary, where nobody
else was allowed to come except herself and that was the place where she practiced her
witchcraft. As soon as she opened up the door of that house, I could see with my physical eyes
that something dark was covering or spreading over that place. When we came inside, I noticed
that there were no windows. In the middle of the room we entered was a table with four chairs
and one of the chairs was bigger than the others… which looked like her makeshift throne.
There she set. On the table was a crystal. She was seated on the throne and asked me to come

She told me, that after she would perform a certain ritual – which I did not understand – the
crystal would shine and pulsate with light and then the “spirit” would manifest. She told me that
this spirit would tell me that he comes from my own life and that he would help me. She also
told me that when that spirit comes up to me I am supposed to say “yes”. I agreed. She began to
sing. The door of that house suddenly, closed by itself. We were in this building alone. Yet in
that room, I could hear many voices and I was not able to recognize where they are coming
from. It was very mysterious. She later told me that the voices were dead people whose spirits
came from underworld. As soon as she started to sing, the crystal really began to shine and was
pulsing with light. Suddenly that spirit was manifesting out of that crystal. He asked me for
permission to come inside of me. I answered “yes” and so he came inside of my body. Then,
from that moment on, I lost my control over my body. From that time onward, I could not
control whatever I said, thought, and did anymore. This opened the door to many other
unwelcome demons, which had entered into me also. Since that time, I was absolutely possessed
by demons. I became slave; a robot of New Age. Whatever my teacher told me to do that is
what I did.

Once she showed me a family, which lived in a neighborhood. She told me “You see that young
lady?” I said “Yes.” She said, “Whoever this lady marries will be given two thirds of an
inheritance from her parents”. My teacher had in her mind to obtain a big portion of the Indian
reservation, which that girl was to receive as her dowry. She told me, “I want you to approach
her, fall in love with her, and take her as your wife.” Even in this, I was obedient. I went and I
did just that. Then, that property was brought over to me. However, the family of that young girl
did not agree with that. That is why my teacher instructed me to take that girl back to my
hometown with me. She thought that her parents and relatives would not protest against that. I
did just that. Right there in my hometown came the moment, in which that property was to be
written over to me.

One day, it happened that I somewhat lost my energy and the veil of that demonic captivity was
torn in two. In a moment, I became normally free as before and could freely think and decide. I
knew that this was only for a short time; it was a matter of just couple of hours. I had to act fast.
I immediately put my wife on a bus headed back to her hometown with a letter for her parents in
which I had described how our contact with each other actually started. I explained that all this
was my teacher’s idea. Immediately, I also decided to get a divorce. When I returned to my flat,
I started to feel a horrible sense of self-hatred. I knew I disobeyed my teacher – the witch. I sat
behind a table and I did not want to listen to anybody. I knew that, by rebelling, I was going to
be in trouble. I began to weep. I began to hear an audible voice of some spirit talking to me. He
said “You idiot! My lady has you in her wisp anyhow.” Suddenly, I could feel the spirit began
to attack me. I grabbed a knife, which was lying on the table, but that spirit began to attack me
with that knife instead. He lifted me off the chair into the air; and was taking me by force out of
the house and was dragging me to the car outside. I began to scream for help.

Meanwhile, the spirit dragged me to the car and started the motor. He was driving me outside of
the city somewhere beyond a swimming stadium and to some kind of a lake. At the lake, the car
suddenly stopped and the spirit threw me out of the car and was dragging me to the water.
While he dragged me, I began to scream for help again and at the same time, I called on God to
help me. As he was dragging me to the water, he was causing me great pain and was
endangering me with that knife which I was holding in my hand. He told me that he would be
tormenting me. I knew that he wanted to drown me. About halfway between the car and the
water pond I screamed “God if you are real, please help me!” At that moment, there spring out a
great dog from the direction of the water pond, and began running towards me. As soon as this
dog came closer, I felt that this tormenting spirit came inside of my body (as though he was
afraid of that dog). The dog bit my hand, the one that was holding the knife. He squeezed his
jaws and the knife dropped out of my hand. After that, the dog pushed to the water. Now we
were both in the water. The dog was pulling me to a girl standing in the water and was standing
with her back towards us. That girl is today my wife.

 As I was standing there, I could not move. Somebody was there holding me. Kim, the name of my wife today, was standing there for a while turned with her back towards me and was talking with God. She turned and saw me, thanshe turned again with her back towards me and was telling to God something. After that, she walked towards me. I do not know what she was telling me, but I knew in that moment that I
was rescued. Later, she told me about meeting me at the shore of that pond. She said that while
she was standing in the water, she was struggling in prayer with God because of a relationship
with ex-boyfriend. At that time, she had enough of the relationship. She was standing in that
water, calling to God, and was asking Him “Lord Jesus, send me a man who I could take as my
husband”. Just after she prayed this, she turned around and saw me standing there in the water.
She rather saw something resembling something that looked like a man or rather a ghost of a
man than the man of her dreams. She turned back to God and cried aloud, “You do not mean
this seriously!”

I really looked horrible. It pitiful looking at me. I had long hair to the middle of
my back, leather vest on me without a shirt, on my bare chest satanic symbols and on my neck
crystal, and on my feet were stinking moccasins. When she looked at me, she could see that I
had cancer in my mouth, which was caused by chewing tobacco. She was walking towards me
only under very strict obedience to God, because as she saw me there standing, she did not want
to have anything to do with me. We began to talk with each other. She felt that there was a
connection between us, which was caused by the Holy Spirit.

She took me home to her parents. When she opened up the door and introduced me, her father
was shocked. She said, “Look, father, whom am I bringing to our home”. He just slammed the
door, went to a telephone and called some brethren to pray, because her daughter has brought
home someone terrifying. Kim was the only one who spoke with me and I knew that because of
that cancer I was slowly dying. I had lost everything, and was now living on the street.
Nevertheless, I still practiced New Age. On the other hand, Kim was still talking to me about
God and about the Lord Jesus. I opposed her with my theories, which I learned and was very

A frigid winter hit the city where I was and I had no place to live. I went to Kim and asked her,
“Where should I go?” Her parents owned a cabin in a forest within a national park near New
Eucher. It was really a solitary place in the woods about 22 kilometers (13 miles) away from the
city. There was no electricity; no running water and the only heating was a stove. In first of
January, there was about 180 centimeters (5.9 feet) of snow and I was there all alone. Kim was
coming over there to visit me over the weekends, the rest of the time she was at school. There
were two rooms in the house. I was supposed to use the smaller one. When Kim came, she used
the bigger one. She served me and talked to me about the Lord Jesus. She was the only one that
I knew in that area. I had to go about one kilometer (0.62 miles) to cut the ice from frozen river
to get some water. I also walked into the forest with a handsaw to be able to make a fire. I had
no money to buy food. It was a really solitary place in the forest. I had no car to go to the town.
Kim was bringing me food every weekend. She brought me milk and some pastries and I ate
only twice a week.

 Because I did not eat regularly and was I there all alone, I was more under the influence of demons, and therefore my health was being broken down day-to-day. I became
so sick that I was just lying in bed and could not move. Kim wanted to take me to a doctor, but
God said to her “No!” He wanted to save me in a different way.

One of the Sundays, I was so terribly sick that I felt like dying. The Lord said to Kim that He
did not want her to return to the forest cabin, until he gave the command. The process of my
definite change had begun. Kim left me with tears in her eyes and came back into school,
somewhere far away. God was preparing His own operation. Before she left, she made a fire, for
me to be warm. I could not get up of the bed and outside was already 20 degrees below zero.
This time I was really left alone. The fire went out pretty soon and I did not have strength to get
up and make it burn again nor to keep it burning. I got frostbite and my body kept getting
weaker and weaker. I was slowly dying. The room was getting colder and colder and I felt the
chilling shadow of death.

As I hopelessly lay there, I began to feel that my spirit and my body were separating from each
other. Great fear gripped me. All those “truths” that I was believing until that time, I suddenly
saw as lies and I realized that I had lived vainly.

I suddenly saw with my very eyes that right next to my bed opened up very deep pit and I saw
in horror hell.* The room suddenly was filled with stench of brimstone and burned human flesh
and I heard terrible screams of multitudes of people coming out of that pit. It was multitudes
upon multitudes of frightful cries of millions of tormented beings. My spirit had moved and
slowly began to go in the direction inside that pit. I began to scream because in that moment I
knew, that I would have to spend the whole endless eternity in hell. In that very moment all the
teaching preaching and testimonies that Kim was telling me became vividly clear to me. I could
see it very brightly in my mind. At the edge of hell, God began to water the little seeds of God’s
Word which she told me.

I knew that the Bible which was laying next to me that Kim had left
just before she said good-bye, had something to do with my situation getting better, and that it
was my only salvation. I had a little candle in that room to make the room light. The glow from
the fire out of the pit of hell could not make the room light up, so with my hand I was searching
for that candle and matches. I also reached out for the Bible. As soon as I reached my hand after
the Bible, some claw grabbed my hand and stopped me from doing it. The room was suddenly
filled with some kind of very strong authoritative demonic presence and some very deep voice
spoke to me, “You idiot! You dummy! You have believed everything I said to you and that’s
why you now belong to me!” And he placed his hand back on my chest. In desperation, I began
to weep, because my spirit was without restrain moving downward toward hell. Now my spirit
and my body was separated.

** I had to stop it somehow. My consciousness was still on guard
and I knew, that I have to immediately receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, as Kim used
to tell me. I knew that it had to happen before my soul would be forever separated from my
body and before it would be pulled down into hell. Satan knew that also. It was a fight literally
for every millisecond. I felt that God was on my side and was giving me strength to reach out
again for the Bible. I could very clearly feel the strength God for this act. So I did it once again.
That hand claw wanted to stop me again but this time it had to move away. So I grabbed the Bible and put it on my chest.

The Bible opened itself. I wanted to lift it to where the light of the
candle which I was finally able to light up. But Satan has blew out the flame of the candle, so by
now there was very deep darkness in the room. Therefore I could not read anything out of that
book and did not see what was written in that page were the Bible miraculously opened. There
was absolute darkness. But God is faithful, He loves man. Suddenly there appeared from above
three rays of light and each of these rays had specially lit up on the three places in that opened

They were the three verses from the third chapter of the Gospel of John “Verily, verily, Isay unto thee, Except one be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3 ASV).
“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except one be born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into
the kingdom of God!” (John 3:5 ASV). “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.” ( John
3:16 ASV).

As I was reading this last passage, inside of me and with my whole being I knew that now I
have the only liberating truth. In that moment God let me know how to receive the Lord Jesus
Christ into my life. I heard it very often from Kim, but as soon as I heard it the devil had cleared
that out of my mind immediately. It all was made very clear to me. God had put away those
fingers that were plugging my ears and heart. I remembered the prayer of submission to God
and the prayer in which one asks for the forgiveness of sins, which Kim used to tell me. I began
to rise from my bed and was asking Jesus for deliverance and salvation.
 Satan, because he knew, that I have only a very short time left and seeing that I could be at the last moment
plucked out of hell, tried very intensively stop my prayer. He knew that if he could somehow
stop me from praying, my spirit will reach the place where I did not want to go. It was a fight at
the very edge of hell. I then felt that Satan placed a great weight on me. I felt as if somebody
was brutally cutting my back with a knife. It was an unbearable pain. I knew that I had to
scream to Jesus to rescue me, and so I did not pay attention to that great pain. I had already
tasted death and the beginning of hell, and now it was my chance to taste life – the new life with
Jesus. I did not look at that tormenting pain and did my thing. I closed my eyes and said “Lord
Jesus, I am a sinner. I know that You are the only true God, and I am asking You, to please
come into my life and take full control over it – Now!”

In that moment, God revealed His victory. I knew that all those demons to who I welcomed in
me were put aside. And they were thrown into the pit beside my bed, from which were coming
those horrible screams. Suddenly the pit closed up and the screams and the smell of hell died
down. There in that sudden peace I felt as if I was bathing in warm oil. It was very cleansing.
That room in I was in, suddenly filled with light even though it was still night. That light was so
bright that it covered everything. It was light and peace. That presence of God and His love
were so intense that I fainted.

When I woke up the next morning, I was cleaned up and healed. I was clothed in clean clothes
and the fire was burning on the stove. The whole place was warmed. The sickness (pneumonia)
was gone. All weakness was gone from me. The cancer was also gone. Frostbites from my feet
were also gone and I felt that I was born again. I was full of peace and joy. I knew that I was at
that moment a new creation. When I opened my eyes, I felt like Adam, when he woke up in his
first day in paradise. I went to the door and for the first time it looked so beautiful. Who clothed
me and made a fire? When I looked I could not find any footsteps in snow around the cabin.

Suddenly I heard Kim’s car coming towards me by the road. She was just returning from her
school. We ran to each others arms and hugged each other. I said “I have received Jesus” She
answered “I know, I was at school and God had told me that. So the struggle for your salvation
is finished.” Some bird started to sing out loud more than the others birds did in the forest. It
was sitting on the door of the cabin from which I just came out to meet Kim. We both turned in
that direction. The bird went flying away, and at the very place were it was perched, the
following inscription appeared on the door: JOHN 3, 3.
The The following spring of that same year, I was baptized by immersion in the same river that I
would retrieve drinking water from during the winter. In the autumn of that same year, I married

Kim and we moved into a bigger flat. That place at the river were I was baptized, became for
me a special place. There were two mysterious things since my salvation that I cannot explain.
They are still for me very mysterious puzzles. My pastor told me that I should ask about it
directly from God. I usually go to that special place, I sit on a rock near the water, and I began
to pray.

One time, I came to that place and began to pray asking God, “Lord, when I became a
slave of that witch and was demon possessed because of her influence, all the things in my life
from that time onward were darkened and inside I was full of fear. But, somewhere in the
distance, there was sometimes this light, which only I could see. And every time I looked at that
light, it gave me peace always.” I need to know what that was. The whole forest suddenly
became quiet. All the birds stopped singing, not even one of them gave out any sound. There
came a very strong peace and the water before me in that stream stopped moving. Someone’s
very warm hand, almost hot was placed on my shoulder.

 A very sweet voice, sweeter than
honey began to talk into my ear and said, “Even before you knew Me, even in that most difficult
time I was with you. That ray of light was me…” I felt that the Holy Spirit is very powerful. I
fell on my face before the Lord Jesus Christ and began to weep from shear happiness and I said,
“Father God, I know what happened before you intervened and brought me out in that cold
room. But what happened between the time I fainted and I woke up healed, clothed and was in a
warm room? What happened after I felt the hot oil and fainted?”

That same voice spoke to me
again, “I alone cast out all those demons and healed you. Than I commanded my angels to wash
you clean, clothe you, and to make the fire in the stove so that you would be warmed up.”
I said “Father God, I will do anything that you want me to do because, now, I know that you are
the only one true God”

And JESUS CHRIST said to me...

“Go and tell others what I have done for you, so that even they might believe that I am coming soon”


Jesus set Woman Free from Homosexuality

Young woman spent 20 years as a Lesbian until She invited Jesus Christ into her life.  The Bible say..."Ask and you shall receive..."  When this woman completely surrendered to JESUS CHRIST the Lord was Merciful and answered her prayers.   Admittedly, She did not instantly stop being gay.   She said..."I CAME JUST LIKE I WAS A SINNER!"  Yet, when She turned to Jesus Christ, He changed the desires of Her heart till slowly dya by day, she no longer lusted in her heart to be gay.

JESUS CHRIST came to set the world free from sin.  JESUS CHRIST came so that the captives could be set free.  To often men and women suffer in addiction of all sorts, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, etc.  Many of these people see their sins but have not the power to set themselves FREE.  JESUS CHRIST has the power to set ALL people free, no matter the strength or length of their sinful addiction. 

Almighty GOD sent HIS Only Begotten Son JESUS CHRIST because the devil has enslaved the whole world through sin.  The Power of the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST is greater and stronger then addiction, bondage, or prison walls.

If you want to be FREE from ANY addiction, call on the name of JESUS CHRIST and HE will set you FREE.the secret is not to give up. Each day push in more and more to our Lord JESUS CHRIST.  Read the Word of GOD, the BIBLE.  Seek the LORD with all your heart, all your might, and all your will and HE will answer you.  JESUS CHRIST will NEVER abandon you, nor forsake you. 

Come to JESUS CHRIST NOW as you are! You Do not have to wait till you are dressed better, or wait until you have your addiction under control. 

COME NOW to JESUS CHRIST and HE will accept you with open arms. 

  Come NOW to JESUS CHRIST HE is waiting for you.

 Come NOW to JESUS CHRIST while you still have time.

Tomorrow may be too late...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Miracles of Dr Tatiana Belous

Tatiana.jpg, 150 kB 

"Inspiring and compelling story of Tatiana Belous, women who answered God's call in-spite of untold cost. This interview with Tatiana not only gives one a detailed look into heaven and hell but it tells of indescribable devotion and exemplifies such extraordinary spiritual courage and strength to be the best I have personally ever read. What Tatiana and her husband endured is unimaginable, the unspeakable suffering for our Lord Jesus... 

Throughout this brilliant interview, we see a contrasting example of the suffering and the freedom found in Jesus Christ. To be servants without compromise, in spite of the horrors they endured, they stood strong in the face of unimaginable adversities." "Absolutely incredible story that has utterly changed my life, for which I am immensely grateful. Tanya"

I have personally read this Faith inspiring story of Doctor Tatiana Belous.  I loved every page. I have read many testimonies from behind the Iron curtain.  Often, when devout Communists are faced with the living GOD, Our FATHER who Art in Heaven, they shrink back.  Not because they fear GOD intellectually, but because somewhere deep in their spirit they still possess a shred of Divine awareness.  As their mouths chant communists slogans their hearts tremble at the power they know to be true.

One such day this happened to Tatiana as a young girl.  She was given a task by her Communists instructors to write a paper proving that GOD does not exist.  When Tatiana went home and told her father, a decorated WW2 veteran, almost 7 feet tall and bursting with muscles, began to shake and warned her..."Daughter no one wrestles against GOD an wins."  Tatiana had been taught from birth that there is no GOD, but Lenin and the State.  So, with trepidation and Communists bravado she set out to prove that there is no GOD.  Fast forward 2 days later, Tatiana is reading a Russian BIBLE when she hears the words..."Why do you persecute me Tatiana?"  Just as the Apostle Paul was knocked from his high horse, so too was Tatiana.   The rest of the Story is wonderful and I could not put it down.

Scroll down to...

Tatiana Belous - Raised from the dead after 72 hours (PDF-1,57 MB) 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Apostasy of Secularism

In our modern times the ‘Apostasy of Secularism’ threatens to undermine the foundations of the one true Faith Christianity. The very word Secularism is insidious in it’s vague perpetuity. Having abandoned truth for conjecture and innuendo all views have become acceptable in the New World Order.

Christians are accused of not practicing what they preach when they refuse to turn a blind eye to depraved behavior.  The son of God, Jesus Christ, said when attacked to turn the other cheek, not turn a blind eye to the repugnant actions called by some ‘a lifestyle’ others ‘A woman’s right.’

The Christian Faith at it’s inception was entrusted by it’s founder the Lord Jesus Christ with the moral responsibility to hold the line and declare the truth.

For the love of the flesh or gold and silver, many have cheaply bartered their soul.  Hidden behind the label of ‘socially progressive’ all manner of perversions have been loosed upon an unsuspecting public. The Mainstream Media has perfected the tactic of deception by omission.  It is there just below the magazine adds where young per-pubescent children are sexualized that the hidden evil festers with sinister intent.

The puppet master of modern society have thrown open the gates of Hells inviting all manner of filth and abominations which only three generations ago would have been reason for arrest and incarceration.

We ‘ARE’ each called to be our brother’s keeper.  It is not unchristian to warn someone when they are participating in a lifestyle or committing deeds which has them careening off a spiritual cliff to their damnation.

Hell is forever, an eternity of regret and suffering not just for those who fill the sea of fire but for those whose loved ones are eternally absent the golden shores of Heaven's bosom.

What are we setting ourselves up for when we replace right and wrong with some amorphic intangibility? In this new millennium those of definitive moral character are labeled Hard-liners, Extremists, Ultra-Conservatives or even Fanatics. Where, shall the True north of ones moral compass point be set,  if the port of embarkation is the middle of everywhere and the destination in the middle of nowhere?

Ultimately, the goal of the New World Order is that of a secular society founded on the ever shifting sands of amoral ambiguities, devoid of truth, Faith, and most importantly Almighty God.  The first step towards that goal is the pruning and demonizing of institutionalized religious faiths for a more truncated, ‘User-Friendly’ version.

This will be a  fluid set of moral suggestions not mired down by absolute truths or anything even remotely resembling condemnation or sin.   This new 'enlightened' one-world, all encompassing, non-judgmental, feel-good, religiosity will accept all comers regardless of their behavior, actions, or beliefs.  This new universal enlightened world brotherhood will be unambiguous, unobtrusive, unassuming, yet entirely diabolical in it’s nature not to offend.

JESUS CHRIST is the Way, the Truth, and the Light of the World.  HE is the Divine Son of Almighty GOD, the Word made Flesh. Through HIM, all things were made.  No one may come to the Father except through the Son.  Glory to Almighty GOD who sent HIS Only Begotten SON to Save a fallen and defiant world.

Bobby Anding

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Atheist has vivid dream/vision of Heaven.

I have read many many dreams and visions in the last decade, and I have to admit, this ranks as among the best. It is the most plausible, inspiring, uplifting, heartwarming testimony I have ever read. 

About two thirds down the page you will read this line:

"Your words.. born in the fires of agony and trials.. will touch many lives.. and also save many lives.. "


I was raised an atheist.
Utterly godless.
Not even agnostic.
No gods.. fairies.. Santa's or bunnies...Believed nothing at all.
I saw all the trouble and confusion it caused and wanted nothing to do with it.
I see Christians always fighting and debating and being hypocrites all the time.
I see new agers not really having a clue what it is they actually believe in, and going in circles.
I see all the other religions all banging their head on a wall but achieving nothing but headaches.
I wanted no part in it and still don't.

But I had a dream / vision when I was 15 that changed my life, but it was not until about a year ago it took effect, and according to the dream it will not be until after tomorrow (28 December 2012), when I turn 44, that it finds fulfilment.

I was 15...still a kid.. but wondering what it was all about, seeing as everything was so totally pointless and without a reason or a goal.
Being an atheist is the most pointless life one can live.. so empty of purpose or meaning.
And like all kids I needed purpose and meaning.
So the dream./ vision...
It was September the 28th 1984....a day I will never forget, because its the day my life was taken right OUT of my hands, and I realised that none of us really have a choice...only a will directed by the one who makes the choices.

I remember so clearly.. sitting on my bed that night...looking out the window at the stars. Wondering why they were there.. what purpose they served.. if any at all. I remember asking the same thing of myself.. what was my purpose.. did I have a purpose...or was it all pointless.. an illusion.. meaningless and dead?
That night I lay down on my bed.. still wondering what it was all about... and I had a dream....or a vision.. not sure which but it was incredibly vivid.. I was there.. could feel.. hear.. smell....

Where was I?

(Keep in mind up UNTIL that point I had never even looked into a bible or any religious book.. so what I saw was not previously planted in there)
One moment I was on my bed.. in a half awake half sleep state.. a trance you might call it. That zone you are in where you are still aware but also.. not aware. I found myself about 200 meters in the air that was NOT air as we know it. I looked around in shock...I was there.. this was no dream.. I panicked at first cause I thought I was dead.. and for all I know.. I was.
After adjusting to this "Shock" I was able to look around me.. where I was...and what I saw....Spreading around me in every direction to a horizon that just was not there.. was THE most incredible landscape I have ever seen. No majestic scene on earth comes close to this.. awesome.. the SCOPE of it... endless.. and solid and real.

Vast jungles.. parks.. majestic mighty mountains.. oceans the size of earth itself.. and lakes as big as oceans.
Waterfalls a hundred kilometres high.. mighty rivers packed with life.. crystal clear...the trees...small and great.. colourful.. detailed.. each one unique and some full of flowers of colours vivid and bright.. some full of fruit of weird shapes and hue.

ALL was alive.. in a life that was LIFE.. not just living things.. but LIVING beings.. they were not just alive.. they WERE life in its essence...each leaf.. blade of grass.. creature and fish.. bird and reptile.. were not JUST alive.. its like they WERE EMANATING life...

This mighty and majestic landscape went on and on.
What I thought were small hills in the distance, turned out to be mighty mountain ranges that make the Himalayas look like a badly thought up joke in comparison.

The waterfall immediately to my left upon arrival was (I later found out) over 300 kilometres form where I floated.. and even at that distance it was so utterly magnificent...rising up and up.. above eye level.. like looking UP at a river.. It descended down the side of a "small" (compared to some of the other mountains there) 100 kilometres high cliff face...falling.. cascading.. majestic.. and throwing of rainbows in its mighty mist...

I could go on and on about the details.. but I am going to stick with the main part...and that is.. WHO was standing "Or floating" there beside me.. who until that moment I had not noticed..
I turned to my was this bloke...who I Immediately KNEW was The creator of all I saw. I didn't know his name.. I just KNEW HE was responsible for it all..
He was about 6 foot...medium build.. strong.. yet supple.. he had an air of authority about him.. like a mighty fighter who could whip anyone but with ease.. and KNEW it.. but was humble and gentle and didn't brag about it.

His hair was white...but not from age.. more of a symbol of purity kind of white. Like a judge would wear a white wig as a symbol. But this hair was no wig. It was his own.
He wore a sort of robe.. not ancient.. yet not modern. Like a royal robe of state. Across his chest from right shoulder to left hip was a red/purple sash about 6 inches wide, interwoven with gold threads.
The robe went to just above his ankles. He had sandals on. But not ancient looking. More of a modern look. But in looking there.. at his feet...I saw holes in them...Then with a shock.. I saw his hands.. they too had holes in them.. just at the ends of his wrists.. each hole about half an inch wide. There was no blood and the wounds were not festy or horrible. They.. were worn like a status symbol.. a mark.. more than an annoying wound. I had the urge to kneel.. but realised I didn't have a body to kneel with.
So I just looked at him.. KNOWING he could read every thought...and knew my intent was to kneel if only I could have.

He knew.

He just smiled at me.. joy glittering in his eyes.. eyes.. so.. blue.. gold.. green...all colours.. fire.. eyes of fire.. like an opal of magnificent brilliance.
He seemed to radiate a real.. friendliness.. happiness.. total peace.. yet utter and mighty authority.
You felt at ease with him.. yet so humbled as well.
I finally said to him (Well.. I thought it)...."You are God?"
He said simply..."(I AM)"

I thought to myself "This cant be real.. there IS no "God"... I am imagining all this.. I MUST be..."He smiled even broader.. if that were possible.. like he was amused at my simple yet certain belief in nothing. It was not a snide enjoyment he was feeling.. it was more like you would smile at a toddler who said something cute.
He said, knowing my turmoil and thoughts, "Come.. let me show you your destiny" as we started moving through this "Air" that was not air...gliding off at about 60 k an hour it seemed. I was able to measure the speed we were moving, because we floated over a sort of highway with trees planted at regular intervals along it.

It was a twin highway.. divided in two by a river. The river was about 40 meters across.. clear as crystal.. pure and so inviting. I had the urge to go and swim in it for some reason...even though I didn't actually have a solid body.

The highway was about 15 meters across on each side of the river. And spaced about 200 meters apart were bridges. There were people down there below us.. ordinary .. people.. some dressed in modern garb.. some in robes like togas.. some wearing nothing but light.. if that's possible. All were people.. they looked to be about 25 or so.. healthy.. vibrant.. solid and real.
I saw children as well.. playing in the river.. laughing and jumping off the bridges into the water. Laughter.. lots of laughter and joy. It seemed to permeate this amazing place. Here and there among the people I saw beings.. LIKE people but different. Taller...powerful.. yet gentle. Talking to people.. walking with them.. some carried books and other things. They seems to be instructing.. and also being instructed. Like they were learning as well. ( These, as it turns out, were angels.. and NO.. they DID NOT have wings )
I saw benches.. tables.. set along the river under the trees. People and beings alike would sit and talk.. smiling.. laughing.. some in deep thought or conversation.. some being light-hearted, some being serious.. like they were contemplating some new revelation they had just stumbled upon.

In all it was a very busy.. yet very relaxed scene.

The trees themselves were amazing. Mighty branches.. spreading out in majestic awnings of life over the river and the benches below. I saw fruit in the trees.. gold.. green.. orange.. purple.. blue.. all sorts of colours. People were picking the fruit here and there and casually eating it.. like it was just the "Done" thing...and there were no scraps. There were no pips or skins left over.
People looked up at us as we passed overhead. They waved and smiled.. at BOTH of us.. yes.. I was very visible to them. I was not sure how to wave back.. because I had no body to wave with.
"Jesus" or "Yeshuah" or whatever you want to call him...waved back.. smiling.. laughing.. joyful and at peace with his creatures.

I looked out beyond.. to what was ahead of us. I saw fields. Stretching on and on and on.. I saw lights dotted here and there over these fields.

I asked "Jesus" "What are those lights? "He said.. "They are cities.. or towns. Dwellings and hubs of commerce." "Commerce" I thought? Of what USE is commerce in this place?
He just looked at me and smiled.. and said "you will know in time.. see.. there is our destination" He said.. pointing directly to the end of the highway...

I looked.. way way ahead...seemed like thousands of k's.. into the far distance...there was a bright light.. like a brilliant sunrise.. multi hued.. radiating colours beyond description...and the could FEEL the music coming from it. It was everywhere.. yet I was not actually conscious of it till I concentrated on it. Harmony.. pure harmony.. rising from one stanza to the next.. to reach a crescendo.. only to fade out into the next phase.. ever building to a climax.. but never reaching it.. music without beat.. without end.. timeless.. eternal.. pure..

I was STUNNED...nothing on earth was anything like this music of colour blended with sound...had I had a body I would have exploded in sheer joy at just five seconds of exposure to this eternal symphony...I was surrounded by it from the moment I arrived.. but not until THIS moment had I actually put my focus on it..

I was hooked...

I said (Or thought) in stunned amazement..."WHAT is THAT?"

HE smiled and said simply.. " the capital.. where my father dwells.. and where we are now going"
So on we went. He was talking to me the whole time.. but I was not really paying attention. I was utterly wrapped up with where we were heading.. trying to lose myself in the eternal song...I wanted to BE the song.. to join with it.

But try as I might I could not quite grasp the flow of it. It changed from one moment to the next.. always ascending into a new and unique stanza.. and just when I thought I "Had" it, and was about to hum along with it.. it would blend and change into something new.. and no two stanzas EVER repeated.. each was unique.. each a masterpiece.. each never to be heard again.. as ever new stanzas were created and blended into the whole.. always building.. always growing.. always new.. always.. utterly without description.
He kept speaking to me.. telling me of events to come in my life.. main points and turnings in my life ahead. I was half aware of what he was saying.. but he knew I was lost in the song.

And this was why he waited until I was lost in the song to tell me. Because everything he told me about my life ahead was forgotten on my conscious level.. like a half remembered dream. But as each event actually took place in my life, the memory would surface.. like a vivid Deja Vu.. and it would all be clear...and I would KNOW this event.. good or bad.. was ALL part of the plan.

We travelled for what seemed like days...or hours.. or minutes.. its hard to tell time in a place that has no time. He laid out my entire life before me.. from conception to birth, to the present (That moment when I was 15) to the very end.. which is only a few years away now ..going by the events and their sequence.
Tomorrow I turn 44.. (28 December 2012) THAT year is PIVOTAL for me (AND.. for the world as a whole).

As to why??.. well.. its something he said when we reached the capital. I will get to that soon.. because I want to describe the capital.. its AWESOME.. and one heck of a work of master building and insane architecture..(Insane as in AWESOME.. not crazy). As we drew closer the music did not get "Louder".. it was at the same volume no matter where you were. But the light display that accompanied it grew ever more brilliant.

The colours would flow with the music.. each wave of scintillating fire.. colour fire...wove through the sounds as they emanated from the centre.. like and explosion of choreographed fireworks accompanying the music. The sounds were the colours.. and the colours were the source of the sound.
The centre.. where the brilliance emanated from, still seemed hundreds of kilometres away...still set on this impossible horizon that was not a horizon.. and at this point we reached the outskirts of the main capital.. and WOW....

I saw the first buildings. Modest really. Reasonably "Simple".. compared with what I saw further in. But even these "Simple" structures put to shame anything on earth.

Take your basic hovel there for example...the LOWEST of the simple buildings...I focussed upon one in particular, just to burn into my memory what the LEAST of the creative powers of the master builder was capable of.. It was about the size of your average house here on earth.
It was constructed of pure elements.

There were no bricks or mortar.. no alloys or mixtures. Each part of that building was pure element. For example.. the windows.. framed with a rich ebony like substance, shot through with gold veins.
Each pane was.. what LOOKED like pure diamond.. or crystal. The walls of the house were like a sort of moonstone.. opaque.. yet solid. Light flowed in and through the walls themselves.. like a fibre optic cable in actual application.

The light was taken from all around and magnified throughout the house. The windows would break the light into amazing colours and decorate the interior with rainbows of fantastic hue.. then the walls would absorb and magnify the light, and sent it streaming outward.. to the house next to it.. and the process would repeat.. along each house.. all sharing this amazing visual display and amplifying it to its peak.. only to send it along again to the next dwelling.. and the next...

I was utterly flabbergasted...WHAT a design.. and the mind who thought up this amazing idea of optical brilliance must be unfathomable.

I looked at the creator there next to me...amazed at how brilliant he was.. that even the "Simplest" of his building designs were thousands of light years beyond the most brilliant minds of earth.
I saw Him with an ever increasing respect.. and awe.. He just looked at me and smiled again.. enjoying the moment.. like you would enjoy the look on your child's face as he sees with awe something his father had spent time and effort on constructing JUST for you...a sort of pride of workmanship.. satisfaction in a job well done.

Yes.. he enjoyed making all these constructs.. he really enjoys creating things...and loves to challenge himself in each ones uniqueness from the next.. and each ones amazing simple complexity.
He IS an artist without compare.. and keep in mind.. this was just one of his "SIMPLE" designs...there was far more amazing things ahead as we headed towards the centre of the capital.. I took my focus then off this one house.. and noticed with awe.. again.. HOW the "Suburbs" were designed.
No two houses were the same.. each had it own unique design.. and yet.. each and every house.. some close to others.. some farther apart.. each one when seen from the air as we into a grander pattern.
Have you aver seen a fractal? and structure without end?
It was like that.

The suburbs were woven into an ever expanding pattern of extreme order.. and no two streets.. or houses.. were the same.. but all fit together into an amazing grand work of art. The very colours of the houses.. silver.. gold.. platinum.. marble of all hues.. ebony.. copper.. crystal.. diamond.. amethyst.. citrine.. even a sort of purple metal that I could not name.. all wove together to form an amazing tapestry of design.
 Some single storey.. some double.. some triple.. and these were just the OUTTERMOST buildings...the "Simple" ones.. and the light flowing through each house.. from house to house.. flowed from the centre.. the storm of ordered colour and sound.. flowing throughout the houses.. in an ever changing spiral of amazing complexity.. lighting up the entire scene in a kaleidoscope of utter amazement.

I simply could not grasp it all...I looked at my creator again...with awe.. and he just enjoyed the moment.. he even pointed out some unique parts of the design.. like the way the river we had been following all this time was woven into the suburbs in vast spirals.. interwoven waterways...each house having a small part of this river flowing near or through or under it.. feeding the whole.
The main river flowed on ahead...surrounded by the most majestic landscaping I have ever seen.. parks.. fountains.. groves of trees planted in amazing patterns.. according to size and colour.. all woven around the river which was the main theme.. all flowed from the river.. and the river flowed from..... well.. the THRONE.

There.. in the distance.. rising above the houses.. was a building unlike all the others in size. But.. it was also.. easily recognised AS a throne. Hard to explain unless you actually see it. We travelled on and on...following the river...towards the centre.. where the light and sound had its source..
We began to rise up higher.. we reached about.. I would estimate.. about ten kilometres. He did this JUST so I could grasp SOME of the layout.. and even then from that height the city stretched out seemingly forever.. I could NOT see the edge of it.. we were close to the centre now.. only a few hundred kilometres away.

I looked down in awe.. yet again.. as I saw SOME of the overall design. It was indeed a fractal.. a very organic fractal. Spirals of ever increasing complexity.. colours of amazing hue and vibrance flowed majestically through each "Suburb".. blending with the whole in an endless dance of incredible design and workmanship.

The river.. flowing ever straight towards the centre.. the tributaries woven into and through the "Suburbs" like a blue/silver lattice work.. woven INTO the grand design like threads of a complex embroidery.
And everywhere.. people.. LOTS of people.. and angels.. and millions of children. Running.. playing.. having an awesome time. No cries.. all happy and all having an absolute BLAST. The kids.. I tell you.. the kingdom of heaven IS theirs.. there are SO MANY of them there.
But considering there are 30 million abortions each year.. its not really surprising. I looked around.. I saw ahead a "Blank" spot in the series of majestic spirals and parklands. A field.. a circle.. of pure gold.. like a field of burnished glass.. like a bright citrine colour. It was about 200 kilometres across from edge to edge. It was transparent.. because I could see the river flowing UNDER it...from right under the structure in the centre.. the building that was ALSO a throne....and looked to be about two kilometres high. We began to descend towards it.

 Gradually getting closer and closer.. the field was empty.. not a thing stirred on it.. not a bird flew over it.. like.. it was "Reserved" for something.. untouchable until the moment its use was ready. The creator and I settle down and down.. drifting closer and closer to the throne...and this is the weird part...AS we drew closer to the throne.. WE either became bigger.. OR.. the throne became smaller...not sure which.. The throne was white.. pure white shot through with veins of gold-like fire.
Solid.. eternal.. and yet.. it was also a structure.. a dwelling. I never did get an explanation for that except to realise that it was also an "Admin" building.. like a courthouse.. seat of parliament.. something like that.
We settled down right in front of it. I reached out to touch it.. and then realised I had no body.. as such. But I DID feel a purity.. awesome power of utter authority.. like the place where ALL decisions are made and all cases ended.

This is where it got serious for me...There I "Stood".. at the base of the throne.. KNOWING I had been there before.. like a massive.. MASSIVE Deja Vu hit me all at once. I RECOGNISED this sea of fire.. of golden glass.. I KNEW this throne.. I KNEW this entire field.. but WHERE..WHEN??.....
My creator looked at me.. like he was waiting for the realisation to hit me fully...he was not smiling at this moment.. he was rather serious.. like he WANTED me to remember.. the moment...of WHEN I had been there before...and was just patiently waiting for the memory to take shape...
Having realised I HAD been there before I said

"Lord creator. (I didn't know how else to address him at that time). I know.. I know YOU..I KNOW you now.. I've seen you.. this place.. this throne.. this sea of fire/glass.. I HAVE been here.. with you.. but.. when?.. It does not seem like long ago.. and yet.. HOW?.."
He looked at me with a slight grin.. he kinda looked proud of me in a way and said "

"15 years ago earth time you sat with me on my lap, up there on that throne. You were an infant.. full of life and questions and curiosity. You were fresh from my mind.. created almost an instant before, brought into being on earth direct from my very spirit itself. You were born very premature. You did not want to stay at first so I brought you here to explain a few things and give you a choice. But first I sent you back telling you your time was not yet.. you had a destiny to fulfil and if you had stayed you would never see it take place. being an infant you did not understand, so back you came, rather stubbornly I might add. "
He continued.. despite my looks of.. confusion ???...

"So I explained patiently.. while bouncing you on my knee...the joy that awaited you.. and millions of others.. IF you went back and lived out your planned destiny. I told you that the reward for going back would be well worth it, and beyond imagination. You looked at me with baby blue eyes asking why.. eyes I fashioned to look similar to mine. I like blue.. its my favourite colour.. as it is yours" (Yes.. I love blue.. always have.. and there I found out why).

He went on to say...

"15 years ago earth time you didn't want any part in that destiny.. you kept trying to leave your body.. small and frail as it was.. you wanted to be here with me.. your "Daddy" as you called me from the depths of your innocent infant spirit. How I loved it.. to hear you call me that. I am your "daddy"... I am everyone's "Daddy"

I asked him.. rather dumbfounded "So.. I died as an infant.. willingly.. died.. JUST so I could be here with you?"

He said "Yes.. twice you actually succeeded.. and you tried many other times as well.. before you managed to stop your own heart by an act of your will. The first time I sent you right back after a brief explanation. The second time.. I KNEW you would come back because I was the one who created IN you the curiosity and pure stubbornness to GET a full explanation of the facts. You have an inquiring mind.. one I created FOR the purpose of your destiny.. you will find it very useful in the days ahead.. but also.. it will also be a hindrance at times.. but that's why I gave you a mind like this.. to BE an "Overcomer".
An "overcomer" I said?...WHAT is that?

He smiled broadly and motioned his hand out over the sea stretching out before us to the "horizon"..."See this field.. this sea of glass??.. in a few decades you, and millions of others will be here.. and yes.. your sister and daughters as well (Daughters.. I will have DAUGHTERS??) will all be here.. jumping and leaping for joy.. as the climax of all creation is made known to all.

I asked him...

"So I've been here.. and chose to go back once you explained WHY I had to go back. "?He said "Yes.. I was very proud of you.. you are a fighter.. you never give up.. although you do tend to be discouraged easily.. but you also get up again and again.. you never quit.. THAT is why I am proud of you. You fall and fail.. yet you try and try again. Its not how many time you fail I take note of.. its how many times you get up again and keep going.

THAT is character.. and character is all important and vital for what comes after your life on earth is complete."

I looked at him and said "Huh"?..(rather stupidly I might add)

He just grinned and said "There is coming a time soon.. a few decades from now earth time...when all you have learnt.. and all you will learn will find its meaning. You think you will sit around being all happy here in this place doing nothing forever? NO.. you will have work to do.. places to oversee.. administration.. government.. all very busy.. and decisions will be needed.. from people with character.. people who have gone through the fires and beat them.. and.. people who are wise.. strong.. resilient.. steadfast.. in a word.. overcomers"

He went on to say "Now you know why you never knew me except as an infant. You know why...because in all the things you have gone through these last 15 years.. you grew character.. without the "Crutch" of fought on and on.. you overcame your weak frail body.. it grew strong.. you overcame the sicknesses that resulted from your premature birth... you overcame the anger and grief of your overcame the incessant teasing at school.. the bullying and the physical beatings.. just because you were "Different" saw through the lies on TV.. you never bought into the rubbish...the deceptions.. you kept on and on.. always asking.. looking.. reading and searching.. for deep down you KNEW there was more to this life than met the eye.. and deep down.. was the seed I had planted there when you and I had our little chat.. and now here you are today...and I am answering your question in full.. for know.. that all was not in vain.. life DOES have a purpose.. far greater than you can ever imagine."
I stood there.. taking it all in.. it suddenly all made sense...all the trouble I had been in.. the hurt.. the pain.. the despair.. the victories.. again and again.. a cycle of defeats.. followed by victories.. and followed again by defeats.. and followed again by victories.

I was always alone.. never a friend...but I kept going.. I KNEW.. even though I actually "Believed" in nothing.. that I was WRONG somehow in that "belief".. which.. after all.. was NOT a belief but an assumption.

He stood there...letting it all soak in.. it all fit together.. and explained a lot of what had happened in my childhood.. the early formative years of the basic character I would need in the next three decades.. as he was just about to warn me about... He said "Come with me.. up there.."

We both rose up to the throne.. and we sat on it together.. looking out over the sea of citrine yellow fire.. glowing in awesome majesty.. vacant.. for now...

(I was not actually "Sitting" as I was in spirit.. no body as such.. but you get the idea)
He pointed down to a spot near the front of the throne.. slightly to the right of it and said. "Know this for a less than 4 decades from now earth time.. YOU.. and your two daughters.. will be standing right there.. on that very spot.. you will be leaping and shouting victory.. joy.. gladness.. your arms around your young ones, who I will bless you with at the right time.. and there you will finally understand all that you are to go through in the next 35 years. Behind you.. surrounding you.. will be many many people.. who will only be there because of your words.. what you say.. and because of the moment you said them. No one will know you.. you will not be on a stage.. or on a movie or in a book. Just your words.. will spread out and impact many lives.
There.. standing there where I am pointing

(He raised his hand and pointed to the exact spot I will be standing in three decades or so from then)
I will acknowledge you to the others.. the ones who are there because you CHOSE to stay on and fight through.. I will let them all know your name.. and then you can spend the rest of the 1000 years meeting them all.. and sharing your testimony in person.. and hearing theirs. It will be an amazing time for you.. you will be utterly astounded at just who you reached with your words.. and their effects.
Nothing happens for nothing.

Your words.. born in the fires of agony and trials.. will touch many lives.. and also save many lives.. and the reason I tell you this now.."

( He suddenly got all serious.. His smile of joy at the future memory of this event faded.. and the present came rushing back in.. and with.. a tear? his eye.. and a sadness I could only see the edge of..)
He continued...

"In the years ahead.. you will try to find me.. here.. will look and will try churches.. drugs.. alcohol.. parties.. friends.. all looking for me...trying to find WHERE I can be found on earth. You will forget most of what I have told you today UNTIL the day BEFORE it all comes to pass.. and your true destiny begins.. which will be in your 44th year ...."
( THAT is tomorrow.. I turn 44..and YES.. its only NOW.. the DAY BEFORE.. that I remember EVERY WORD he said to me that day so long ago.. until TODAY...I could only remember bits.. and the place itself.. NOT the warnings or the details)

He continued...

" the years ahead.. you will long to die.. you will experience such deep despair.. such grief.. so much pain. The fires will forge you.. stronger and stronger you will become with each forging. There will be three times you will attempt to take your life.. which I will prevent.. three times you will survive.. and get up and keep going.. again.. each step.. closer to the final product."
"You will die to yourself.. you will die to this world.. you will eventually die out to the "Need" of human love.. finding it to be untrustworthy and fickle .You will know in the end.. only MY love is certain.. and only I can be counted upon.

And on that day.. you will walk as a lion.. fearless.. dead to the world.. trusting only in me.. and THAT.. is the reason I will let you wander.. to find out once and for all as Solomon once did.. that ALL.. apart FROM me.. is vanity.

And there.. lies real strength...and courage.. and wisdom...and with those three attributes forged INTO you by the fires of life itself.. you will march forth in your 44th year.. and devastate so many many half truths.. you will clear a pathway.. just with your words.. to truth.. to life.. and many will follow.. but NOT YOU...they will follow the TRUTH you have learnt so hard.

No one will EVER know who you are.. until that day.. the day I tell all, in front of the vast crowd.. your accomplishments. Both yours.. and many other warriors who will have done similar to you.
You will receive your reward then.. no sooner.

So.. go now.. back to earth...and I will be with you every step.. I will guide your every step.. and I will not let a single hair on your head be harmed.

There will be many attempts on your life by the evil one.. I will guard you.. see there?
( He pointed out across the field.. and there.. hovering above the field were two angels.. BIG ones..stern..strong..6 feet across at the shoulders.. at least 16 feet high...each dressed like a warrior.. with a ten foot long broadsword in a jewelled scabbard.. ready for anything)

These two have been with you since birth.. they are your protectors.. in the days of your destiny you will get to know them personally.. but until then they will remain hidden.. from you.. and from others.. but NOT from the forces of darkness...who will flee left and right at their very look.. thus no harm will ever come to you.. you must be kept alive at all costs.. even against your own attempts to end your life.. you cant even harm yourself.. much as you are going to want to.

(As it turns out.. I DID try to kill myself three times.. and each time.. it failed...overdose.. nothing.. just woke up a week later feeling great...drink myself to death?.. nup... I always passed out or vomited it all up..CAR accident?.. Head on crash at over 130 kph into a concrete pole which left the car a burning wreck?.. same.. was flung from the car as it burst into flame.. not a hair singed.. and not a scratch...that was my last attempt.. I gave up trying to kill myself after that.. no point.)

He then looked me right in the eye.. with his amazing eyes of multi hued blue fire and said..
"(My name) the years immediately following this conversation.. you will remember only parts of what I have said. Here and there I will allow a brief flash of remembrance. During dark times.. when you need it the most.
But for the most part your decisions.. and mistakes.. and outright rebellions, will be your own. But they too are a part of what you must learn. You will even get very angry at me in several years time.. when you fail to find me in any churches or doctrines or drugs or books or seminars. You will even curse the day you were born.. and your anger and grief will lead to some dreadful mistakes.. but those same mistakes will be the making of you.. your anger and your grief at not "Finding me" will in fact be what allows you to find me in the end.
A week before you turn 44 the final test will come.. your family will disown you and turn against you... and in that moment you will make a final decision (WHICH I did) which will enable the memory of all I have told you to re-surface one day before you turn 44..and when you do.. begin...for your 44th year is when everything you have ever learnt will come into play. The world will grow very dark.. people will be dying and losing hope.. BE that hope for them.. and tell them.. they DO have a "Daddy".. that I am here FOR them.. and that nothing in their lives has happened for nothing either.. as I hold all events.. and every life.. well and truly in the palms of my hand. Now go.. and I will see you again just under 4 decades your time, from now.
Then.. BANG... just like that.. I opened my eyes...and looked at the clock next to my bed...I was there for what seemed like hours.. or days.. but only about five minutes had passed.
And true to his word...I forgot almost everything he said...until today...