Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kat Kerr speaks of visiting the Throne Room of GOD

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 10 But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." 1 Co 2:9–10

Praise be to Almighty GOD forever and ever!  To return home to our Father and Creator to spend eternity with our loved ones and family members we have yet to meet.  There is nothing on this earth that can compare with the Divine Love of Our Savior JESUS CHRIST.  I urge you now to cry out to the Divine Son of Almighty GOD the Savior of the world JESUS CHRIST to wash you in HIS precious Blood that you may be free of sin and iniquity.  

With All Joy Shout..."I am a sinner in need of salvation. I want to be Born Again, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT of Almighty GOD.

JESUS please be my Savior.  Wash away my Sins in your precious Blood. I believe that You ARE the Divine Son of GOD and I ask you to be my Lord and Savior that my name may be written in the Lamb's Book of life. "

Halleluiah !!!

Halleluiah !!!  

Halleluiah !!!  

Halleluiah !!!         

Friday, June 29, 2012

My young son had a dream

This is a message given by a woman about her young Son and his Dream/Vision. Why is this important? Because, I too, have been told that there is an event that must happen before a specific things in my life can reach fruition.  What that thing is I do not know, but I do know that my life is on hold till this unknown event happens.  This is why when I heard this women speak of her Son's dream that I felt in my Spirit it is true.
My sons dream was this morning, this is absolutely amazing!

So right when he had woken up this morning, He saw God, Jesus, a angel with a pen and paper, and an angel with a sword in his sash. They were making plans to build the new earth (not something my young child could possibly know anything about)

The Boy speaking; "God and Jesus saw that I had woke up, so they floated to my window and said we woke you up, because I know you are wondering why we haven't come yet, 
 JESUS said he was truly sorry, but something still has to happen before everything can go forth.   But, I will come by the end of June or in July."

End  of Dream/Vision

The Mother of the Boy said..."If you knew this child, you would be picking your jaw off the floor right now.   He's too young to know anything about the 2nd coming or the New Earth.  This child of mine never lies, never gets in trouble, he is truly an angel right here on earth.  I was speechless after he told me about his Dream/Vision.

I pray to Almighty GOD that this Boy's Dream/Vision is true and that the Lord JESUS CHRIST does come for HIS people this Year, this Month!

Please JESUS CHRIST come now, come today, come this minute, your people await you with open arms!


This is an update of a previous post.  This revered 108 rabbi when asked when will Mashiah come? The rabbi answered,

"I cannot reveal," and laughed a big laugh.  So, I asked him again, "Rabbi! When will Mashiah come?

" The rabbi answered in 2 words In the Jewish year 5772 or (2012)" 

When we questioned him if this could be true, He changed his tone and became very serious, 

He then repeated his answer twice!  

"In the Year 2012"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Son of Hamas leader Declares Jesus Christ lord

Son of Hamas leader converts to Christianity says Islam is a Bipolar religion which is a lie!  He says after secretly studying the quran with open eyes he saw the constant inconsistencies which invalidated the book of the false prophet mohammad.  His testimony and conversion to the True Faith in JESUS CHRIST is one that is hard fought.  He understands that with his father a leader in hamas when this video is seen he will be under a death sentence.  Pray for this man who has been given Divine Grace to see and receive the TRUTH that JESUS CHRIST is the Divine Son of ALMIGHTY GOD.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sam Childers, the ‘Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers, the ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ speaks  about his work in Africa

I have seen the Movie and it pales in comparison to the man Sam Childers.  Sam is a tenacious, uncompromising Old tyme Fire and Brimstone Gospel Preacher.  His thoughts are..."If it needs to be done...DO IT!"   Don't talk about it, don't have meeting to discuss it, just DO IT!"
In the summer of 1992, Childers experienced what he described as a conversion during a revival at an Assembly of God church. Childers has claimed that was also the same evening that his pastor prophesied that he would go to Africa. At the end of 1998, Childers made his first trip to Sudan. In that first trip and the many that followed, he was exposed to the acts of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) which he described as atrocious.

Over 30,000 children have been abducted by Joseph Kony and the LRA in the region.  Relief organizations report as many as 50,000 children have been abducted and 1.7 million people have been displaced. The abducted children are generally forced to be child soldiers or sex slaves until they escape, are rescued or killed. Thousands of children have become orphans as a result of brutal LRA attacks on remote villages in Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda.

Not long after his first trip to Sudan, Childers and his wife Lynn founded the Angels of East Africa, the Children’s Village in Southern Sudan. The Children’s Village currently houses and educates over 300 orphans, with over a thousand children rescued since its inception. The staff at the Children’s Village are primarily Sudanese orphans and widows themselves. This is currently the largest orphanage in Southern Sudan and is unique in its approach of leading armed rescue missions directly into LRA territory. The Children’s Village is the only non-governmental organization that does not pick up and leave when fighting breaks out in the area.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jim Wilhelm dies an goes to Heaven

Pastor Lloyd Stoops of Happy Trails Christian Fellowship in Surprise, AZ mentioned that he knew someone who had died briefly, went to Heaven, then was resuscitated and came back to earth. This was exactly what I was praying for, so I contacted Jim!! We became good friends, & I eventually produced his audio testimony and helped him post it online.

Jim passed away on December 16th, 2010. In fact, I attended his memorial service today, Jan 16th 2011. I am sad for my loss, but know he is EXACTLY where he wants to be. What a blessing it must have been to transition back to Heaven after already being there!! He knew where he was going, that's for sure!

I pray that this testimony lives on for many years, & that many more people will learn to perceive Heaven as a real place. But the Bible talks about two places.... A Heaven and a hell. It's so very important to recognize that this life is short, & our ultimate life decision is in whether we accept Christ, or reject Him. The consequential results are a Heaven too glorious for words, or a hell too evil, pain ridden and hopeless to imagine.

Jim's words are filled with the unmatchable JOY of seeing Heaven and knowing that HIS Savior JESUS CHRIST came to save us all. All we have to do is ask JESUS CHRIST to be our Lord and Savior and the unmatchable gift of Salvation will be ours.  GLORY to Almighty GOD our Father in Heaven who loves us so much that HE sent HIS only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST to comer and die for our sins. 

The words are this simple..."Lord JESUS CHRIST I ask you today to be my Lord.  Please forgive me my sins and wash me in your precious blood that I might receive Salvation eternal in your arms Oh Lord!"  

Then, jump up and down for by the Divine Grace of Almighty GOD you will be there when the Saints go walking into  their Eternal reward! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Miracle of June 7th, 1967

Today marks the 45th anniversary of the capture of Old Jerusalem by the Israelis during the Six Day War of 1967.

 If Moshe Dayan had not taken it upon himself to pursue the cause we might still be waiting for the countdown clock to start!

“On June 7, heavy fighting ensued. Dayan had ordered his troops not to enter the Old City; however, upon hearing that the UN was about to declare a ceasefire, he changed his mind, and without cabinet clearance, decided to capture it. The Israelis did not use armor during the battle out of fear of severe damage to the Old City. “

Upon reaching the wall Moshe Dayan said “We have returned to all that is holy in our land. We have returned never to be parted from it again.” 

“Dayan also gave immediate orders to demolish the anti-sniping walls, clear the minefields and remove the barbed-wire barriers which marked the partition of Jerusalem.

Within weeks, free movement through Jerusalem became possible and hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews flocked to the Old City to glimpse the Western Wall and touch its stones.”

Glory to Yahweh Lord of ALL Creation!