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The Time of Divine Mercy is soon to End

What is Divine Mercy?

Divine Mercy is the message that God loves us "all of us" no matter how great our sins. HE wants us to recognize that HIS mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon HIM  with trust, receive HIS mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share HIS eternal joy.

How can I receive Divine Mercy?

Ask for His Mercy. God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly, repenting of our sins and asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us and upon the whole world. Be merciful. God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others. He wants us to extend love and forgiveness to others just as He does to us. Completely trust in Jesus. God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will receive.

How can I share the free gift of Divine Mercy with others?

Be Merciful Even As Your Father Is Merciful (Luke 6:36)
Jesus Christ taught that man not only receives and experiences the mercy of God, but that he is also called to practice mercy toward others.

"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy." (Matthew 5:7)

Corporal Works of Divine Mercy
  1. Feed the hungry.
  2. Give drink to the thirsty.
  3. Clothe the naked.
  4. Shelter the homeless.
  5. Comfort the imprisoned.
  6. Visit the sick.
  7. Bury the dead.
Spiritual Works of Divine Mercy

  1. Admonish sinners.
  2. Instruct the uninformed.
  3. Counsel the doubtful.
  4. Comfort the sorrowful.
  5. Be patient with those in error.
  6. Forgive offenses.
  7. Pray for the living and the dead. 
If you are in need of Divine Mercy, Divine Miracles, or even Divine intervention lift up your heart to the Lord and ask for the Divine Mercy of JESUS CHRIST.  Almighty GOD loves you with all of HIS infinte heart. HE desires to

  Pray for Mercy for others,  and share with those who are in need that there is HOPE, no matter the obstacle, or circumstances, the Divine Mercy of Almighty GOD is greater then all the needs in the Universe!

Teenage Girl Suicide Interrupted by Saving Grace

Everyone thought Kristen Anderson's life was perfect.   The glossy veneer of many friends, stable home life, and loving parents, hid a much deeper ache in Kristen's heart which she couldn't escape.   One night after 4 of her friends had died in rapid succession Kristen decided that she couldn't go on any more.  She tried to kill herself by throwing her body in front of an oncoming train. Although Kristen is missing both legs, it is a miracle that she is still aliveThe Following is her testimony...

Dead for 30 minutes

Dead for 30 minutes from multiple gunshots Tony Davis recounts his time on the Otherside with the King of King's JESUS CHRIST!

Praise be to Almighty GOD who sent HIS only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST to pay for your sins, my sins, all the sins of mankind!  Glory Be to Heavenly Father, to HIS most obedient Son JESUS CHRIST my Savior, to the Holy Spirit who leads me into eternal wisdom each and everyday.

Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus

This former Muslim's testimony touched my heart and reaffirmed why I KNOW that Almighty GOD loves ALL his children.  Even those who are lost and trapped in the lie of islam.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Former Witch Doctor declares Jesus Lord

Daily persecution is a part of life for all true Christian's living in Asia.
Jesus promised His followers that the world would hate and persecute them.  Asian Christian missionaries have come to know the harsh reality of Jesus' words.

Beatings, death threats, imprisonment, job loses, finical ruin, and abandonment are a few of the things they encounter on a daily basis.   Despite great hostility and physical violence they continue to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life to the unsaved souls of Asia.  In the face of life threatening opposition these gentle Christian Souls are not willing that any man should perish without hearing the saving grace of the name of Jesus Christ. 

One of these Souls trapped by many generations of worshiping demon spirits was freed by the bravery of Christian missionaries.   Her name was Avani.   Known throughout her village in Jharkhand, India, as the local witch doctor.   Avani was taught at ayoung age by her mother, who was taught by her mother that healing came from interacting with the shadow spirits who would only come if blood and sacrifices were offered.   These shadow spirits Avani's mother taught, were supposed to increase her knowledge and insight.

Yet, often the shadow spirits caused more pain and suffering then they relieved.  Avani, for all her hidden knowledge and supernatural power had no peace or joy in her life.  Avani was tormented constantly by these evil spirits, who would scream and shout without ceasing for days on end.   Sometimes,  the shadow spirits would cause her to behave violently or strike people in the village with blindness.  Each time the shadow spirits would demand bloody sacrifices or the murder of innocents as payment before the shadow spirits would lift the curses.  Again and again Avani was forced to go into the deep forest and commit depraved acts, just to keep the shadow spirits anger at bay. 

Avani wanted to be delivered; but the more she strived, the more they would attack her or the people in her village.   Then, by chance a young Christian girl on a missionary trip in Asia witnessed to Avani and encouraged her to come to a tent revival being held in the large town just a few miles from Avani's village. 

Hoping ,against hope, Avani attended the Christian missionary to the tent revival. For 3 days the Christian missionaries prayed for Avani and for her village.  to the Christian missionaries many odd things, unexplainable things, happened over those 3 days.  On the 3rd day a great deluge fell from the sky.   It looked as if the tent revival was going to be washed away by the driving rain.   Avani could see the shadow spirits flying back and forth among the clouds agitating the clouds to pour forth more rain. When Avani told the Christian Pastor what was happening and why the rain was falling so unnaturally hard.  The Christian Pastor asked all the Christians present to raise their hands to the sky and begin to praise and worship in the name of JESUS CHRIST who is Lord of all creation.  Within 60 seconds Almighty God answered in a powerful way.

The rains stopped as if someone turned off a tap and the sun came out and a massive rainbow bloomed, stretching from one end of the sky to the other.   Avani watched as the shadow spirits fled in terror as a man clothed in the sun stood directly over the missionary camp with his hands outstretched as if he was blessing them.

This was the first time Avani had ever seen the shadow spirits afraid or ever seen them run, from anything!  

With this clear demonstration of both the Divine Love and Eternal Dominion of JESUS CHRIST Avani surrendered her life to JESUS CHRIST and was completely transformed.

Her husband and children were astounded at the change in her life and the inner light which now flowed from Avani.  Soon, they too surrendered their lives to JESUS CHRIST and they too began to attend the church.

Despite all the obstacles of living in a country, region, continent populated with unbelievers Avani has remained true to her savior JESUS CHRIST!

The Testimony of Yong Thang from Burma

My name is Yong Thang and I am from Myanmar (Burma). I belong to the Chin tribe.
This tribe is one of Myanmar’s Nationals. I came from a poor traditional peasant family.
I was born on 3 April 1958. I grew up in a small village in the Chin State

Not long after I had got married,  I became critically ill. I was bedridden for several days and could not eat.   On 13 August, about 7pm, I gradually felt in my body that my blood circulation was not normal.
I experienced tremendous physical change in my body step by step. I was very anxious and I thought, “Oh! Today is my last day. I am about to die soon.”  My toes started to feel cold. Soon, my legs, fingers and my whole body were gradually turning cold.

Then, I sensed that this was not ordinary cold. These were the signs of dying. I could not resist death.
 I committed my life in God’s hands in the name of Jesus.
After a while, I saw cluster of dark clouds descending from the sky. (Though there was a roof on top of me, I could actually see the sky through it.) The dark clouds were approaching me. They landed and stopped above my bed about three feet away. At that very moment, my soul left my body.

Going to heaven and hell

 Suddenly, I saw large demons coming from all directions. They gathered around my bed and stared at my body. I then looked towards the sky and shouted, “Angels! Please protect my body immediately.”  Five angels came down immediately from heaven to guard my body. At the same time, the demons, which gathered around my body, disappeared instantly I suddenly remembered what was mentioned in the Bible ‘Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who will inherit salvation’ (Hebrews 1:14).

After that, I looked what was ahead of me. I saw a place burning with large flames of fire.
It was horrified. From the fire, I heard thousands of lost souls crying out, “Please save us!

This place is too much for us to bear and we are in great pain and suffering.” When I saw them, my heart was overwhelmed with sorrow. Suddenly, I heard a voice from heaven saying, “This is hell!” I had read about the existence of hell in the Bible. I now saw the place ‘hell’ with my very own eyes and it was real. I wondered why these souls were suffering in such a terrible place. The lord knew my heart and said, “When they were alive in the world, they did not accept me as their Lord. After they passed away, they were immediately brought to this place.” Then I saw a big black hole. It was very deep and filled with powerful unquenchable flames. It looked very frightening. A voice spoke to me, “This is the bottomless pit where the devil will be bound one day.” When I looked down at the world from a high altitude, I saw people going and coming forth, working and sleeping, eating and spending but they were never content in their lives. This led to frustration and ended with miseries and sufferings. 

I then saw angels flying up and down from the heaven to the world praising God. Next, I saw a strong beam of light from heaven. An angel took me into heaven. When I entered heaven, surprisingly I saw thousands of saints. They wore white robes and were singing, “Hallelujah! Amen! Praise the Lord!” They welcomed me warmly for my arrival to heaven. It really touched me. When I was in the world, no one respected or paid attention to me because I was just an ordinary farmer.

The scripture recorded that “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10). It was absolutely true. I was filled with complete joy. Every one in heaven was joyful. I then realized that there was no sadness, pain, distress, hunger or fatigue in heaven. Heaven was a place filled with the glory of God.

One can live generally about 70 to 80 years in this world. No one can decide how long he wants to live. It is a very short period of time in the sight of God. The most important thing in a person’s life is to know where his soul will be going to after death. People are working hard for their lives for selfish gain but eventually this will lead to emptiness.

They are not concerned about the need to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. At the end of their lives, their souls will be tormented in hell eternally without Jesus.

Heaven is full of joy and peace and it is definitely good place to live in. No words can be used to describe how wonderful heaven is. When I looked around in heaven, there are no sun, stars and moon but every place is shining with the light of God. The place was not hot. I felt my body and spirit both being strengthened by the light of God.

Although my parents, my wife and siblings were still alive in the world, I did not wish to go back to the world because I had been separated from the painful and suffering world. It was difficult for me to express in words how a man feels in the realm of happiness.

The Lord Jesus Christ suddenly appeared and gave me a gift box. I bowed down before the Lord to receive it. When I looked up, he had already disappeared. Then an angel took me to a place whereby I could see my reflection on the road.

The Bible mentioned that the road in heaven is made of gold. I saw with my own eyes that it was true. The Bible still remains valid and relevant though it was written thousand of years ago. It records and writes about creation; hell; past, present and future events. It reveals to people that salvation is found in Jesus. It is not the idea of any great man or philosopher. Every word in the Bible is true. Jesus said,” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
Dear friends, God repatriated me from heaven because He wanted me to share with you what I had seen in heaven and hell. Heaven and hell do exist. May God judge me if I had lied or deceived you in any way!

It is the desire of God for everyone to believe in Jesus Christ so as to receive salvation.

He does not want anyone to spend eternity in the lake of fire. Therefore, I urge you again to carefully take heed of this testimony.

When I was walking on the golden road in heaven, I saw a bright house made of beautiful jewels. No house in this world can be compared with it. I was captivated by what I saw. Just then, I heard the voice of Jesus saying, “This house is for you, I will let you live here forever.” Oh, I was excited! It is my eternal home!

Then I rushed towards the house and searched for the entrance door to get in. But Jesus said, “No, Yong Thang. It is not your time yet. There are still many people out there who have not accepted me. You must go and warn those who are not saved so that they will not end up in the lake of fire. The day for Me to come to the world is drawing near. I will come real soon. I hope the hearts of many people will be changed by then and they will accept me through your testimony.” Although I was very reluctant to return to the world, I could not disobey Him.

Returning to the world

Eventually, an angel brought me back from my beautiful house to the world. Then I entered again into the corpse which had been laying cold for hours.
After recuperating, my wife and I went to share the gospel from one place to another.

I write this testimony in order to share with the whole world that people may know Jesus Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior and Lord. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Praise Be to the LORD of Heaven

Young Boy Raised from the Dead by St. John Bosco

A fifteen-year-old boy in Turin was about to die. He called for Don Bosco, but the saint was not able to make it in time. Another priest heard the boy's confession and the boy died. 

When Don Bosco returned to Turin, he set out at once to see the boy. When told that the boy was dead, he insisted that it was "just a misunderstanding." After a moment of prayer in the room of the dead child, Don Bosco suddenly cried out: 

"Charles! Rise!" 

To the utter amazement of all present, the boy stirred, opened his eyes, and sat up. Seeing Don Bosco, his eyes lit up. 

"Father, I was just now on the very shores of Hell about to be thrown into the Lake of Fire!" 

"Two weeks ago I was with a bad companion who led me into sin and at my last confession, I was afraid to tell everything . . . Oh, I've just come out of a nightmare! 

I became sick and my body weak, when without warning I slipped from my body and began descending down into darkness.  I arrived in a dark cavern which was lit by a fitful reddish glow.  Afraid and alone I walked towards the flickering light.   There, I found myself standing on the edge of a huge furnace surrounded by many hordes of hideous  foul looking devils.  The very sight of them caused my feet to try and flee, but they were more numerous and I so scared that i stumbled and fell in my escape attempt.  In an instant they were upon me, biting and scratching me.   They lifted me up above their heads and were about to throw me into the flames when a beautiful Lady radiating rays of light appeared and stopped them.

'There's still hope for you, Charles,' she told me. 'You have been given the grace of Divine Mercy!' 

At that exact moment I heard you, Don Bosco, calling my name! What a joy to see you again!  Oh, Don Bosco will you please hear my confession?" 

After hearing the boy's confession, Don Bosco said to the boy, 

"Charles, now that the gates of Heaven lie wide open for you, would you rather go there or stay here with us?" 

The boy looked away for a moment and his eyes grew moist with tears. An expectant hush fell over the room. 

"Don Bosco", he said at last, "I'd rather go to Heaven." Then, with hushed mouths, the mourners watched in amazement as Charles leaned back on the pillows, closed his eyes, and settled once more into the stillness of death. This time, however, the boys face was lit with the most beautiful peaceful smile.

Sister Josefa Menendez's Description of Hell

   On 29th December 1923, Sister Josefa Menéndez, when thirty-three years old, died a holy death at the Convent of Les Feuillants, Poitiers. She lived as a sister in the Society of the Sacred Heart only four years, and in so hidden a way that the world ought never to have heard of her, and even in her own community she should soon have been forgotten.
   Yet, only twenty years after her death, she is known all over the world.

  To be a victim necessarily implies immolation, and as a rule atonement for another. Although strictly speaking one can offer oneself as a victim to give God joy and glory by voluntary sacrifice, yet for the most part God leads souls by that path only when He intends them to act as mediators: they have to suffer and expiate for those for whom their immolation will be profitable, either by drawing down graces of forgiveness on them, or by acting as a cloak to cover their sins in the face of divine justice. It stands to reason that no one will on his own initiative take such a role on himself. Divine consent is required before a soul dares to intervene between God and His creature. There would be no value in such an offering if God refused to hear the prayer.  

Diabolical Persecutions
  The Cost of Serving JESUS CHRIST and saving Souls from the Devil's grasp  was that God allowed trials of every kind to rain down upon her. If illness was not one of them (yet who knows, for she never complained), nor persecution from men (for unlike a Margaret Mary, both her religious and family life appear to have been exempt from these), yet on the other hand, more than many another, she was given over to the fury of Satan. And this is not surprising. 

   There are few saints in whose lives his rage is not apparent. Christ in the glory of Heaven is beyond the reach of Satan, who as His personal enemy spares no pains to thwart the spread of God's kingdom on earth. The more he knows a soul to be beloved of Christ, the fiercer are his attacks; this, no doubt, in the hope of increasing the number of his unfortunate dupes, but above all, in the perverse hope of snatching from Christ the souls He loves and for whom He has paid so high a price in the shedding of His Precious Blood. Satan, therefore, chooses saints and consecrated souls whom he longs to besmirch, seduce, and dishonor, and flings himself on them. Above all, he abhors victim-souls, so Josefa was particularly hateful to him. 

   She had joyfully made the sacrifice of the three things she held dearest in the world: her mother, her sister, and her country; she had offered herself for the salvation of sinners, and was, in the event, to snatch a great number from hell-fire. Satan therefore made wanton sport of her. He is permitted by God to have a greater power over victim-souls. Surely this follows from their vocation, (4) for as they take on themselves the sins of others, they also assume the consequences which they know will follow. When a man consents to sin, whether he is conscious of it or not, he gives the devil great power over him, the power of seduction and possession. This is not very noticeable, as a rule, for the evil one excels in dissimulation and avoids disturbing those he believes he has in his net. He strengthens what is evil in his prey, multiplies occasions of sin and benumbs the soul, till it sinks into a state of torpor which is absolutely fatal. 

   When, however, the devil is met by the resolute resistance of the victim-soul who has taken the place of the sinner, unable to make her sin he takes fearful vengeance, using the very powers he has gained over the evildoer in order to torment his substitute. 

   And this is permitted by God to manifest to all the reality of both the devil and hell which so many try to forget and to bury in silence and oblivion. 

   The devil is a reality, and in his dealings with God's saints he shows himself in the undisguised perversity of his vicious and corrupt nature. What must his cruelty be to those souls that are damned and are his for ever, if he is so pitiless with those over whom, after all, he has but limited sway? Who would dare affirm that such a lesson is without its use, especially in our days?
   God also confounds the pride of the spirit of darkness, who in spite of all his power and rage makes no headway, but meets with constant defeat, which greatly enhances God's glory.
   So it was with Sister Josefa. 

   The devil tried by every possible means to delude and beguile her, disguising himself as an "angel of light", even going so far as to assume the very features of Jesus Christ Himself. Most often however, he tried to turn her from her chosen path by inflicting on her grievous bodily harm. 

   When Satan, in all his strength, and a frail human being meet in mortal combat, God interposes His power in the conflict and invests the soul with superhuman endurance. He bestows on it unconquerable energy and makes it overcome all temptations and every suffering. The devil's power broke on the frailty of Josefa's resistance, who (though "nothing and misery", as Our Lord called her) with divine help triumphed over the "strong man armed". But God alone knew what it cost her. 

   Even as a postulant, showers of blows, administered by an invisible fist, fell upon her day and night, especially when she was in prayer and reiterating her determination always to be faithful. At other times she was violently snatched away from the chapel, or prevented from entering it. Again and again the devil appeared to her in the guise of a terrifying dog, snake, or worse still, in human form.
   Soon the forcible abductions became more frequent, in spite of the supervision exercised by Superiors. Under their very eyes she suddenly disappeared, and after long search would be found thrown into some loft, or beneath heavy furniture, or in some unfrequented spot. In their presence she was burnt, and without seeing the devil, they saw her clothes consumed and on her body unmistakable traces of fire, which caused wounds that took long to heal. 

   Lastly, there occurred a phenomenon very rare in the lives of the Saints: God permitted the devil to take her down to hell. There she spent long hours, sometimes a whole night, in unspeakable agony. Though she was dragged down into the bottomless pit more than a hundred times, each sojourn seemed to her to be the first, and appeared to last countless ages. She endured all the tortures of hell, with the one exception of hatred of God. Not the least of these torments was to hear the sterile confessions of the damned, their cries of hatred, of pain and of despair. 
   Nevertheless, when at long last she came back to life, shattered and spent, her body agonized with pain, she looked on no suffering, however severe, as too much to bear, if by it she could save a soul from that dreaded abode of torment. As gradually she began to breathe more freely, her heart bounded with joy at the thought that still she could love her Lord. 

   It was this great love that sustained her, but at times the trial weighed heavily on her. Like Jesus in the Garden of Olives, she spent long hours in anguish and dejection. She realized the vast number of the lost, and was often perplexed as to the use of her descents into hell and all the tortures that she had endured. But quickly she regained her hold on herself, and her amazing courage did not falter. Then, too, Our Lady helped her:  

"While you suffer, the devil has less power over that soul"
"You suffer to relieve Him; is this not enough to give you courage?"
   Then Our Lord showed her the treasures of reparation and expiation she had gained by her repeated ordeals and allowed her to witness in hell the devil's bursts of fury, when there escaped him souls of whom he thought he had a firm hold, but for whom she was offering expiation. The thought that she could console and rest Our Lord and gain souls for Him kept up her heroic spirit and excited her zeal. 

   Although she instinctively shrank from contact with the devil, for his power and vindictiveness were well known to her by personal experience, yet never did she allow this fear to make her neglect a duty. At one time he carried her off almost daily as she went to her employment; she knew this would happen and the thought of it made her tremble with apprehension, but undaunted she went forward, and on the morrow was still as determined as ever that she would not yield to terror. 

   In all her heroic fidelity, perhaps the most admirable feature was her conviction that, owing to her fear and occasional repugnance's, she was (and this she sincerely believed) ungrateful and unfaithful, and had done absolutely nothing for God. 

   After nights of unspeakable torment, crushed, yet ever gallant, she rose at the hour of Rule and resumed her ordinary labors, asking no exceptions from common life. She burnt, indeed, with the very fire of the Heart of Jesus, for after all the agonies of hell and her share in Christ's sufferings, she was neither discouraged nor cast down, but her readiness to suffer only increased. 

   Like Saint Margaret Mary, she offered herself in sacrifice for religious souls, for priests, for sinners of every description. Docile and abandoned to the divine Will, she asked but one thing, to be able to console Him. She was ready to suffer a thousand martyrdoms to help those who for the most part were utterly unknown to her, but whom she loved in and through Him.

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Even Buddha knows that Only JESUS can save Souls

Buddhists believe that one must do “merit” in order to better
one's life. They know that people have sin, so each person tries to do “merit” to cover over his sins. But they know that their sins are too great. This is especially difficult on poor people, because they know that to do “merit,” one needs money. The way to get money is to be a powerful person, but many powerful people steal and are not just. Often they are corrupt and abuse their power. Money received by doing sin to others is not acceptable merit money. So sin continues because no one is able to have enough merit to take away sin

… unless someone was so perfect he could have enough merit for Himself and others. It is interesting that in the Buddhist Scriptures of Cambodia, there is a prophecy regarding a “Holy One-JESUS CHRIST" who would come, One who would lead people away from the old way and introduce a new way.

When Buddha was traveling and living in this world, there was an old Brahman priest
who wore white robes who asked the Buddha, “How will all men and all Brahman
continue in their merit-making so as to escape the results of sin?” The Buddha answered,
“Even though all of you give alms according to the 5 precepts, the 8 precepts, the 10
precepts or the 227 precepts for 9 trillion years and you raise your hands and offer
yourselves as a burnt offering, or you pray 5 times a day, you will still not
escape the results of your sins. If you do this every day, your merit gained will only be
equal to the smallest strand of hair of an unborn infant. You shall not
enter heaven’s doors”

The old Brahman priest asked further: “What are we all to do to be saved?” The Buddha answered the old Braham priest, “The results of sin and karma are very great, heavier than the sky; thicker than the earth; and so high that it would be like an angel dusting the corner-posts at the temple compound with a cloth,one time per year, until the posts were worn down to the ground. When the posts are worn down, that’s how long it would take to end your sins.”

The Buddha said further “l have given up my high position and entered the
priesthood. I considered that even though I am good, I would have only a very small
amount of merit at the end of the year. If I were given this same amount of merit for
100,000 epochs and lived 10 more lifetimes, I would not be saved from sin’s results
even once.

The old Brahman priest asked further, “So what should we all do?” The Buddha
answered, “Keep on making merit and look for another "Holy One-JESUS CHRIST" who will come and help
the world and all of you in the future.”

Then the old Brahman priest asked, “What will the characteristics of the Holy One be
like?” The Buddha answered him, “The Holy One-JESUS CHRIST" who will save the entire world in the future will be like this: in the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, in his side will be a stab wound; and his forehead will have many marks like scars.

This "Holy One-JESUS CHRIST" will be the golden boat who will carry you over the cycle of rebirths all the way to the highest heaven (Nirvana). Do not look for salvation in the old way; there is no salvation in it for sure. Quit the old way. And there will be a "New Spirit-The HOLY SPIRIT" like the light of a lightening bug which will come down from the sky above to live in all of your hearts and you will be victorious over all your enemies.
Nobody will be able to destroy you. If you die, you will not come back to be born in this world again. You will go to the highest heaven (Nirvana).”

The Source of this information of the words of the Buddha
Permission was granted to copy these Buddhist Scriptures regarding the prophecy of "The
Holy One-JESUS CHRIST" from Wat Phra Sing in Chiang Mai Province. The person who gave permission was Phra Sriwisutthiwong in Bangkok. It is guaranteed that this copy is
accurate according to the original, that there is no error in transmission, which is in the
book of the district headman, the religious encyclopedia, volume 23, book #29. This
inquiry was made on October 13, 1954 A.D. (Buddhist era 2497bc).