Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Man Has Heart Attack-Jesus Shows Up

Told from Joe Stallard's Best Friend...

"My wife and I are friends with him and his wife. I work with his wife at a car dealership. After I met her I shared with her my wife's testimony about seeing the angels. She said that her husband also had a wonderful testimony and they took us out to dinner. To Cheeseburger in Paradise! 

Well, his testimony is truly a blessing to hear. When he shared it with us he couldn't help keeping the tears from his eyes as he seemed to relive it while he told it. My wife and I were literally filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and I was almost in tears when I heard this. 

I know most people will not believe this man's testimony but that doesn't matter. It actually happened and I have heard it from his own mouth. I could feel the presence of Jesus at that table when he shared this with us. 

Since, then we get together once a month to serve the Lord at homeless shelters. I see his wife every day at work still and we have wonderful fellowship. Praise Almighty God! 

After you have watched this check out my "Angels are Real" video to see my wife's testimony. I believe Jesus is going to be back very very soon and I am ready. I hope all of you are also."

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