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A Young Woman Dies and Meets JESUS CHRIST the King

This is a Testimony about a young woman who died suddenly and went on to meet JESUS CHRIST...

I was in a serious car accident and have head, back, neck, left leg injuries. In an attempt to keep working I was taking a lot of Tylenol and a prescription pain medicine that I did not realize had Tylenol in it. I ended up having Tylenol poisoning and had liver/kidney/multiple organ failure. I was in a coma for twelve days.

During this time everything was black for a long time. All of a sudden I was in the center of my brain. I traveled down through my bloodstream and went through a tunnel of light out of my abdomen. I was in the hospital room watching myself dying and seeing all the doctors etc. I could hear them saying that I was not gonna make it. They were loosing me. I started to get anxious and very worried. 

Suddenly, I noticed two angels in the corner of the room watching me. They spoke to me in my mind without using their mouth and said...

 "Do you want to come with us?"  

I said... "Yes."

They each took hold of one side of my arm and we flew through the wall and up into the sky. As soon as a question or any anxiety would come I to my mind they would answer me. Looking down I was afraid I was going to fall. They told me I would not and even if they were to let go that I could fly now. I asked them where are you taking me? They said...

"The great King of Kings is waiting for you."

We then came into an area like a city with the most beautiful smell and singing/music that I have ever experienced. There were people on both sides sending total love and adoration to me. There were waterfalls, I could see the ocean and there were the most gorgeous flowers everywhere. These people were here to welcome me. I then saw off in the distance a huge white being with light radiating from him standing on a cloud. The angels took me and set me down in front of him, the Lord JESUS CHRIST. 


I tried to stand and was immediately t my knees gave way and I was with my face down before JESUS CHRIST.   I was never scared. I recognized HIM, my Soul knew HIM immediately as JESUS CHRIST.   He then took my hand and pulled me upon my feet. 

I asked him some what hesitantly...

"Am I going to hell?"

 He said..."For what?"

 I said..."For drinking, for taking drugs." 

He then showed me in my mind all the things that I had been doing because of the pain I was in and all the injuries I had and HE said to me that anyone would of taken drugs. He then went through all the memories of my life and was looking for something specific but I do not know what that was. When I was with him I understood everything. Why we are here on earth etc. he was very kind and when memories that were embarrassing to me such as me having sex came through he set those to the side and let me know that he was not looking at those.

I was grateful. In his presence I was completely changed, Born Again, and still am now. All from being in his Holy and Divine presence. His love, compassion, forgiveness for me was amazing. We talked about many things. I have been raised in the Mormon religion and was so surprised by how different he was than the vengeful Jesus I was taught. 

He said to me..." I know you have been confused by what you were taught."   

HE told me that HE comes to us when we are ready.   HE explained a great deal and answered tons of questions. Eventually, he told me that I could stay here or return. I wanted to stay very much and told him yes I want to stay please. He said before you decide I need to show you what will happen to your mother without you. He showed me that my dad was very ill and what was going to happen to him and that my mother would fall apart at the seams. 

I did not want to leave but I knew that I needed to go help my mother through what was to come. I told him I chose to return to the earth to help my mother and father.   

HE said..."I have to warn you that great damage has been done to your body and I will heal some but you will live in great pain." 

 I still told him I wanted to go back. I then went to a kind of waiting place for my body to recover enough for me to return. I was able to talk with all my dead family members and others not born yet. As well as, many who love me that I knew there but do not know who they are here. They then had to leave and this place was like an outdoor market by the ocean with places to eat. It even had a barber shop. I remember thinking it was funny that you could get your hair cut in heaven. I remember thinking that I had been there a long time and maybe my body was not going to pull through after all. I thought dang and I died without going to Africa on safari. I have always wanted to do that. Upon thinking this, I was all of a sudden in Africa on the most awesome safari watching the animals. 

As soon as I started to think... "I wish I was back at that other place" - bam- I was back there. I had many different experiences in this holding place and met many different people of all countries. I told you this was long. 

So, anyway it finally was time for me to come back and I was escorted by these two same angels. I came back down through this layer of people that were moaning in pain and had arms missing etc. there were demons. I was scared. They were all around me. The angels told me not to worry. They were attracted to my light and could not harm me. I remember being afraid they would get in my body. I finally got through that terrible layer and saw my body laying there. I was yellow/orange and did not look good. 

The angels told me to line myself up with my body, which I did.  Then, I woke up in the most horrible pain I have ever had.  The doctors told me that I was to have an emergency liver transplant but would most likely not make it. I told them no, I am leaving. They said no you are going to emergency surgery. Before a liver was ready for me, my levels had returned to normal. These doctors were scared of me. They said they had never seen anything like this. I told them thanks for the care but I am going home now.


They held me on a psych hold for two days and determined that I had severe chronic pain for which I was finally put on the proper pain control for and released. I told my mom all of this. Including a lot more because this is too long but she has since come to thank me for loving her enough to return for her. My dad was not sick that we knew of at this time but two years later was diagnosed with shy-Dragers. 

He is doing terrible and deteriorates daily. He got really abusive toward my mom and she would of been hurt and had a total mental breakdown without me here. I am the only one my dad trusts and listens to. I am grateful to be here for my dad as well as my mom.

 Yes I am in pain 24/7 and have all types of problems.  Have been trying to get disability for 4 years and have been denied three times. I have worked for 30 years in the health care/insurance industry and am not a slacker in any way. 

About JESUS CHRIST... He is a being of white light which is brighter than the sun. He was the one providing the light for the entire place. I asked him about a lot of the things that I had been taught as a Mormon in my youth such as you have to be married in the temple to be with your family. He told me there is no marriage in heaven and nothing we do in an earthly Mormon building means much to him. It is all inside of us. It wasn't that I was the only special person... 

JESUS said..."We are all special. We all have GOD inside of us. We must desire with all of our hearts to know him and know the truth and search relentlessly for HIM." 

Like I said before JESUS comes to us. There is nothing we can do to get to heaven. We can't earn it, buy it, it is Divine Grace and Faith in JESUS CHRISTS that grants us Heaven.  We are all fallen from his grace and it is only through his free gift of grace that we can make it back to him. But really JESUS has never left us. He is with me now and with each of you even if you don't know it or believe it. It does not matter what you believe, as JESUS CHRIST is GOD and the truth is the truth no matter what delusions we may be under. 

JESUS loves everyone.   JESUS loves you so much, if you knew you would start crying. I came to love him so very much because he loved me first. JESUS is so patient and full of forgiveness and compassion. I don't think there is a hell in the way that we have been taught. Rather, we have free will and we create our own hell. Some are in hell right now on earth because they have created this for themselves. There is no one who is trapped by an ultimate sin. They can quit what they are doing and know in their hearts is morally wrong. Jesus loves s all no matter what!

We all agreed to this plan before we came here so we could find out for ourselves what kind of soul we are. I think this layer I came back through was those people who were taken suddenly by murder or those that refused to leave. Refused to accept that they are dead. A lot of them still think they are alive. Remember, I told you the two angels asked me if I wanted to come with them. I said yes. If I would of said no then I think I would be trapped in that layer of wandering and lost Souls.

 The demons are the rulers of this domain but it is kind of like being the supervisor of a company. There is still an owner who has all the power. Jesus does not want to loose any of his beloved. We are all beloved. Some just love evil and that is where they want to be. None, of those demons and evil persons can get anywhere near HIS domain. In his domain, Heaven, everyone loves everyone and there is no judgement of others. It is not for us to judge. 
Only Jesus knows what each person has had to endure and the circumstances of their life. He makes allowances for those who have been abused, sick, etc. I feel as if I went through my own apocalypse and have already been judged. After being in the presence of JESUS I am changed and have no desire to go against what I know if moral and acceptable in the eyes of my lord and savior. I never could understand the bible before this happened but I now understand it. I think we must have new eyes so to speak to be able to understand it the way it was intended to be. He is unhappy that his guide and love letter he sent to us has been misused, misinterpreted and used to enslave, confuse, take advantage of his beloved and has been used by demon possessed people to profit off his word and name. His love is free and it goes out to all. 

I am not bashing the Mormons either, please don't take what I said about them the wrong way as they are good people who really do try to create a good social structure to raise kids in. I just always felt like I was doomed because I had sex before marriage and some other details that he really does not care about. The only thing he really gets angry at is what I said above- the misuse and abuse of his beloved through his own name and how we treat each other. Always keep in mind when dealing with another person that they also have GOD inside them and you need to treat others with love. As he has loved us-love one another. This is the main and really only message. Any other sin can be forgiven. Forgive others as he forgives you. 

"Please love one another. I love all of you and that is why I am sharing this with you..."

excerpted from: Goddess of the sea/User ID: 2355588507/16/2013 

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