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A Good Catholic and Christian Business Man

Currently, the occupant of the White House says that in modern day America you can be Christian and you can be in business, but you can't do both.  This is a lie from the pit of hell.  In the above video I give you Enrique Shaw, an Argentine businessman, whom Pope Francis may soon beatify.  Enrique was both a business man and a staunch Catholic who loved the Lord with all his heart. For him there was no difference between his work and his Faith.  

Shaw was born in 1921, and joined the navy while still young. He started his business after the Second World War, and founded in 1952 the Christian Association of Business Executives. He also was among the founders of the Catholic University of Argentina and the Christian Familiar Movement, and served as president of the Argentine Catholic Action.

In 1955, he was a victim of the anti-Catholic waves that took place in the first phase of Juan Peron's administration. According to Navarro Floria, the postulator of the cause of beatification, even after his arrest he proved altruistic, giving other inmates the mattresses his family brought to him, as well as food.
Shaw established a pension fund and a health care system to provide the 3,400 industry’s workers medical service, financial support in case of illness, and loans for important life events such as marriage, birth, and death.
In 1961, the industry led by Shaw was sold to an American trust fund which decided to fire 1,200 people.

Shaw was already suffering an advanced cancer that was to lead to his death the following year, but he strongly opposed the layoffs and proposed a recovery plan that was to retain all the workers.

Sara Shaw, one of Enrique's daughters, told CNA that what she remembers most about her father was “how he enjoyed coming home. He would come in whistling. We kids would come running, and the whole atmosphere changed because it was like a party when he came home from work … he really enjoyed his family.”

“He would have problems but he never unloaded them on us, not in the way he looked or what he said. Certainly he would talk with my mother, but we kids always saw him looking happy,” she added.

Sara added that several people have commented to her that many times her father did not accept dinner invitations from friends. He used to say he had a very important prior commitment. “And it seems the most important commitment was to come home in the evening to have dinner with his children,” she emphasized.
One of the family’s devotional practices was praying the Rosary. “He taught each one of us how to lead a decade, taking turns, and he used to tell us to mention our petitions out loud … and we used to walk to church on Sundays to get to Mass early.”
“After Communion he gave us all a hug and had us pray the Anima Christi … that was very beautiful and a many people remember how he had us recite this prayer in thanksgiving after Communion.”

Commenting on the Christian life their father led in the business world, Shaw’s daughter recalled that he had a lot of contact with his co-workers, including those from his navy years. “They remembered him very well. What struck them was that even though he was so quiet, he stood out by the way he acted, and by his faith.”

Fernán de Elizalde, himself a businessman and member of the Christian Association of Business Executives, is also vice postulator of Shaw's cause for beatification.

He told CNA he is "convinced Shaw was a man of outstanding holiness. We’ll probably have in the future the first businessman saint in the world."
“I’m a businessman like he was, and I wanted to take on this role of vice postulator to the extent that I could, to prove that this man had organized a business really in keeping with the social teaching of the  Church … and it took me about two years to establish that, but once I discovered it in depth, by visiting many of the businesses where he worked, where he was a stockholder, where he was the director or a board member, I found a wonder of a person.”
de Elizalde recalled a moving anecdote about Shaw that reflects the affection he had for his workers, and vice versa. “During his last days he received a blood transfusion donated by the workers from his main factory. People at that hospital were wondering who had been admitted there because they couldn’t believe there were so many workers standing at the door, getting in line to donate blood – all the more so for an employer. They thought he must be a  union member, but they never thought he was their employer.”

“One of Enrique’s last words as he was dying, was that he was happy that at this moment the blood of his workers was coursing through his veins.”

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Isabelle Rose Ledesma has a Angelic Vision

On October 2, 2014 (the Feast of the Guardian Angels) I had a vision. I was at Mass in school and I was kneeling because it was about 30 seconds before the consecration. I heard a quiet and soft dreamy twinkling sound next to my ear so I looked next to me and one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen was there, an angel. But I was not afraid. I looked at his face and he smiled the most beautiful smile at me. 
I looked around and I saw an angel kneeling next to every person in my school so they just had to be guardian angels. Then I looked at the priest and the one next to him was dressed differently. He had a silver chest plate and a red skirt with slits in it and sandals and shoulder plates and a sword on his right side and big gray wings which were extended. Later I found out that it was St. Michael the Archangel.
 Fr. Nick said St. Michael stands at the right side of the priest at every consecration. The other angels had big white wings that were hovering behind the backs of their person.  Some of the angels had togas and some had a white gown with flowing sleeves and they all had ropes tied in a certain way and all had sandals on their feet. They had either blond or very light brown curly hair and light, light, light blue eyes. Fr. Walter's angel was behind him, between Father and St. Michael.

Then about 10 baby angels came down through the roof, their eyes were looking up towards heaven as they came down and surrounded the altar. Then the priest (Fr .Walter) raised the host and all of the angels left their person zoomed to the altar.  They zoomed through the air as if they were flying but their wings were tucked behind them.  
Some were kneeling and some were floating and they all had wide, beautiful, amazed eyes as they focused on the consecration.  They stayed at the altar for the entire consecration. After the consecration was over the baby angels went through the roof and the guardian angels came back to their person and all sang "Hallelujah Sing to Jesus" but St. Michael did not sing.
 Then I looked at my angel and he looked at me and smiled and waved and then all of the angels started to vanish one by one. It was a wonderful gift to have this heavenly vision and the Lord has truly blessed me by permitting me to have this beautiful encounter.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Former Sacked OPNELY Gay priest launches assault on Catholic Church

An OPENLY gay priest who was dismissed by the Vatican for announcing he was PROUDLY gay and introducing his long-term male partner to a press conference on the eve of the Synod of the Family has launched a scathing attack on the Catholic Church in a letter to Pope Francis.

Mgr Krzysztof Charamsa, 43, told Francis that the Catholic Church hierarchy is “full of practicing  homosexuals.” That is despite the backwards Catholic Church being “frequently violently homophobic. ” Mgr Krzysztof called on "all of his fellow homosexual freinds who include gay cardinals, gay bishops and gay priests to have the courage to abandon the insensitive, unfair, and brutal Catholic Church".

Mgr Krzysztof wrote that he can no longer bear the "homophobic hate of the Church, the exclusion, the marginalization and the stigmatization of good and Holy gay people like me!"  It is the Homosexuals, who are the strength of the Church,  whose "human rights are denied" by the cruel and backwards Church.

Mgr Charamsa had worked at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) since 2003.  He was dismissed from his post by the Vatican in October of 2015.

Mgr Charamsa, who now lives in Barcelona with his male homosexual partner Eduard Planas.

Mgr Charamsa wne on to say...“I understand many gay people who say ‘we don’t need the institution of marriage. Our love is higher, it is better, it is free’. I am not in this part of society,” he told The Guardian. “For me,  gay marriage is part of the dynamic of love!

I thank God that I live in a century where it’s possible, thanks to the homosexual movement, homosexual Saints, and to many homosexual martyrs.”

He added that LGBT Catholics also have a right to family life even if the Cruel, outdated, and hateful Church does not want to bless it.

He said..."Sadly, the final document of the synod last weekend failed to make any recommendations for a change in doctrine over homosexual love and the right of gay marriage." 

GOD knew that this would happen, that Wolves would come among the Flock in sheep's clothing...

"Mark these words: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible people, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3 NKJ

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jim Caviezel - Blessed by GOD

Catholic actor Jim Caviezel speaks with Dave Cooper. Please, listen to his story it is a powerfully sobering message. 

Caviezel’s honest, austere testimony that really makes you understand the opposition that stood against making the movie 'The Passion of the Christ.'
Jim has very a different testimony then the one I thought he would have. Jim is actually a far different man then the one I took him for. I thought he was just another rich Hollywood star who lucked into the role of a life time.   

After you watch this video you will understand that Jim paid for his testimony. Not, just with physical  suffering, but with finical suffering as Hollywood banned together to black ball him from every working in Hollywood again.  Mel Gibson's career and personal life has essentially been destroyed all for making this movie. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Blessed Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena A Life worth Living

The son of a book illuminator, he was born so badly deformed that his mother gave him off to the care of a nurse. The nurse claimed that the only time the child was peaceful was in the local Dominican church, especially when near the altar of relics. 
One day in church, the nurse covered the baby‘s face with a scarf; an unknown pilgrim told her, “Do not cover that child‘s face. He will one day be the glory of this city.” A few days later the child suddenly stretch out his twisted limbs, pronounced the name “Jesus”, and all deformity left him.

A pious child, getting up during the nights to pray and meditate. At age two he was given the choice of two of his father‘s books – and chose the one about saints. From age seven he daily recited the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin. He was always charitable, and even when young he worked with the poor, the abandoned, and the sick.

When he announced he wanted to join the preaching friars, his parents and friends tried to talk him out of it. But Ambrose had heard the call, and he joined the Dominicans in Siena, Italy in 1237 on his 17th birthday.
He studied in Paris, France, and Cologne, Germany with Saint Thomas Aquinas and Pope Blessed Innocent V under Saint Albert the Great. Taught in Cologne. Ambrose wanted to write, but saw the greatness of Saint Thomas, decided he could not match it, and devoted himself to preaching.

Worked on diplomatic missions for popes and secular rulers. Evangelized in Germany, France, and Italy; his preaching helped lead Blessed Franco of Siena to the solitary life. Mystic with a deep contemplative prayer life. He received ecstacies and visions, was known to levitate when preaching, and was seen circled in a mystic light in which flew bright birds.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Israeli Dove (27 Sep 2015) "Rapture Dream - Urgent


I had a dream last night that I feel led by the Holy Spirit to share with you about the rapture. The dream occurred at approximately 4:30-4:47am on Sept 6, 2015.​ ​
In the dream, I was asleep in my bed when suddenly the windows in my room flew open and a brilliant, bright light from Heaven lit up the night sky. I was instantly awakened and when I turned to see what was going on a HOLY POWER came through the window like a blast of wind. 

It felt like FLAMES OF FIRE coupled with Divine electric energy penetrating every cell in my body!  My heart started to race and every atom in my body came alive - literally - in a way I can't even explain! The wind had a blue tinged color to it that you could see swimming and swirling throughout the room. The electrified air was popping and sparking cleansing everything it touched.  What was old was new again, what was broke was fixed, what was dead was now ALIVE!   The air was alive with the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT.  

As I stared to float out the window from my bed, I started to see other bodies floating up into the sky! I instantly knew it was the Rapture​!

Filled with joy beyond description, Over the sound of the wind, I began to scream..."It's Jesus! The Rapture! Jesus is HERE! C'mon! Let's go! It's time! It's Jesus!"

I yelled these words to someone standing about 3 feet below to my right. I even extended my hand to grab theirs. I do not know who this person was because I could not see their face. However, I had the distinct impression that the individual's hand I was reaching for led to a line of people I'd shared the Gospel with who'd accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 

Somehow, at this time, they were all there with me and we were all linked as I reached for this one person's hand. Again, I could not see anyone as I was completely focused on the fact that the rapture was happening - and everything was happening so quickly!
As soon as our hands connected, we were whisked into the sky at a phenomenal rate of speed. We ascended upward heading toward Home! As we floated above the earth, I saw other Saints floating upward from all parts of the globe. Hundreds of Millions and millions of people! We looked like white hot blue flames of various shapes and sizes shooting like rockets upward into the night sky.  

Then the words "THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, JESUS!" came pouring out of me over and over again like a spring of water gushing from my spirit! Everyone else was saying the same thing. The sound of this was like great wind rushing through the trees only this chorus of thanksgiving and praise sounded like music in the air making a glorious sound!

As all of this was going on, my heart was racing (in the dream as well as in my actual physical body lying there in bed). In fact, my heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest! If this dream didn't come from God, I fear I would have had a heart attack, the intensity of the electric feeling was so strong! Not only that, but I was flooded with a supernatural sense of joy and peace unlike anything I've ever felt! 

Then, the saddest moment of my entire life occured...

All of the sudden...something strange happened and everything started to change! The POWER started to fade, then subside.  I started to feel fear thinking, "What? I'm falling back to the earth! Why is this happening?"

 I started to beg GOD saying, "Please, please don't leave! Please don't leave me here! Please don't leave me, GOD! PLEASE, GOD, PLEASE! PLEASE!" My heart was racing now with terror as I realized I was back in my room alone. Then, the sky grew dark again until it was completely black and the air was absolutely silent.
"Oh no!" I cried in sheer panic, "Did I miss the rapture?? I've been waiting for so long for you, Jesus! I want to be with you, God! I love you!! Please come back! Please!"

Then it hit me, "The tribulation has begun! Oh my gosh! This can't be happening!! What am I going to do?!" With that, I heard the voice of GOD say, "THIS IS YOUR WARNING!"

Immediately, I sat straight up in my bed in a pool of sweat and began to cry! After I calmed myself down and turned on the light, I started to pray.
In my spirit, I was left with the sense that there is a very good chance we are leaving in the upcoming days and weeks ahead. 

More importantly, we only have days or weeks to grab a hold of as many hands as possible to take with us.
The overriding feeling this dream gave me is: